About Us

ForeignAdmits is a name to trust when it comes to personalised career counselling and university admission assistance. Our extensive search engine further enables aspirants to find the right course and right college for their future endeavours. Our advanced AI-assisted application management and student recruitment effortlessly help both students and universities ease the application and admission procedures. Hence, students will get detailed analytics from our 200+ international mentors. This will help them experience quality-focused personalised career guidance and greater university enrollment success.


Moreover, to become a data and technology-focused, leading go-to platform for career aspirants for completely personalised career guidance, planning and admission needs, and becoming a pathway for Universities to do high-quality enrollments.


Above all, as career advisors and admission guidance providers, our mission is to motivate students continually. Thus, at ForeignAdmits, we aim to facilitate their transition from a student to a working professional with ease by nurturing their educational needs.

Better Education. Better World.