Deserve Credit Card

Deserve Credit Card

Who doesn’t need a credit card in today’s times? Students studying abroad definitely need a credit card which is user friendly and also gives good rewards. When it comes to credit, most students don’t qualify for credit. This is mostly because they do not possess a credit history, and to do so, they first need to obtain credit. Here, the Deserve Credit Card is your go-to option.

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What is a Deserve Credit Card?

Deserve is one such company that offers credit to students with a special approval process beyond the standard credit scoring method. Deserve Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank, member of FDIC. Traditional lenders see risk in the transaction, but deserve identifies the potential. They access each student’s credit potential through educational background, financial position, earning potential, and future employment.

Deserve uses the most enhanced identity verification method and consistent lending practices to ensure complete safety and security.

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Recently deserve also added a mobile financial management application with tools of finance education and visuals of an incentive program that features products and services from companies like Amazon, Mastercard and T-Mobile. Every student, across 1800 universities in The United States has a Deserve credit card. The company seeks to serve 40 million students across the country and cater to their credit needs.

What are the features?

Deserve has some peculiar features which traditional lending institutions lack. Deserve rewards up to 1.5% with $0 annual fee without charge extra for any foreign transaction. It also allows the user to sync Apple Pay and acquire a digital card from Deserve within a few minutes. Moreover, approvals are quickly escalated here.

The students who opt for EDU credit card, receive one year of Amazon Prime subscription on spending $500 in the first three billing cycles on your card.

Deserve provides you cell-protection up to $600, you can claim this with your EDU Mastercard.

Often, getting a credit card is impossible for students due to lack of credit score or credit history. This company is a great alternative to traditional lending systems.

Why should you get a Deserve Credit Card?

Students who go abroad for education or for jobs are mostly overwhelmed by the change of currency. It often leads to overspending, which can be correctly identified using a digital credit card. You can monitor the finances in a very easy-to-use mobile application that shows you your spending with visuals. It also helps you earn cash rewards on your transactions made through Deserve.

Deserve gives you 1% cash back on all your purchases with this card and once approved, you will automatically start earning a cash back on every purchase.

Get yourself a Deserve card without any deposit, with absolutely no annual fee and also no fee on international transactions with change of currency. With this card you can freely travel abroad, with no worries for your currency and credit. International students do not require a social security number for application.

Deserve Mastercard’s platinum benefit includes ID theft prevention and Master rental. It doesn’t charge you any fee and rewards are rated at 1%.

Deserve has an attractive referral program, with each referral you stand a chance of earning $30, upon approval.

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How do you get a Deserve Credit Card?

Getting yourself registered on Deserve is very easy and can be done from the comfort of your own homes. You do not need to visit institutions or submit hard copies of documents or wait in long lines, Deserve just needs your ID and a selfie which the app takes while you register yourself and your request is approved within minutes, and you save on so much time and efforts!

Your transactions are not statistically displayed, making it difficult for you to understand and interpret, but Deserve

visualizes it in clear icons and easy to read amount information.

Deserve partners with universities and colleges worldwide to partner up and make the credit card issuing process easy to avail to any student looking for credit lending. This company is certified and verified by governments of all countries and has won many awards for the most creative company. 

  • How to manage your finances to study abroad


So if you are a student going abroad for education or a job, check out customized plans of credit cards through Deserve, get yourself a good credit score and build a credit history to be eligible for such credit lending through various institutions.

We hope this blog helped you make an informed decision on how to go about issuing yourself a credit card with no credit history and avail discounts and earn rewards with every transaction you make.

If you still have any difficulty in making a decision, do contact our mentors