How To Choose A PhD Supervisor?

How To Choose A PhD Supervisor?

Are you thinking of pursuing a doctorate? But the most critical question that arises is how to choose a PhD supervisor. We all are well aware that a supervisor plays a crucial role in a Scholar’s academic life. Likewise, a PhD supervisor is one of the most influential people in any PhD scholar’s academic career. From the beginning of the research to the end, a supervisor will be your guide, mentor, advisor, and the person who will motivate you to work hard. A supervisor helps his/her scholar to gain confidence in research. Therefore, it’s essential to make a wise choice in choosing a supervisor for successful completion of the PhD programme.

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the significant points to keep in mind while choosing a PhD supervisor.

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How to Choose a Good Supervisor: Points to Remember

  • Either you can choose your supervisor, or the university you have applied to will assign you one. However, it would be recommended if you decide on your own
  • Your PhD supervisor should be an expert in your chosen area of research.  For this, you could also check the supervisor’s recent publications.
  • Before contacting the supervisor, prepare a project proposal or some specific research ideas.
  • Having Talked with the experts  who are related to your research interest
  • Talk with the scholars who are working currently under the professor/expert.
  • Check the research facilities available in the department.
  • Also, check for fellowships/scholarships available in the department/University. Check for R&D project with supervisor to carry out PhD with fellowship.
  • Your PhD need to be supervised by an experienced researcher or professor. Reputation may sound good, mainly when they write references. But, you need to make sure they can guide you both in thesis and journal research publication.

There are other criteria other than this to think about before choosing your supervisor; choose a supervisor who will guide you and motivate you. A supervisor who will encourage you never to give up, especially when your experiments are failed is essential. They can challenge you to think beyond and train you to become an excellent researcher. This can increase your journal research publications and finish your thesis in time.

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Furthermore, we could divide the supervisors into 2:

Senior Researcher

They will have experience guiding and supervising students and would have published many research papers. But at times, it could be pretty tricky for them to pay proper attention to any one student. However, with their reputation and influence, they can recommend you to other institutions.

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They are experienced and expert in their field of research. They know the exact kind of guidance you need to get a PhD and understand the proper scope for you in your field. With their advice, you won’t be doing your research in the wrong direction. Their recommendation will be helpful for your future career.

In conclusion, PhD is a career-defining path and a process of understanding your research area. Therefore, it is crucial for you as a scholar to choose a suitable supervisor for your research career. We hope this helped you decide how to choose a PhD Supervisor.

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Important FAQs

1. What makes a great PhD supervisor?

A good track record of successful PhD students, the single-best indicator of a good PhD supervisor, is his/her students’ success. Your PhD supervisor should be an expert in your field of research.

2. How often should I meet with my PhD supervisor?

As a Doctoral student, you should meet with your supervisor more frequently, which will happen over the whole time of your research.  On average, you should meet with your supervisor once every two weeks.