Best Deferred MBA Programs – A Complete List

Best Deferred MBA Programs – A Complete List

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MBA degrees are evolving with time. So you need to know all the possible options you can choose from while opting for an MBA degree. Nowadays, many top business schools are offering deferred MBA programs.

Hence, in this blog, we will be discussing the best deferred enrollment MBA programs in detail.

What is the Deferred MBA program?

A deferred enrollment MBA program gives bachelor’s graduates and pre-experience graduate students a chance to secure a seat in a future class of the flagship MBA program of some of the world’s most selective business schools before they attain the work experience required. They start the program only after having completed the minimum required work experience. The programs guarantee an early spot in their classes. They can join these classes after two to six years in the future, so long as a candidate secures appropriate professional experience in the meantime.

This type of program is suitable for candidates who want to pursue MBA soon but not right away. Candidates must gain two to five years of full-time work experience between being accepted and starting the course. With such prior knowledge, candidates can enhance their leadership skills. Typically, candidates have great internships, strong academic credentials, and high test scores when they apply. It’s suitable for candidates with focused career goals.

One-Year MBA Program Abroad

However, unlike the traditional MBA programs in finance, entrepreneurship etc., a deferred MBA program is beneficial for students from STEM or humanities backgrounds.


Although the duration of the program is one year, Yale SOM is two years in length and places students in the same as the full-time MBA. On the other hand, the Yale Silver Scholars program is three years in length, with the first and third year being the same as the standard MBA and the second year being an extended internship. The rest of the programs require students to gain two to five years of full-time work experience before they start their MBA

Top Schools for Deferred MBA

Harvard Business School 2+2 Program

One of the top business schools is Harvard business school. It offers one of the best deferred enrollment MBA programs. It provides the 2+2 program reports, 1,403 applicants, with only 9% admitted for its class of 2023. HBS is excellent for those who want a more balanced education. Moreover, it provides plenty of club opportunities, strong network building,  all bachelor’s graduated students, joint bachelor’s/master’s students, or master’s students who haven’t taken a break between programs.

Stanford GSB Deferred Enrollment

Stanford GSB builds an MBA early admission program with diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Deferred enrollment is designed for students without full-time work experience. One of the top b-schools in the US, Stanford is a desirable place to go. The program emphasises technology and entrepreneurship. You are eligible for deferred enrollment if you are in your final year of a bachelor’s or a joint bachelor/graduate program. Your degree will be conferred between 01 October 2020 and 30 September 2021. Or you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, which you began immediately following an undergraduate or undergraduate/graduate program.

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Yale silver scholar program

At the Yale Silver Scholar program, in the first year, you will learn basic skills. During the second year, you will complete a full-time internship. This vast work experience will help you put your business education into practice, develop your leadership skills, and give you a competitive advantage as you pursue a permanent position. In your third year, you will return to campus for the conclusion of the MBA early admission program, taking electives at Yale SOM and elsewhere at the university in the areas that most interest you and support your career goals.

Kellogg Future Leaders Deferred MBA

Ranked third in the US News ranking of top business schools, Kellogg has a particularly flexible program; it even includes an option to complete your MBA in just one year. You are eligible for the program if you are in an undergraduate program or the first three years of your career. The main emphasis of the program is on marketing.

The Rollins Early Advantage MBA

The Crummer School of Business provides this program. The MBA early admission programs is a full-time day program for recent college graduates and career changers. During the second year, students get to choose their elective subjects and can also take nighttime classes. Early advantage MBA students complete 12- week terms and one six week term spread out over 16 to 20 months. It provides a course in fields of Entrepreneurship, finance and international business.

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