Application Timelines for Top Universities in Germany

Application Timelines for Top Universities in Germany

Planning well ahead of time is always a great idea. Suppose you want to study in some of the top universities in Germany like RWTH Aachen, the Technical University of Berlin, and Augsburg. In that case, you need to know the timeline of all the processes that need to be carried out well before you start studying there.

This blog has a timeline for the Summer and winter 2022 intake of most universities in Germany.

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Although procedures might be different for different universities, this is a basic timeline that you can follow.

Profile Evaluation for Masters in Germany

Application Timeline Table

TaskTypical Time DurationSummer SemesterWinter Semester
Passport1-4 weeks1st Jun – 30th Jun1st Aug – 30th Sep (previous year)
IELTS2-8 weeks15th June – 15th Aug1st Oct – 30th Oct (Previous year)
GRE4-10 weeks15th July – 15th Aug1st Nov – 15th Jan (Previous year)
Transcripts and Degree Certificate1-2 weeks15th Aug – 15th Sep15th Jan – 31st Jan
CV, SOP, LOR1-3 weeks1st August – 30th Sep15th Jan – 28th Feb
Send Applications*1-2weeks15th Aug – 15th Jan1st Jan – 15th Jul
First University Admit15th Jan – 15th Mar1st May – 15th Jul
Education Loan**3-6 weeks30th Jan – 15th Mar1st Jul – 15th Aug
Blocked AccountOne week30th Jan -15th Mar1st Jul -15th Aug
Travel Insurance15 – 30 mins30th Jan -15th Mar1st Jul -15th Aug
Flight Booking15 – 30 mins15th Feb -15th Mar1st Jul -15th Sep
German Student Visa2-6 weeks15th Feb -15th Mar7th Aug – 15th Sep
Prepaid Cards1-3 days15th Mar – 18th Mar15th Aug – 18th Aug
Health Checkup1-2days18th Mar – 20th Mar18th Aug – 20th Aug
ShoppingOne week15th Mar – 31st Mar20th Aug – 30th Aug
Fly to Germany~12 hours1st Mar- 31st Mar15th Sep – 15th Oct
Commencement of classes1st April1st October/ November
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1st June – 30th June


Passport is a prerequisite for everything, starting with the IELTS test to Flight booking. The Indian Passport will also be the only ‘valid’ identity proof when you are in Germany. So this is a mandatory step. 

College Applications

15th June – 15th July


You likely need to prove your English language proficiency to apply for a Masters course in Germany. You can prove it by taking a test. TOEFL and IELTS are two widely accepted international standardised English language tests. 

15th July – 15th August


Although this is not mandatory for most populations who wish to study in Germany, some of the top German universities like TUM and RWTH Aachen have made it compulsory to have a good GRE score to apply to a few of the courses.

15th August – 15th September


The transcript is a consolidated list of all the courses and grades of a bachelor’s degree. Your bachelor’s institute provides it on request. This is an essential document while applying for a master’s course. Similarly, a degree certificate will state your degree name and along with your passing grade. Both of these are mandatory documents.


Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your brochure. It allows you to feature all the aspects that make you the perfect choice for a university. Curriculum Vitae will be listed as an admission requirement for all of the German universities.


Regardless of the course, you will be asked to send a Statement of Purpose (SOP) along with your application. This is an opportunity for you to convince the universities that you are an eligible candidate for their program by telling them your story. 


Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a certification of your academic qualifications as assessed by your teacher. It can also be an assessment of your professional skills when it is given by your manager or immediate supervisor in your company.

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30th September- 15th January


Applying to universities can be an overwhelming process. Once the application period starts, you should apply online as early as possible and make sure you do not miss any of the required documents. As difficult as this may sound, the application and selection process for German universities is quite simple.

15th January – 15th March

You are likely to hear about your results after 1-2 months from the university’s application deadline. So be patient.


Finance can be a massive hurdle in the way of student’s education abroad. Luckily most of the German universities do not burden you with the enormous tuition fee. In fact, for most courses, there is no tuition fee at all. But you still need to manage your living and travel costs.


Before you start your studies in Germany, you are required to produce sufficient financial means to meet your living costs (apart from tuition fees). Your Visa is issued upon depositing a fixed amount of money in a German Bank account and blocking this sum with the Federal Republic of Germany as the beneficiary.


You may start booking your air tickets at your convenience and well ahead of time to avoid last-minute issues of not getting access. Fairs are also lower when you book tickets in advance.


As an Indian citizen, you must get a German Student Visa before moving to Germany for studies. Assuming that you have admitted to a German university, you can now apply for the German Student Visa.

18th Mar – 20th Mar


A non-mandatory but highly recommended task.

 Do not worry if you are not keeping up with the above timeline. It is possible to start very late or fall behind few steps in this process and still be through without any trouble.

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We have answered some questions for your ease.

Q1. How long do German universities take to respond to applications?

Ans. Students can expect to receive a response within 4-6 weeks of the application deadline, be it July or January. If all goes well, they’ll have gained a place at the destination of their choice.

Q2. When should I apply to German universities?

Ans. Usually, the following deadlines apply for university courses in Germany: The application deadline often is July 15th if the course starts during the winter semester. The application deadline often is January 15th if the class begins during the summer semester.

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Q3. Which intake is better for Germany?

Ans. These programs accept applications majorly via two intakes in Germany: winter and summer. Academically both of them have equal standing. However, winter intake is considered to be the primary season for applying to German universities.

We truly hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!