How to decide where to study – A Complete Guide

How to decide where to study – A Complete Guide

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Each year QS surveys tens of thousands of students worldwide considering studying outside of their home country – providing a unique insight into their motivations, decision-making, and communications preferences. It is the world’s largest pre-enrollment survey of international students. So it could help out the universities to plan their admission criteria as well for students who have plans to study abroad. How to decide where to study is a common question among students.

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Hence, in this blog, we will be discussing some critical points of the survey conducted.

How to get information about the institution

Universities websites remain the primary resource students’ use when researching where to study abroad. Students are increasingly looking to connect with current international students to ask questions and feel the student experience.

The most popular source of information for students for finding researching a university abroad is the institution’s website.  According to QS, 76% of international students listed institutions websites among their top five sources of information. Other sources were General online searches and rankings.

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The QS also asked international students what all aspects they keep in mind while choosing a university. To this, the answers were Accommodation information was the top priority. Students should know they would be living, how far they’d be from campus, and what their living space might look like. Secondly, were the feedbacks of the currently enrolled international. Current students are your institution’s best ambassadors.

Thirdly was the information about the internships, placements and links to industries. Students are focused on employment and work opportunities. Showcasing close ties between your institution and the organisations you work with can assure international students that your institution will keep them the suitable options to begin their career.

The QS also looked at the order in which international students make decisions about where and what to study. According to their survey, students first decide what field they want to learn, what country they want to study in, and what schools they want to apply to.

How students choose the destination

While choosing a career path, an international student should keep in mind the job opportunities available in the country he /she has chosen. Secondly, they should keep in mind the expenses that come along with studying abroad.

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When choosing a destination country, 57% of students said it was important that their destination be safe and welcoming. Moreover, students also cited that they look for affordable tuition and affordable living costs as crucial considerations when selecting a destination country.

An institution should keep the following points in mind to use as a marketing strategy for international students:

  • Encourage current international students to share their experiences with the other students.
  • Use video in your communications as much as possible
  • Emphasise work placement opportunities as it is the key factor that attracts a student
  • Show that your Institution offers a safe and welcoming environment for international students

Thus, we hope this article helped you understand how to decide where to study.

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