Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

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Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

The year 2020 has officially been the year of the “CORONA” Virus to date. We saw a lot of things changing in our surroundings. From crashing economy to crushed businesses, canceled examinations to global lockdown! We want this year to end badly which started on a bad note firstly. In this pandemic, along with everything else, the education sector had suffered a huge blow. The authorities had put all Visa Applications on hold by the concerned authorities to combat the spread of the virus. Everyone had to return to their homes leaving their education and jobs behind in different countries. However, good news for students arrives from Australia. After recording low rates of the virus infections, Australia confirms post-study work visa for students!

Yes, you heard us right! In a recent press release, representatives of the Australian government have confirmed a post-study work visa for students undertaking online studies. With this important update, in our opinion, this is an opportune time for students to start applying to Australian universities.

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What are the changes made to support international students?

The Australian Government’s decision of Post-Study Work Visa will support international students immensely. Keeping the Covid-19 affected students in mind, the 5 major changes are as follows –

Firstly, the Australian Government will recommence granting student visas in all locations lodged outside Australia. As a result, when borders re-open, students will already possess visas and will be able to make arrangements to travel to Australia for higher education.

Secondly, if the international students are unable to complete their studies within their original visa validity due to Covid-19, they will be able to lodge a student visa application free of charge.

Thirdly, the current student visa holders studying online outside Australia due to Covid – 19 will use that study to fulfill the Australian study requirements for a post-study work visa. Thus, the student visa holders can use this duration of their online studies to fulfill post-study work visa requirements.

Fourthly, the graduates having a student visa will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa outside Australia if they are unable to return to Australia due to Covid -19.

Lastly, additional time will be granted to applicants to submit English Language results where Covid – 19 has disrupted access to these services.

The Australian Universities are always the forerunners when it comes to e-learning. They have always stayed updated with the changing times. On top of that, they have always encouraged students to continue their studies through virtual or online mode of learning. The Australian Universities have a high rate of student satisfaction when it comes to e-learning.

Why E-Learning?

There are several benefits of e-learning and that too from Australian Universities.

  1. Study period of online learning will be considered for fulfilling post-study work visa requirements.
  2. Students can enroll online with a reduced workload of 1-2 subjects, if they are not sure of coping with this new mode of online learning.
  3. Students can still enroll in August/September/November intakes instead of waiting till 2020 to commence their studies.
  4. Australian universities are offering lucrative scholarships/lesser acceptance amounts for online studies.
  5. Students can either defer or withdraw and claim refund of tuition fee if not happy with online learning.
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