General MBA vs Specialised MBA – Which is better?

General MBA vs Specialised MBA – Which is better?

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MBA is generally the most sought choice for students who want to pursue a masters degree. However, MBA has various programs and specifications, making it difficult for students to choose the right one. Generally, MBA categorises into two General MBA and a specialised MBA. The question that arises over here is about the difference between these two (General MBA vs Specific MBA). One could answer this by taking a look at the pros and cons of each. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each, General MBA vs Specific MBA, so that you can understand the difference and you choose the right MBA course for your needs.

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A General MBA

A general MBA is the most common MBA program. It teaches you skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk management. Some of the subjects taught are Professional Development, Business Analytics, Project and Quality Management, Marketing Management, Economics for Managers, Organizational Behavior, etc. This program aims to nurture individuals wanting to focus on higher-level management problems and supervising employees.

The course curriculum of general MBA divides such that in the first year, students focus on the overall aspects of management and in the second year, students choose their elective subjects. Choosing electives does provide a certain level of specialisation to the MBA course.

Advantages of General MBA
  • It provides an in-depth knowledge of management domains, which can work across industries and job profiles as they have known the fundamentals of all the specifics.
  • The course is flexible according to a student’s requirements as a student can choose their electives.
  • It has a broad scope and provides more career opportunities as compared to specialised MBA courses.
Disadvantages of General MBA
  • A more traditional MBA degree may restrict career path, making it crucial for students to choose the correct elective.
  • For a general MBA, it will be essential that you pursue your education from a top B-School.

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A Specialised MBA

Specialised MBA is a specialisation course in finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations, Artificial intelligence, design strategy, etc. Specialised MBA courses fulfil the requirements of a specific industry or a specific section of an organisation. And at times, Candidates with a specialised MBA will be preferred over candidates with General MBA for many business areas. And it usually takes less time to complete. These courses can be of 1 year or 18 months duration.

Students learn the general aspects of management in a specialised MBA course, but the curriculum is designed to train them in only a specific area. Therefore, students who pursue specialised MBA are considered to be experts in their respective fields.

The World University of Design (WUD), Sonepat, is ranked second in the ‘Top 10 Private Universities offering Professional Education’ by the Education World India Higher Education Ranking. Besides, it is recognised as the ‘Best Upcoming University of India’ with the ASSOCHAM India Education Excellence Award.WUD is India’s first and only university dedicated to education in the creative domain. Its School of Management provides a specialised MBA in various disciplines such as fashion, design, and Executive MBA.

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Advantages of Specialised MBA
  • A specialised MBA offers in-depth business knowledge in the chosen specialisation.
  • Usually take less time to complete. These courses can be of 1 year or 18 months duration.
  • If a student is clear about career goals and career path, then a specialised MBA could be the one for him/her.

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Disadvantages Of Specialised MBA
  • It may be difficult for a person with a specialised MBA to change industries or switch domains in the future.
  • Since they may have specific requirements in work experience or academics, they are generally more challenging to get admission in.
  • The knowledge will be constrained to one management domain, making it essential for a candidate to be sure about the career path and choose the correct specialised MBA program.

So it is vital that you keep in mind your career path and then choose the correct program before applying to university.

Why Should You Join a Specialised MBA program at WUD?

WUD offers two-year specialised MBA programs in Data Analytics, Design, Fashion and Artificial Intelligence. WUD’s MBA programmes take a complete approach in moulding students managerial skills and potential into professionals. Along with harnessing student’s knowledge and capability in the selected area of specialisation, the focus is also on developing their thinking abilities, leadership and life skills. It also provides a minor field in either Marketing, Finance, Operations or HR.

Learning at WUD provides the student with case studies, live projects, problem-solving projects, industry interactions, internship and more. Furthermore, the main focus is to ensure the practice meets theory in all functional areas. Various companies also visit the campus for placement and other engaging activities, which provides students with exposure to opportunities and makes them think like experts, entrepreneurs, thereby enhancing their learning experience and making them industry-ready.

Thus, we hope this article was able to help to decide between General MBA vs Specific MBA.