How to get a job at BCG?

How to get a job at BCG?

BCG has been providing business solutions since 1963. Its founder, Bruce Henderson, came up with the idea of ​​building a consulting firm that provides world-class services. BCG developed two ideas that became canon business strategies for many other companies and ensured the success of BCG. These ideas are time-based competition and growth matrix. BCG aims to help companies grow and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Today, it is a well-known company with about 21,000 employees worldwide. This blog post is going to detail you about how to get a job at BCG.

BCG was a pioneer in business strategy when it was founded in 1963. Today, they are working closely with clients to adopt a transformational approach aimed at benefiting all stakeholders — empowering organizations to grow, build sustainable competitive profitability, and have a positive impact on society.

Boston Consulting Group is one of the largest corporate consulting companies in the world, with 87 offices in 45 countries. Fortune magazine has rated it as one of the best companies to work with nine times, and BCG will enter this year at No.

New employees can earn an MBA with full academic return and stay with the company and become partners. But what are the overseers doing?

Network, hiring, and market research company Ivy Exec has ranked BCG number one on its list of the best consulting companies to work for. Standards are based on employee feedback regarding work, culture, compensation, leadership, and reputation. The basic answer helps businesses solve problems. Tina Gao, principal of BCG in the D.C. office. and you are one of the regional hiring directors, you will expect to know more than that, however, when you apply. Here, he gives some tips on how to stand out.

How difficult it is to get a job at BCG?

Second-largest in the prestigious “MBB” (McKinsey, The BCG, or Bain & Company), Boston Consulting Group is one of the Top 10 consulting companies, just behind McKinsey, using a robust and challenging hiring process. How do you get a BCG job? If you apply for BCG, you can apply online and submit it to your preferred office. If you are currently in school, an interview will take place at your school when we visit your campus. We will then invite you to an interview at the office you are interested in if the opportunity arises.

What is the starting salary at BCG?

BCG entry-level advisors can earn up to $ 112,500 a year, while senior consultants can make up to $ 215,500. Project Leaders have an annual salary of $ 266,000; Principals and colleagues can receive up to $ 1,150,000.

Can you give an example of a problem that BCG experts helped to solve?

They worked with a shoe company that hired them to help them see their five-year plan. How did they grow by 50 percent at that time? Which trends will be most profitable in the U.S. marketplace? Do they sell their products to the right vendors? They developed a strategy, which included three to four things they needed to do to grow the business. It worked. Now they are back as customers again. They help them see how they can change their supply chain – production and delivery – in their growth.

Is the BCG interview difficult?

One of the biggest challenges to negotiating with BCG is resolving cases you have never seen before. Each case can be complicated, and you will need to do well in all the negotiations for multiple cases to get the gift. As a result, you should have a consistent approach to resolving cases.

Is BCG a good place to work?

Boston Consulting Group has been ranked among the top three in Fortune’s “100 BWork For” list for four consecutive years. … LGBT-friendly practices of LGBT and various other programs and inclusion have also been recognized as special. The people at BCG are good. They genuinely care about one another. … Which is very important to BCG, and they are working to bring in people who will promote that culture, as well as people who will keep it within the company – it is a really exciting part of BCG’s work. Boston Consulting Group was named “the best place to work” by Glassdoor in 2019 and Fortune magazine rated it as the third best place to work in 2014. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are interested in learning how to get a job at BC.

How’s Working in BCG?

The effectiveness of BCG is very exciting and inspiring. It is one of the largest consulting companies in the world, so you should aim to donate your best to be hired. Your supervisors expect high performance and quality from you as an employee. Below are some of the most effective features of working with this consulting company.

Finding a Job at BCG You need to understand how consulting firms work and have a strategic mindset to get a consultation job at BCG. Remember that you will be solving all kinds of problems daily, so you should also have sensible thinking and excellent communication skills. You can get a job at BCG by taking an internship or applying directly to the job.

Do not be discouraged if you have just graduated from university and are no longer experienced in the field. According to Tina Gao, a BCG principal working in Washington D.C., one of the company’s favorite places to hire potential employees is on the university’s high-rise campuses. You should submit a cover letter and demonstrate your skills with your portfolio.

Once the employers have determined that you are the right person, they will suspend the meeting with you. If all goes well, they may hire you to work at an entry-level. Later, you can rate it to become a member of a consultation team, and eventually become a full-time project leader. You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree in management and consultation, and you certainly do not need to be from a business school. Any job information will apply to the company, from computer science to chemistry or poetry.

However, remember that you must at least have a bachelor’s degree. Applying for a job at BCG You need to be curious and always open to learning new things before you apply for a job at BCG. Remember that you have to create an impressive CV to help you stand out from the other candidates.

Do you remember that portfolio we mentioned? You can use your school plans and educational projects to demonstrate your skills, even if you have just finished school and have no work experience. BCG entry-level positions require you to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. For colleagues, you will only need a bachelor’s, while instead of consulting you will need an MBA or master’s degree.

However, you do not have to wait until you can start working on BCG. The company is open to paying for two years of education while also providing you with a subsistence allowance. BCG Application Process and Negotiations The interview lasts about 45 minutes. The first part of the BCG fit interview includes ethical questions to show how you handled certain situations and how you used your skills to find a solution.

The second part is a discussion of the case. Here, the employer will give you a problem to solve. The employer will also show you charts and statistics to help you solve these problems. Try to ask the right questions. This will show your interest in working with the company.


Remember to do some research before you go to the interview, which includes the position you are applying for. A good question to ask yourself is “what does success look like in this position?” and “How can I measure it?” Salary-related questions are good, but try not to steer clear of a conversation around it. If you have passed the interview and the hiring managers are impressed with your CV, they will probably call you to continue the hiring process. Curious and young minds need to get a job at BCG. Do not be afraid to ask questions, but be wise and do your research in advance. The company wants to know if you understand the flexibility involved and how the company works.

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