Education Loan Repayment on Your Mind? Here’s Why You Should Attend the Mentor Conference!

Education Loan Repayment on Your Mind? Here’s Why You Should Attend the Mentor Conference!

An education loan have emerged as one of the more prominent ways to fund higher education in India and overseas. With new-age lenders such as making the end-to-end process seamless for customers, now repaying a loan is also flexible and stress-free with various repayment options available.

But still, people plan for years before applying for an educational loan. And the reason is pretty damn simple. In today’s dynamic economy, it’s difficult enough for an average working person to make ends meet while supporting themselves or their family without having a good wage. It’s already difficult enough to pay to check with regular payments and unexpected expenses, and having an old student loan debt surely boosts your blood pressure levels. Borrowers who fail to make voluntary and timely payments to the lending institution face repercussions by the lending organization and their employer, piling up the stress even more.

Should money be a barrier to your dreams? Absolutely not!  

With proper guidance, you can achieve anything. And at Mentor conference 2021, we aim at providing you with the right advice you need before finalizing your loan provider. 

So, what about learning from one of the best in the industry? Yes, we have brought you an interactive session on the topic “Top 7 things to evaluate before applying for an Education loan” by Miss Chandini Sehgal, National head, Marketing and Channel at HDFC Credila. Miss Chandini Sehgal is a stalwart in this domain and has been with HDFC Credila since the beginning fulfilling many children’s dreams. It’s an excellent opportunity for every student who wishes to study at a foreign university to understand educational loans and finances. 

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There are multiple organizations out there providing loan facilities, but a few care about students and make the process accessible and easy for them. And HDFC Credila is one of them. HDFC Credila has been helping students for more than ten years now and has fulfilled many dreams. 

Here’s what you can expect when you’re repaying your education loan from HDFC Credila:

Repayment in easy EMIs

An HDFC Cedilla Education Loan offers you the flexibility to pay only the simple interest on the loan amount while you continue to pursue your course. Also known as PEMI (or Pre-EMI), opting for this facility significantly reduces your financial outgoing during the study period. 

Repayment After Course Completion

The period between course completion and the start of loan repayment is known as the moratorium or grace period. You could choose to start your EMIs at this point, including the principal amount and the interest thereon at the end of the grace period.

Repayment Tenure of up to 15 Years

HDFC Credila understands that it is inspiring to embark on the loan repayment journey with your salary on landing your first job! However, it is also likely that the sudden shift to accommodate EMI repayment may be challenging. Hence, the loan product thoughtfully designed by HDFC Credila ensures a smooth transition from student to working professional by offering a longer repayment tenure.

It is always prudent to work in tandem with your lender to understand the repayment method that is best suited to you. This is where HDFC Credila comes in, with education loans that are tailor-made to give wings to your dreams of pursuing higher education overseas. For related in-depth information and to apply for an education loan, visit this site today.

We hope you don’t think much now and take a leap of faith towards achieving your dreams. Best of luck from team ForeignAdmits!

HDFC Cedilla For Education Loan Repayment


1.What is the process of repayment of education loan?

Repayment for SBI Scholar loans will begin following the end of the course time and the moratorium period (6 months after course completion). The principle is increased by the interest that accrued during the moratorium and course periods, and repayment is set in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI).

2.Should we pay interest on education loan while studying?

These are what they are: During the moratorium, students must pay no interest. While the moratorium is in effect, students must pay partial interest. During the moratorium, students must pay the full interest.

3.Can education loan be settled?

So, if you are unable to make repayment on your education loan, considering there is no collateral then the bank will offer you to settle the loan at a reduced value. But, this option is only considered by the bank when the applicant does not comply with warnings and notices.

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