Online education in Canada – Is there a possibility?

Online education in Canada – Is there a possibility?

Are you among those students who cannot commute to Canada to obtain education on-campus? Well, online education in Canada is always a possibility out there. If you want to know more about the online education possibilities in Canada, this blog is going to detail you about the online education scene in Canada.

Canada, as we all know, is an amiable country. The universities are also among the top universities in the world. French and English are the two official languages and Punjabi is now the third. The literacy rate is also 99%, and the universities allow work along with education. So, who would want to miss studying in such a country? No one!

However, not every student can come to Canada for studies. Therefore, they go for Online education in Canada.

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Benefits of Online education

Online education does benefit students in some way. Although there is a regulation, they can have flexible timing for course completion. Secondly, they can gain part-time experience while staying in their home town. Thirdly, it is best for students who cannot go to universities to complete their education for some reason. Moreover, the costs of accommodation, travel, visa, etc., are saved when you do the needsome.

Online education in Canada

Online learning in Canada is now expanding, which helps students schedule other stuff, and in this way, they can balance their work-life and study.

But online education does not mean that the quality of education is compromised. Not at all. The universities that offer online learning also provide a great quality level of education. The only difference is about the course duration and the type of course (offline/online).

Courses and degrees in Online education in Canada

Canada offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees for Online education. So, a student can earn any degree at the comfort of his or her home. This makes sure that you can start your education from any point in your student life and if you do really well, you might soon get the job of your dreams. Diplomas are also provided in concerned subjects.

In addition to online programs, the universities offer online courses both at the Graduate and Undergraduate level, in which a student can enroll himself.

For more details regarding the courses, visit the university’s website and decide!

Requirements for online education in Canada

Canada online education is flexible learning. Many universities, for instance, Athabasca University, require that a student’s age is above 16 years to access the programs.

Also, you must have English proficiency test results such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, CAEL, etc., with the required grade score.

A student can access the other requirements that are essential by visiting the respective pages of the university that he or she is applying for.

Universities that offer online education in Canada

Since Canada has one of the finest education systems, many universities offer online learning in Canada. Some of them are-

  1. Athabasca University – This university has many online programs and courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.
  2. Thompson Rivers University – They have a flexible duration for course completion. Also, they offer many programs and courses that a student can learn part-time or full time.
  3. Laurentian University – This university offers courses in English as well as French. The courses are available in Spring, Fall and Winter sessions.
  4. University of Manitoba – University offers online learning through its extended program. They are flexible in duration and help you build your career with knowledge and experience.
  5. Royal Roads University – They have been providing online learning since the ’90s. A student can watch lectures anytime according to his time. Moreover, they build a student through interactive activities in the institute.
  6. The University of Waterloo – Along with on-campus learning, this university also offers online education. It believes in students’ will to learn and thus offers many courses online.
  7. Queen’s University – This university also provides an online learning experience. Earn your degree along with your busy schedule from Queen’s University. Discover many programs available on the website.

These were some of the universities that offer online education in Canada. There are many more that you can know about by visiting us.

Tuition cost

The tuition cost for online education is most likely similar to on-campus instruction. However, some additional fees are to be given. For instance, the University of Waterloo charges $4,190.00 as part-time fees per term but $42.80 as part-time incidental fees per term (INCLUDING HST).

Therefore, look for the tuition costs for each course by visiting the university’s website.

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In conclusion, Canada is a perfect study destination for on-campus and online learning. They offer a variety of programs and courses for study. You can earn the same degree by sitting at home and doing other activities, which will be valid worldwide. Also, the general requirements are the same for international students. However, check for course-specific requirements, if any.

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