Master’s with Placement Year in the UK

Master’s with Placement Year in the UK

If you are considering doing your Master’s from the UK but not sure about the placements after that? Then read further about the Universities offering Masters with Placements in the UK.

The United Kingdom is now becoming a dream destination for students worldwide. It offers an excellent education, better facilities, good infrastructure and a wide range of courses to pursue. The degrees earned from the UK are considered valid worldwide and boosts your chances for employment.

Why Masters from UK?

Master’s is a high-level degree that we get after completing our undergraduate. Doing a Master’s in our career provides us with higher knowledge and required skills in the industry. You may choose to do your Master’s after a few years of experience, or you can do it to gain some experience. The choice is truly personal, but many students opt for a master’s right after graduation.

The reasons can be many like-

  • Better employment
  • Necessary skills and knowledge
  • Good networking
  • Academic recognition
  • To be able to decide what’s best for them in future
  • To go for higher studies such as P.hD.

All these reasons prompt you to earn your Master’s degree to go higher in your career path. Moreover, Universities in the UK have got all the benefits to study here with unique scholarships.

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Master’s courses offered in UK universities

There are many courses in Master’s which a student can get into according to his choice. A student can choose from many combinations made available by the UK with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Some of the courses in Master’s which are taught in UK universities are-

MBA – This degree is offered in many fields such as Executive MBA, MBA in International business, etc.

M.Sc. – UK universities offer this degree in many subjects such as Global Finance, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Psychology, etc

MA – Subjects include Architecture, Journalism, Philosophy, Literature, History, etc

Along with these subjects, there are many more combinations available for post-graduation, which are available on University’s website.

Master’s with Placement in UK

The UK is undoubtedly one of the best countries to pursue higher education. Now, there is excellent scope in doing a Master’s from the UK as it offers a variety of degrees in various subjects and the placements offered with the degree. Many British universities have an additional benefit of up to 1-year of placement along with their Master’s course. The advantage is that they will get exposure with their Master’s degree, and also, they’ll get a visa for the duration of the placement.

Universities with Master’s Placement –

The UK believes in industry exposure and winning at the competitive level. As a result of which it designs courses with placements. However, a fee needs to be paid for this extra service which depends on the University.

  1. Anglia Ruskin University – Students must register themself on the placements version available with the course. The payable fee is around £1,250. Above all, there is a team to guide you at each step. This University offers placements with various Master’s courses.
  2. Brunel Business School -holds recognition in the first school in the UK to provide post-graduation placements. Many big companies such as Tata Beverages, Radley Yeldar, Heathrow Airport come here for their recruitment drive, and this University offers placements in various Master’s courses.
  3. University of Bath – provides M.Sc in Data Science with 1 year of placement. In simple words, the program is for 2 years, including a placement year. The data scientist course is now in great demand, and with this degree, you can easily land a good job in a reputed organization.
  4. Cardiff Metropolitan University – This University offers placement and various Master’s courses during their second year of study. However, there are fees for posts depending upon the system.
  5. University of Brighton – It offers a wide variety of post-grad courses, and in around 20 of them, there is a placement offer. From MBA to M.Sc. in Management, Finance, International events to Logistics, any subjects have placement availability. Moreover, many big companies are placement partners, including BMW, Disney, HSBC, IBM, and many others.
  6. University of Greenwich –  Given the outside competitive world, the University has special 2-year programs. The knowledge gained in the first year is used during the second year. A student can gain industrial experience while working with the company of their choice.
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A Master’s from the UK is an excellent option for higher studies. It offers good education, and the degrees are recognized worldwide. Moreover, it also provides placements with a 2-year program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a placement year in the UK worthwhile?

Ans. The most significant advantage of taking a placement year is greater employability. Most candidates will graduate with no appropriate job experience, so having a complete year of experience will put you far ahead of the pack.

Q2. Are campus assignments available at UK universities?

Ans. Most Indian candidates anticipate to be posted via the university’s campus recruitment while studying in the UK, as apprenticeships and employment are often provided via ‘Campus Placement’ in India.

Q3. What is an MBA with a placement year in the United Kingdom?

Ans. MBA program with a placement year involves completing a year-long placement that allows you to use and improve current skills and abilities.

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