Documents required for an Education Loan

Documents required for an Education Loan

If you’re inching closer to your college or university dreams and need some financial assistance to get there, you’ll likely be looking into education loans. But what loan documents do you need to apply for a loan? This blog provides a comprehensive overview of the documents that are required for an education loan, as well as tips on how to prepare for the loan application process. From filling out loan application forms to attaching required documentation, this post has everything you need to know to get approved for the loan you need! Have all of your loan documents ready before you hit the application button – it’ll make the process much smoother.

Documents Required for Education Loan

If you’re planning to pursue a higher education, you’ll need to apply for a loan. There are a few loan documents that you’ll need to gather in order to make the application process smoother. So, present your documents to the loan providers and get the loan sanctioned. The sooner you apply for the loan, the sooner you can get started on your education journey. Following are the details of required loan documents.

Admission Documents and Educational Certificates

If you are seeking an education loan, it is very important to keep all required admission and educational documents. This includes the following:

  • SSC, HSC, or Degree course mark sheets or passing certificates
  • A copy of the institute’s admittance letter
  • The institute’s fee schedule

Make sure you store them safely so that in case of any issues with your loan application, they will be handy for you!

Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents

KYC documents are a necessary part of the loan application process. They help lenders verify your identity, income, and liabilities to ensure you’re able to responsibly repay your loan. It is important that all required loan documents are submitted on time so that the entire loan processing can start smoothly. The important KYC documents are as follows:

  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Proof of Signature
  • Age Proof

Income Proof Documents

In order to prove your income and financial stability, you will need to provide loan documents such as:

  • Last six months’ bank statement (salary account).
  • Salary slips from the previous two months with the date of employment.
  • Evidence of turnover.
  • Balance Sheets for the previous two years that have been audited.
  • ITRs (Income Tax Returns) over the last two years.
  • Proof of qualification.
  • Last six months’ bank statement.
  • Balance Sheets for the previous two years that have been audited.
  • ITRs (Income Tax Returns) over the last two years.

Duly filled Application Form

When it comes to applying for education loan, make sure that you have all the required information at hand. This includes your original academic transcripts as well as any other relevant loan documents. In case there are any doubts about your eligibility or if you need more time to gather additional documentation, the lender may ask for it. Make sure to complete a duly filled application form so that everything is in order and aid with faster approval of your loan request.

Two passport-sized photographs

  • Requirements for two passport-sized photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the processing time for students’ loans?

The loan processing time for students’ loans usually ranges from 3 to 5 business days.

2. What are some of the things that can affect my eligibility for a student loan?

There are a few things that can affect your eligibility for student loan. These include your credit score and income level. Additionally, if you are an international student, you will need to provide proof of insurance and financial support from the parents or guardians. Lastly, to be eligible for a loan, you must have a valid social security number.

3. Can I get education loan without salary slip?

Yes, you can get an education loan without salary slip if you have genuine reasons like starting a new business or returning to studies after a long gap. Always consult an expert before applying for an education loan as there are certain eligibility criteria that must be met. However, it’s important to note that the interest rate for education loans may be higher than regular loans.


If you are planning to pursue a higher education, make sure to read our blog post on loan documents required for an education loan. This post will list all the documents you will need to submit while applying for a loan, and it is important that you keep these loan documents safe. By following these tips, you can make the application process smoother and ensure that all your documents are in order. Don’t hesitate to contact ForeignAdmits, if you have any questions or concerns!