DGPA to Percentage

How to Convert DGPA to Percentage

After completion of your bachelor’s degree, you have two options. Firstly, you can apply for a job. Secondly, you can go for further studies. In both cases, you will be asked for the total marks in your respective degree or the total percentage or both or CGPA. While some of the universities mention the total marks and the percentage in the final memo along with CGPA some only mention CGPA. But, some universities like the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) also called the West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) uses DGPA instead of CGPA. Then how will the students of MAKAUT and other universities extract the total marks or percentage from this DGPA? Thus, to answer this, we have come up with a blog on how to covert DGPA to percentage. 

Some of the questions addressed in this blog are, what is DGPA? How is DGPA calculated? How is DGPA different from CGPA and SGPA? Lastly, how to convert DGPA into total marks? 

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What is DGPA? How is DGPA calculated?

Before moving on to the conversion of DGPA to Percentage, let’s understand what exactly DGPA is. DGPA stands for Diploma/Degree Grade Point Average. It is awarded at the end of your degree. That is it is the grade point for your entire degree or all the semesters in your degree. 

It is calculated using the formula:

DGPA= Ʃ (YGPA*Credit point) /  Ʃ (Credits)                

              Where YGPA stands for Yearly Grade Point Average. 

While YGPA is mentioned in the report along with the credit. If not mentioned it can be calculated as the average of the two SGPA of that particular year. 

Suppose a person has the following mark sheet:

Semester I and II7.011
Semester III and IV6.891
Semester V and VI7.241.5
Semester VII and VII7.601.5
DGPA to Percentage

Then the DGPA can be calculated as follows:

               DGPA= Ʃ (YGPA * Credit point) /  Ʃ (Credits)

                               = ( 7.01*1) + ( 6.89*1) + ( 7.24*1.5) + (7.60*1.5) / (+1+1.5+1.5)

 i.e.                              = 35.95 / 5 

                               = 7.19

Hence, 7.19 is the DGPA of the above mark sheet. 

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How is DGPA different from SGPA?

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. It is the grade point obtained in a semester. Whereas, DGPA is the aggregate of points of all the semesters. Hence, we can say that DGPA can be calculated based on the SGPA as follows:

DGPA= Ʃ (SGPA * Credit point) / Ʃ (Credits)

While SGPA is calculated as:

SGPA= Ʃ (Subject Grade * Credit point) /  Ʃ (Credits)

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How is DGPA different from CGPA?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average is much like DGPA. It is the average of all the grade points obtained by a person in all the semesters in the particular course. 

It is calculated in a similar manner to DGPA.

CGPA= Ʃ (SGPA * Credit point ) / Ʃ (Credits)

Conversion of DGPA to Percentage

To convert DGPA to percentage, you need to use the formula:

Percentage= (DGPA – 0.75) * 10

Suppose a person has a DGPA of 7.9 then his percentage is:

Percentage= ( 7.9- 0.75) * 10

                     = 7.15 * 10

                     = 71.5%

Here is the table for the percentage corresponding to the DGPA released by MAKAUT. The below table has calculated the percentage using the formula mentioned above.

Grade points (DGPA)Percentage of Marks

Convert DGPA to Marks obtained

Now that we know the percentage of marks we can easily convert it to the marks obtained. For this calculation, you need to know the total percentage of marks (can be calculated from DGPA using the above formula), the number of papers, and the total marks. 

 Marks obtained= Percentage * Total marks /100

For example, you have 8 papers and hence the total marks are 800. Your percentage calculated from DGPA is 71.5%. Then the total marks obtained by you are:

Marks obtained= 71.5 * 800 / 10

                            = 572

Therefore, you obtained 572 marks out of 800. 

In conclusion, now you know how to calculate the DGPA, the total marks obtained, and the percentage.

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