How to write a sample SOP for MS admissions?

How to write a sample SOP for MS admissions?

A Statement of Purpose is a concise description of the academic and professional goals. Along with that, your motivation for pursuing an advanced degree and specific research interests are also part of it. What you write in this statement is very important for admissions committees to know if you are a good fit with their program. Do note that an SOP is very important to use as a way to include relevant information that will help improve the admissions process. This blog is going to provide you with certain tips to create an amazing SOP. Additionally, our team of experts have drafted a sample SOP for MS programs to help you ease the process of writing one. Otherwise, experts are always there to help you whenever you need it.

Tips for writing a powerful SOP Sample for MS

Keep it relevant

The exact length of a statement of purpose can vary from one program to another. The general rule is that short and concise always works better than long and rambling. Be sure to highlight the most important accomplishments that are most relevant for this specific program you applying to. An SOP that does not include anything related to the program you are applying to will not help your cause.

Be specific

While being concise is important, it’s also important to be specific when writing a statement of purpose that catches the reader’s attention. Even more importantly, avoid vague terms and statements that can have multiple meanings or can be interpreted in different ways. It’s not enough to have good grades or relevant work experience. Your statement of purpose needs to completely convince the reader you are a perfect fit for their program.

Use active voice

Using an active voice will make your statement sound more professional and engaging. It’s better to say ‘I aim to obtain a position in the medical field and conduct extensive research through various studies’ than to say ‘My academic and professional goals are to obtain a position in the medical field to grow my career.”

Be personal

Your statement of purpose should reveal your passion for your chosen field of study. Don’t be afraid to mention your intellectual interests and what excited you about the particular program. A bit of personal touch is always necessary to maintain the authenticity of the SOP.

Highlight your experience

You have to convince the admissions committee that you’re familiar with the field of study and know what being a graduate student will be like. You can do this by clearly explaining any research or professional work experiences that are relevant to the field. This can include publications, presentations at conferences or anything related to your academic success.

Use specific details

One way to make your SOP more engaging is by including specific examples, anecdotes or stories that demonstrate your achievements. This can be done by revealing knowledge, skills or personal attributes that are relevant to the field. It also illustrates how you plan to make a positive contribution to this program.


This step might seem obvious, but many people often forget to proofread their statements before final submission. However, a well-written and carefully proofread SOP will show the admissions committee that you are serious about your career.

Be unique

Every program has thousands of applicants applying for the same degree for the same reasons. So, being unique is very important because it will differentiate you from other candidates and highlight your qualifications.

Show your enthusiasm

Your statement of purpose should very clearly indicate why you are applying for this specific program/degree at this university. So, expanding on any excitement you have towards the program itself, what makes it unique compared to others and what specific aspects of it interest you will definitely help with this.

Make the connection

It’s important for the SOP to make a connection between your past education/experience and the current program you are applying to. So, highlighting how they relate to one another by using specific examples can create a compelling argument that can be beneficial to your application.

Sample SOP for MS

The clear dedication and discipline that I have embodied over my past 4 years in engineering has paved the way for an interest in a degree in Artificial Intelligence. Over the past year, I have been able to develop a special interest in A.I. and am excited about the new opportunities with it. The idea of using logic and reasoning to create life-like intelligence has always fascinated me to its core.

This interest was originally inspired by my elective AI course, where we had to complete projects with the interests of A.I., Java, and coding in general. We were required to trace a single attribute through several different classes and determine their impact on the final outcome. Truth be told, we were essentially creating our own version of A.I.! Although each group had to trace several different attributes, I decided to focus on just one attribute throughout the entire exercise: color. I chose color because it was simple enough to do so but also complex enough to realize how many different values were involved in its outcome.

The process of coding and the idea of running through different scenarios was something that I immediately fell in love with. The ability to create anything you wanted and the idea of receiving feedback as your project continued to run through different functions inspired me to look deeper into this field of A.I. . It’s not only the fact that I can use my creativity to its fullest extent but also be able to learn from it, that makes me excited about this degree. The thought of working with people to figure out possible solutions to real-life problems is so much more rewarding than just writing a program and not being able to test it until the end! That’s why I have decided to major in A.I., so I can utilize my creativity and knowledge to the fullest.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to study A.I. since it will allow me to use my creativity in real-world applications. For example, with the process of coding that I learned during my NLP course, I was able to create my own version of a sine wave. By doing so, I was able to understand how it functioned and be able to adapt its functions based on what the outcome should be . This adaptability is something that would appeal greatly as an A.I. researcher since you always have to re-think your approach every time there is a change in variables. This degree is the right opportunity for me to create an impact on this world and I am thrilled to pursue it.

Since I graduated, I worked for 2 years as an engineer at Symantec. I enjoyed the work and learned a lot, but after doing the same thing for 2 years I realized it was holding me back in terms of my creativity and passion for technology. Technology is ever-changing and growing and there’s always something new to learn; this is why I am choosing to return to school to pursue a degree in A.I.

My interest in programming is not the only thing that attracts me to this degree; I truly think it’s a great fit for my personality as well. Throughout my years at high school and college, I always preferred working with people and discussing issues than sitting down and solving problems on my own. Although I was able to pursue engineering, I have always been an empathetic problem-solver, which is why I am better suited for a degree in A.I. Since this field requires working closely with people who are not only experts in their fields but also have different backgrounds and perspectives to your own, it allows you to utilize your empathy when collaborating with them.

With that being said, I feel I would be a great fit for the Artificial Intelligence program at the University of California, Berkeley. Not only is UC Berkeley ranked one of the top universities in the world, but it also has an amazing faculty that are leading experts in their fields. Furthermore, my years of experience have greatly prepared me for this program; it’s not something I feel like I am “jumping” into.

The idea of expressing my creative side and learning from it excites me! The field of A.I. is new and emerging, which makes the possibilities endless. While some people might view this as a risky choice, I believe that having no boundaries allows me to think outside the box and create something truly amazing. That’s why I know UC Berkeley is the right place for me to reach my full potential, so I can apply my creativity in a real-world setting.

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