How To Apply With Uni-Assist For Germany

How To Apply With Uni-Assist For Germany

The Application Process can be tiring, but if you plan to move to Germany for studies, there isn’t anything to worry about anymore. You can easily apply through Uni-Assist. It is a national service provider that many universities in Germany use to process all international student applications, including top-ranked universities.

The primary benefit of Uni-Assist is that you only have to apply to it once, even if you are applying to several study programs.

Uni-Assist processes your documents and submits the remaining applications you would like to the universities of your choice. It will ensure that you simply upload all required documents for all study programs you are applying to.

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In this article, we will be discussing all the things you need to know about Uni-Assist.

What is Uni-Assist?

Uni-Assist is a national service provider based in Berlin, which is used by approx. One hundred seventy universities as of June 2020 to help them process international student applications. They also support international students who are interested in applying to German universities. It does this by providing general information about the application process online and processing relevant application documents required by universities for the admissions process.

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They are only responsible for ensuring that a student has all required application materials and that all official documents are verified. Once this is complete, they confirm to provide the university to which the student is applying to.

Some universities use Uni-Assist to process international student applications only for specific degree programs, but not all degree programs. Therefore, you should check if your preferred degree program uses it rather than searching for the University on the list of member universities. Even if your preferred university is listed, it can be the case that your particular program has direct applications through the university or vice versa.

How to apply through Uni-Assist

While the Uni-Assist can be very helpful, yet it could be pretty confusing, so we’re going to break it down for you in steps.

1. Plan

Keep track of the deadlines for your preferred study program, keeping in mind how long the processing of your application will take (weeks or months). And Study the details of the application procedure thoroughly.

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2. Gather Documents
  • Gather all documents required for your program.
  • Make sure that you check the documents required by the university.
  • Have all documents translated by an official certified translator.
  • Obtain certified copies of each certificate translation.
  • Make digital copies of all required documents.
3. Online Application

After registering in the online portal, create an online application for each study program to apply to and upload all required documents.

4. Payment

Submit Uni-Assist fees for all study program applications.

5. Document Submission

Take all certified hard copies required by the application and submit them to Uni-Assist in the mail.

How much does it cost to apply via Uni-Assist?

Yes, Uni-Assist charges fees for their services. Because processing documents from all over the globe, translating them, verifying their authenticity, and converting grades to the German grading system takes a lot of effort and time, the fees they charge are marginal per application. The prices are discussed below:


EUR 75.00 for your first desired course of study in an application semester.

Additional Applications

Each additional desired course you apply for in the exact semester costs EUR 30.00. There is no limit to the number of applications you can send through Uni-Assist, but keep in mind that universities can limit the number of applications per semester. You should enquire at your chosen university about how many courses of study you can apply to at the same time.

Some universities that process their international student applications through Uni-Assist cover the Uni-Assist application fees. So check the list of universities that cover the charges before applying.

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Important FAQs

1. What is Uni-Assist?

Uni-Assist is a tool that universities use to help them process international student applications. They also support international students who are interested in applying to German universities.

2. How can I find out which universities use Uni-Assist?

Simply select “only Uni-Assist” under the “Application” column of the university, and the link provided there will directly open the Uni- assist portal.