Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship

Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship

A bonafide certificate for a scholarship is a certificate issued by an educational institute or organization to prove that you are or have been a part of that institution. In addition, it also ensures that you are a person of good moral conduct. The word bonafide is derived from Latin words, ‘Bona’ which means good, and ‘Fide’ which means faith.

The institution issues the certificate on its letterhead. In case this certificate is not authentic, it is of no use. Moreover, it is required for a multitude of purposes, to name a few, scholarship application, passport processing, visa extension, admissions, etc.

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How to apply for a Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship?

To apply for a bonafide certificate, you have to write an application addressed to the head of institution/school to get the bonafide certificate. The subject of the application is ” Issuance of Bonafide for xyz purpose”. Further, the application does not follow any particular format unless specified by the school/ institution. For example, one sample application is written below that consists of the receivers address, date, subject, body of the letter (with personal details like student roll no., class, etc.), the complimentary close, and signature.

Date: 01-Nov-2020


The principal,

( Name of Institute )

( Address )

Subject: Issuance of Bonafide certificate for scholarship


I Mr./Ms. ______________________________________ student of class __________ with roll no. ______ want to issue a Bonafide certificate for scholarship application. I have mentioned my details below:

Name :

Father’s name:

Roll no.


Date of birth:

I have also enclosed a copy of my student ID card. I would kindly request you to issue my Bonafide certificate soon as the deadline for the scholarship application is approaching.

Thank you

Yours sincerely



Next, after writing the application make sure that you have covered all the details and mentioned them correctly. Also, check for spelling mistakes and errors. In addition, ensure that you have written everything in large font and well-spaced to avoid any mistakes in your certificate.

Finally, after receiving the certificate make sure that it is attested by the head of the institution. Further, ensure that the data in the certificate should tally with your documents and it should be free of errors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I get a Bonafide certificate?

First and foremost, to get a Bonafide certificate, you must write an application form which is mentioned above. The format of the application does not adhere to any rules, it can be altered as per the institution/school’s demands.

Secondly, you should submit the required documents like the College ID, fee receipt, etc.

Finally, wait for a day or two to get the certificate issued by the administration.

Q2. Who issues a Bonafide Certificate for a scholarship?

A Bonafide certificate is issued by the organization/institute/ school you are currently enrolled into. Further, the institution verifies you as its member through this certificate.

Q3. What are the documents required for a Bonafide?

You need to submit a written application along with a copy of your college/ school ID card and fee receipt in some cases.

Q4. Why do you need a Bonafide Certificate for scholarship?

Students require a Bonafide certificate while applying to other institutes/ universities/ colleges. Moreover, they also need it for scholarship application, to attempt an internship, for passport renewal or visa renewal, etc.

Q5. What is the validity of the Bonafide certificate?

The Bonafide certificate is valid for three months from the date of issuance.

In conclusion, the article has covered everything about the Bonafide certificate, how to issue it, how to write an application for a Bonafide certificate for scholarship, and uses of Bonafide certificate. Moreover, we have also covered some common FAQs. Hope you find it useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a bonafide certificate required for the NSP (National Scholarship Scheme)?

Ans. If the student’s domicile jurisdiction differs from the region in which they are studying, they must present a bonafide certificate in the appropriate form.

Q2. What is the significance of a bonafide certificate?

Ans. The certificate essentially serves as confirmation of the institution, corporation, or organization with which somebody was previously involved, either as an employee or a student. In other words, this certificate confirms that somebody formerly affiliated to a specific institution.

Q3. Who is authorised to issue a bonafide certificate?

Ans. A genuine certificate is one that is provided by an institution to confirm that a certain individual adheres to that institution. This certificate is typically issued to students by academic institutions. However, businesses may do the same for their employees.