Low-Cost Study Abroad Destinations: A list of affordable locations for study abroad.

Low-Cost Study Abroad Destinations: A list of affordable locations for study abroad.

It is critical to take money in mind when selecting a university to study at while abroad. The cheapest nations to study in are those that provide international students with affordable tuition and living expenses. Surprisingly, the best cheap nations to study abroad also have universities recognized internationally by major rankings like as THE Young University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and so on. Furthermore, this low-cost study abroad destinations have no tuition fees and even provide students with several scholarships and awards!

Do you want to learn more? Continue reading to learn about the best economical places to study abroad, as well as a variety of other topics!

List of the 7 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

The cheapest nations to study abroad provide foreign students with regularisations on two significant factors: tuition fees at top universities and living expenditures incurred in that specific country. Not only are the cheapest destinations to study abroad home to the world’s finest universities, but they are also known for providing foreign students with great education and high employability rates.

Let us now quickly familiarize you with the top ten most cheap nations for studying abroad:

  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Argentina

Moving on, please tell us more about each of these cheapest places to study abroad:


Nordic countries are well-known for being the most affordable areas to study abroad. Norwegian students, both international and domestic, are exempt from paying tuition. International students can also choose from a variety of English-taught courses.

Tuition Cost on Average
Average Tuition Fee (in INR)
Average Living Expenses (per year)
140,000 NOK or 11,11945.19 INR
Popular Programs Provided
1. Biotechnology
2. IT & Computer Science
3. Digital Media
4. Law
Top Universities
1.University of Oslo
2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
3. University of Bergen
4. UIT the Arctic University of Norway


Taiwan is one of the most affordable countries for international students to study, with 40 recognized universities and 120 English-taught programs. Not only will you learn Mandarin, but Taiwan also has exceptionally inexpensive living costs!

Tuition Cost on Average (per year) 8,300 TWD to 11,300 TWD
Average Tuition Fee (in INR) 22,082 INR to 30,064 INR
Average Living Expenses (per year)7,000 TWD to 10,000 TWD or 18,623 INR to 26,605 INR
Popular Programs Provided
1. Information Technology
2. Chemical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Computer Science
Top Universities
1. National Taiwan University
2. National Tsinghua University
3. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
4. Asia University, Taiwan


Germany, known as the “country of ideas,” has a mix of well-known universities, research-intensive courses, and excellent employability rates. The German education system provides everything that a study abroad student requires, making it a top choice for cheap nations to study for Indian students!

Tuition Cost on Average (per semester) 100 EUR to 1500 EUR
Average Tuition Fee (in INR)
8,165 INR to 1,22,483 INR
Average Cost of Living (per month)600 EUR to 900 EUR or 48,993 INR to 73,490 INR
Popular Programs Provided
Business Management
Mechanical Engineering
Top Universities
Technical University of Munich
University of Hamburg
University of Freiburg
  • Study in Germany


France is known for providing students with over 1500 English-taught courses, making it one of the best and cheapest countries to study abroad. You’ll get to experience tiny classroom sizes and universities in gorgeous places thanks to the distinctive French education system.

Tuition Cost on Average (per year)170 EUR to 380 EU
Average Tuition Fee (in INR) 13,876 INR to 31,018 INR
Average Cost of Living (per month) 700 EUR to 1200 EUR or 57,138INR to 97,952INR
Popular Programs Provided
Top Universities University of Paris
Sorbonne University
  • study in uk


It is one of the most affordable countries for international students to study in. Mexico is also recognized for being very student friendly, with many Spanish and English taught courses available for inexpensive tuition and living costs!

Tuition Cost on Average (per year) 6,300 USD
Average Tuition Fee (in INR) 4,99,521 INR
Average Cost of Living (per year) 6,450 USD to 9,000 USD or 5,11,415 INR to 7,13,602 INR
Popular Programs Provided
International Business

Top Universities

Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Universidad De Guadalajara


It is a good choice if you want a blend of scenic beauty, student safety, and highly well-taught courses. Argentina is well-known for its low tuition fees for private institutions and free tuition for state universities.

Average Tuition Fee (in INR) 5,100 USD
Average Tuition Fee (in INR)4,04,374 INR
Average Cost of Living (per year) 5,000 USD or 3,96,446 INR
Popular Programs Offered
Healthcare Administration
Information Technology
Top Universities
University of Buenos Aires
National University of Cordoba
Austral University

The cheapest nations to study abroad provide international students with a low tuition charge as well as affordable living expenditures, which include fees for housing, travel, food, books, and so on. Connect with Foreign Admits Professionals today to learn more about the advantages of selecting the cheapest places to study abroad!

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