PhD in USA without GRE

PhD in USA without GRE

Earning a doctorate degree from the USA is an achievement for anyone. Since the USA is in popular demand for higher education and the wide variety of courses and funding options make it even more favorable for PhD aspirants. Also, the curriculum is flexible making it more comfortable for the students. Moreover, the job opportunities after studying from the USA increase manifold. One and the only obstacle in your way of PhD in the USA is GRE. But here is the turning point. If I say you that you can get enrolled in PhD in USA without GRE, you may not believe me. Thus, I have done my research and penned this blog dedicated to PhD in USA without GRE. 

What is GRE? Why is it required?

The Graduate Record Examination is a test taken by graduates who aspire to study further. In other words, it is a test for admission into higher education. Though taking GRE doesn’t actually guarantee you admission, nut only adds some more points to your profile. Also, students wanting to pursue education in graduate schools or doctorates give this test. It applies to all fields ranging from science and technology, engineering, to arts, business, and law. 

There are more than a thousand test centres around the world and nearly 6 lakh students take this test annually. You can take the test multiple times and send only the best result to the University. Further, the GRE test consists of three sections, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Also, the GRE score is valid for 5 years. However, the fee for GRE is around $200, thus it is a waste of money and time to retake the test. Mostly, the GRE scores are accepted by all universities and schools in the USA. But there are few that admit students based on their exceptional performance or work experience and these are discussed below. Hence, you should instead check out options that don’t require a GRE score. 

PhD in USA without GRE 

Getting into a university in the USA is as such difficult and GRE is just another hurdle for most students. Though we have mentioned the universities below that accept students in Ph.D. in the USA without GRE, provided that you meet all the other requirements or eligibility criteria. In fact, you should not just meet the criteria but excel in your field and prove yourself as an exception. Only if you are able to prove your worth, then you can get some attention from universities. Hence, the most important thing for PhD without GRE is an exceptional profile with loads of work experience. 

Therefore, here are some of the criteria that can let you waive off GRE:

  • Another graduate degree: For GRE to be waived off, you can procure another graduate degree. Thus, this is considered an exceptional case and therefore your chances of admission will increase drastically. However, this varies with institutions. 
  • Bachelor’s GPA cut-off: To build an exceptional profile you need to have exceptional scores. Some of the universities mention a high cut-off GPA in the bachelors or undergraduate degree for students who wish to apply without a GRE score. 
  • Professional work experience: As mentioned earlier, if you have 5 years plus professional relevant work experience then the university may consider your application even without the GRE score.  

Universities for PhD in USA without GRE 

Now that you know how to build your profile for PhD in USA without GRE, here is a list of Universities that accept students without a GRE. However, you should visit the official website of each university and check for their eligibility criteria as well as your subject of interest. 

1. Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology located in Chicago, Illinois offers a PhD in organisational leadership without GRE. It is a three-year full-time course. For admissions, all you need to do is fill the online application form, pay the $50 application fee, and send your resume, essay, and LORs to the school. 

2. Walden University

Next option to pursue PhD in USA without GRE is the Walden University. The university provides a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), which is a 17 credit course. Further, the course provides 16 specialisations to choose from some of them are accounting, finance, energy management, entrepreneurship, global supply chain management, international business, healthcare management, information systems management, homeland security, human resource management, marketing, leadership, etc. 

3. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University provides a Doctor of Computer Science course without GRE. Further, it is an online course with 100 credits. Also, the admission and eligibility criteria are very relaxed and thus you can get into it if you have an acceptable GPA’s in both bachelors and masters. 

4. Smith College

Another option to pursue PhD in USA without GRE is the Smith College. It has PhD in social work course that doesn’t require GRE scores. Though it doesn’t ask for GRE scores, it requires strong professional work experience from the candidates. 

5. Simmons College

Simmons College offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice without GRE scores. Additionally, it is a 33 credit course and it provides flexibility to customize the program. Further, the program is CCNE accredited. Simmons College is located in Boston, MA. 

There are still many universities and schools that offer PhD in USA without GRE. It is not possible to discuss all of them here, thus, if you want to check out more information about admission in to the USA for PhD then contact us at ForeignAdmits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you earn a PhD without taking the GRE?

Ans. Applicants may be admitted to online PhD programs in a wide range of subjects without having to take the GRE. These include programmes in healthcare, education, technology, and human services, as well as choices for PhD or applied doctorate degrees.

Q2. Is the TOEFL and GRE essential for a PhD in the United States?

Ans. The only way is to research the prerequisites of each program to which you wish to apply. Some institutions may need both, while others may just demand the TOEFL and not the GRE, or conversely.

Q3. How crucial is the GRE for getting a PhD?

Ans. The GRE is the initial step towards studying overseas, whether for a master’s or a PhD. It is the exam of choice for nearly 9 out of 10 colleges in the United States since it reliably gauges a student’s capacity for further study, and a high GRE score boosts your chances of admission considerably.

Q4. Do PhD applicants receive a green card?

Ans. Generally, yes.  PhD holders and Postdoctoral researchers can benefit from two ways when applying for a permanent residence or Green card.

Q5. Is a PhD in the United States worthwhile? Ans. Obtaining a PhD is intellectually satisfying. Regrettably, it is not always financially profitable, at least in the near run. The majority of PhD students rely on their incomes from research and teaching internships, as well as other low-paying jobs. 

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