MBA after BDS – Specializations, Top Colleges, & More

MBA after BDS – Specializations, Top Colleges, & More

MBA after BDS – has this thought ever crossed your mind? Or perhaps are you one of those who are actually passionate about MBA but are currently pursuing BDS?

For those who currently feel that MBA isn’t something one can pursue after BDS, it’s time to bust your myths. Yes, the competition for MBA is high and it might be a bit challenging for a medical student to compete with those who have gained knowledge and experience in the base subjects already but it’s not impossible.

What’s the scope of doing an MBA after BDS?

  • Firstly, it widens your horizon of career opportunities.
  • Secondly, it gives you a general perspective of market functionality for self sustainability.

How can MBA correlate to your core subjects while still being beneficial to you?

Your medical career can fast track by pursuing an MBA after BDS in Hospital Administration or Health and management. It can go from being just a dentist to getting on board with hospitals with the help of business administration.

Now the major question that comes up is what if you are looking forward to keep your dentistry in practice but still want to get an MBA? There are two choices one can make to pursue MBA after BDS:

Distance Learning for MBA after BDS

The easiest solution being that after writing your Common Admission Test (CAT) exam, you can apply for distance education courses provided by various colleges.

Here’s a list of colleges that provide distance education in MBA:  

  • Symbiosis Centre Of Distance Learning
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT) – Ghaziabad
  • SRM University
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Lovely Professional University, etc.

These will provide flexible hours for you to practice your core subjects as well as pursue your MBA at your leisure.

 On-site Learning for MBA after BDS

For students who are passionate and want to experience campus life and broaden their network and horizons through campus placements would have to give the one of the following exams depending upon each University.

On-campus learning does not only help nourish the minds to see greater heights but also helps in building the foundations to your dreams by making sure you are indulged in different university activities and fairs where your ideas and projects may end up being the future of tomorrow.

Top Universities that accept CAT (90-100 percentiles) as a valid entrance are:

Name of the collegePercentile in CAT
FMS New Delhi97-98 percentile
JBIMS Mumbai95-97 percentile
MDI Gurugram94-95 percentile
IMI New Delhi90-92 percentile
IMIT Ghaziabad90-92 percentile
XIM Bhubaneswar90-93 percentile
SPJIMR Mumbai85-90 percentile
IIT Mumbai90-92 percentile
IIT New Delhi85-90 percentile
MBA after BDS

Why not IIM for MBA after BDS?

You must be wondering why we haven’t mentioned any of the IIMs here; since IIMs are renowned business colleges, almost every MBA aspirant dreams of it.

Those who are planning for MBA after BDS and have worked hard should not feel disheartened because these universities are ranked almost at par with IIMs. Getting into any one of these is also a huge achievement.

As we understand that certain graduates may have a slight advantage due to subject familiarity, we make sure that aspirants looking for MBA after BDS do not miss out on the best universities just because they are unaware.

What you should know

A lot of students might be unaware while planning for MBA after BDS is that few IIMS also accept Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for admissions.

Here is a list of the top colleges in India that accept GRE scores for pursuing MBA after BDS:

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore
  • Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad
  • Industrial Model Township (IMT), Manesar
  • Global School of Management
  • Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
  • IIKM Business School
  • JECRC University
  • Women School of Business.

Like we mentioned earlier that CAT might be the most widely accepted entrance for MBA but it’s NOT the only accepted entrance. Hence, we are trying to make sure that you understand that IIM isn’t the only best university and that there are a lot of universities on par with it. Yes, it is good to set our goals high but all is not a lost cause.

Go for the Best Possible Resource

The above mentioned universities are not only on par or second best to IIMs but give you a global exposure in the field of MBA. As a result, it will be widening your horizons and giving opportunities to young entrepreneurial minds who do not wish to be limited to their core subjects.

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 Answer to your questions:

So can you pursue MBA after BDS?

Indeed you can!

Is IIM the only institute to look forward to or give up?

No, as mentioned earlier, there are many such universities that may even provide you with greater help depending upon how you perform and show enthusiasm towards your own work.

Is there no scope of MBA after BDS?

That is not true, there are many who have succeeded and realised that their core subject is something they do not wish to pursue but have grown after MBA.

Do MBA programs just get business management or commerce students?

No. It’s for everyone who wishes to expand their horizons and take it to the next level.

Does MBA have any benefits to BDS?

As we spoke earlier about Hospital Administration being one of the MBA specilisations, it does help you with your core subjects giving you an added benefit. After all, which hospital wouldn’t want a dentist that’s good with Business Administration?

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, life doesn’t start or end with your core subjects or just around IIM. Sure, aiming high but keep in mind that there are equally good universities out there providing the course you are passionate about.

If you are looking for financial aid, you will find several options for help and encouragement in different forms such as seed funding, incubators, investment fairs, business mentors etc. Get in touch with ForeignAdmits to get your profile evaluated.

All the best for pursuing MBA after BDS and opening new doors to your career!

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