One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students

One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand may only be known as “Australia’s younger sibling”, with their almost identical flags and adorable accents. But it still is a place you should seriously consider for your international degree. Here are some One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students.

New Zealand isn’t famous only for its Lord of the Rings-landscapes. It also gave us great people like Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man who reached Mount Everest’s peak; Sir Ernest Rutherford, the first scientist who split the atom; and, last but not least, pop-singer Lorde.


Why study in New Zealand?

It is (relatively) affordable.

To study at a New Zealand university, international students pay between 4,000 and 10,500 EUR per academic year.

While this isn’t exactly cheap, it is much more affordable than studying at universities in other countries like the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia.

You can also apply for scholarships to support your higher education.

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Top education based on a successful model

The education system in New Zealand is based on the successful UK model. With such a solid foundation, it’s no wonder that local universities are well-regarded and appreciated internationally — most of them being featured in the top global university rankings every year.

Live in a safe and peaceful environment.

In 2020, New Zealand was listed as the second most peaceful nation on the Global Peace Index. The country enjoys low crime and corruption rates, a politically stable environment, and an overall peaceful society where citizens can enjoy their day-to-day activities.

New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming.

New Zealanders stand out through their friendliness and openness displayed towards internationals. This is because they follow the local traditional Māori principle — manaakitanga — which is all about taking care of other people and sharing understanding and respect.

Best outdoor activities for thrill-seekers

Studying, meeting colleagues, partying, and going out is a lot of fun. Still, New Zealand offers much more in terms of entertainment, especially for those of you who enjoy the adrenaline rush. These are some of the wildest and most exciting outdoor activities you can try:

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  • white water rafting
  • canoeing
  • ice climbing
  • bungy jumping
  • hiking
  • zorbing (globe-riding or sphereing)
  • scuba diving

New Zealand offers many courses to its international students, graduate, postgraduate, post-doctoral and many more. There are many One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students.

Universities in New Zealand also offer short term courses to international applicants. The duration of this course may vary from four months to a year. They are short certificate courses that hold high value in the applicant’s career path.

This blog is about the short-term courses available in New Zealand for international students.

List of One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students

Here are some One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students.

The University Of New South Wales International Scholarships 2021

Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials, Certificate

When to apply: Anytime during the year

Duration: Four months

Tuition fee: 1624 Euros

This course teaches how to comply with cosmetic regulations in the EU, AU, US, NZ, JP, ASEAN, African and Chinese markets by completing the Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials at the Institute of Personal Care Science.

The Institute of Personal Care Science is the world’s premier online cosmetic product and personal care training Institute offering Diplomas and Certificate programs in Cosmetic Science, Formulation, Brand Management and Regulatory Affairs.

Diploma in Film Making

Type: Full-time

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: 11,497 NZD

Applicant must be 17 years or older to apply for this course and have a good English command.

The Diploma in Film Making focuses on intensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects of film and TV production. Digital cinema and animated element creation are examined, and construction techniques are explored in depth. Students use individual computer workstations in our Film Lab and utilise our Film Post Production Studio in developing their creative and technical skills using various industry software and control surfaces.

Diploma in Digital Creativity

Type: Full-time

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: 11,158 NZD

Looking to get started in the creative industries but not sure where to begin? That’s where our diploma comes in. You will get a taste of graphic and interactive design, motion graphics, and 3D modelling during the year. Every journey has to start somewhere, and if you’re not sure which degree suits you, then this is a great way to discover which creative path you want to venture down.

International students applying to this course must be above the age of 18 and an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent.

Diploma in Creative Advertising

Type: Full-time

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: 10,406 NZD

The AdSchool works as a simulated creative department in which the accepted currency is ideas for print, film, apps, games, content and social media that people notice, love, play with and share. It’s a combination of challenge, hard work and fun that has not only seen us ranked in the top five most creative advertising schools on the planet it has also seen our grads working as art directors and copywriters all over the world.

International students must be at least 18 years of age and have an IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.

Diploma in Audio Engineering

Type: Full-time

Duration: 12 months

Tuition fee: 12,371 NZD

The Diploma in Audio Engineering focuses on intensive theoretical and practical training that forms a natural progression for developing sound recording and mixing skills. Graduates can apply and demonstrate a solid grounding in all aspects of working with professional commercial music and audio within the industry. SAE Institute’s Diploma in Audio Engineering achieves solid grounding in all aspects of working with commercial music, audio and film-related industries.

Applicants must be 17 years or older and must fulfil the English requirement through an IELTS score of at least six or equivalent.

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This was a complete guide on short term courses in New Zealand open for Indian students and all international students. We genuinely hope we resolved any queries you might have had.

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