List of Top 5 IELTS Scholarships

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Are you planning to go abroad for higher studies? If yes, you need to know about all the beneficial scholarships which will be a perfect gateway to enroll in your dream college. The scholarship helps you financially aid in college or university tuition fees, while some even include basic essential expenditures like accommodation, air-fare, etc.

Scholarships are awarded to the person who meets specific criteria for that particular type of scholarship. Many scholarships are given to the students based on merit, caste, sports or athletes, etc. Some scholarships support students who want to study abroad and score well in the IELTS exam. This article includes a list of the top 5 IELTS scholarships which will help you financially.

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What is the IELTS exam?

It is a Basic English exam taken by students who live in a country where the primary language is other than English. They are applying to study or live in a country where the primary language is English. This test is taken just to make sure that the person can comfortably sustain in that country. The test includes reading, listening, and speaking English skills to check your communication skills.

Countries that take college admissions through IELTS are the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. These countries’ primary language is English, and they conduct IELTS exams jointly through IDP Education Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Eligibility Criteria

You can give the IELTS exam if your age is 16 or above, irrespective of nationality or background.

Why the EILTS exam?

All the colleges in English-speaking countries don’t need to take admission through the IELTS exam. There are many options where you can enroll even without the exam. The main problem comes in your visa process. It will be a much smoother process if you have given the IELTS exam.

Another advantage of attempting this exam is mainly for the students. The expenditure of living abroad is too high, and adding on the college fee will make it impossible for the students to study overseas. Based on the IELTS exam score, different colleges, government, and private sectors give various scholarships to students. This scholarship could be either a little financial help or cover all your college fees and living expenses. It is in the form of an award, and you don’t have to return it.

IELTS Exam Scholarships

Various scholarships are assisted and conducted by British Council.

Eligibility criteria
  1. Taken the IELTS exam in the same year
  2. Have secured a minimum of 6.5 scores in the exam
  3. The candidate must have an acceptance letter from that particular college or university.

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Top 5 scholarships

  1. Hornby Scholarships 2021
  2. The British Council IELTS Award
  3. The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme
  4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  5. Great Scholarship India

We will go through these scholarships separately in detail. Before that, just note that each college or university has its scholarship guidelines. The British Council will only support it. The final decision comes from the college whether they accept the scholarship or not.

The selection process of each scholarship

Hornby Scholarships 2021

The University of Warwick offers the scholarship to English teaching professionals. The scholarship enables these professionals to study for a one-year Master’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

The Scholarship includes:

  • One-year financial aid and not any additional semester
  • Covers all the expenditures such as accommodation, tuition fees, air tickets, visa expenses, and even the approved language test costs
Eligibility criteria
  • Three years of full-time English teaching experience
  • Undergraduate degree equivalent to a graduate degree in the country you are applying for the college
  • IELTS score must be a minimum 6.5 GPA
  • Must have citizenship other than the UK
  • Have experience as a trainer

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British Council IELTS Award

This is one the best known on the list of top 5 IELTS scholarships. The chosen candidate is given approximately 3 lakh to 10 lakh in pounds through this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Must score a minimum 6.5 GPA in IELTS
  • The chosen program’s tuition fee should be more than three lakhs in pounds
Important Note

Candidates applying for this scholarship should download test reports as issued by the British Council in Germany only. Test results issued by test centers outside Germany will not be accepted.

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme

This scholarship is applicable for universities in the UK and the commonwealth countries as well. It is funded by the Department for International Development, the Department for Education, Department for Business, energy, and Industrial Strategy jointly with UK universities.

The scholarship includes tuition fees, air-ticket, and other necessary expenditures.

The initial selection is conducted in India by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

This scholarship on the list of top 5 IELTS scholarships is for artists and heritage professionals aged between 28 and 38 who want to pursue a one-year postgraduate degree at a UK University. Candidates who wish to study outside London are given more preference.

The grant includes tuition fee, economy air-fare, accommodation, and basic living expenses of the chosen candidate.

Countries and Scholarships accepting TOEFL Scores

  • Aged between 28-38 years
  • Have not received this scholarship within the last five years
  • Have significant working experience in their profession

Your application should include all the information related to the course you want to pursue and how you put it into use when you come back to India.

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Great Scholarship India

This scholarship applies to varied courses in UK universities. The British Council funds it along with the UK’s Great Britain Campaign. Individual universities have their performance-based criteria to grant this scholarship.

The following universities grants this scholarship:

Do check the university websites of those on this list of top 5 IELTS scholarships to know their scholarship guidelines.

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There are so many scholarship options. Apply according to your need and profession. Just make sure to at least get a 6.5 GPA in the IELTS exam to obtain a university result in your favor for the scholarship grant.