Study In Singapore Without IELTS

Study In Singapore Without IELTS

While chasing your dreams and planning your future, you have to overcome every obstacle. If you choose to study abroad for your career and decide to study in Singapore, your choice is undoubtedly good. Still, you t have to take an English proficiency test that is often regarded as essential for learning in a foreign country. However, this is not entirely true because you can study in Singapore without IELTS. In this article,  we will discuss all the possibilities of how you can fulfil your dream in Singapore without giving IELTS.

Why Study In Singapore?

Firstly, let’s discuss that why one must choose Singapore as a study destination. Singapore has diverse educational and career prospects for international students. Studying in the country offers you an experience and a lifetime of opportunities. The universities have expert faculty, which helps them grab beneficial career opportunities after completion of the courses.

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Singapore has the top most advanced research. The availability of high-end research centres makes MBBS in Singapore and Engineering the choicest option amongst the students. Along with this, Singapore has good infrastructure and affordable education costs, making this country a preferred choice for students aspiring to study abroad. And cheery on top is that it has a hassle-free and straightforward student visa, and Singapore Work VISA for Indians makes the country an ideal destination for pursuing a course or your dream job.

Study in Singapore without IELTS: Programs Offered

While seeking admission in Singapore universities, they do not have strict regulations regarding IELTS exam scores for international students. Hence, many universities and Colleges in Singapore, following the Singapore education system, offer preparatory courses and foundation programs for international students who don’t appear for IELTS. These courses and programs are foundation and certification courses for those who wish to complete their Singapore studies for a longer duration.

Foundation Programs

 Before going for higher education opportunity, students who have completed 13 years of education in Singapore are asked to complete an additional year of study. This extra year of study is known as the Foundation Program.  It usually ranges from 8-11 months. This program helps you to study in Singapore without IELTS., This program is available in disciplines like Hospitality and Tourism, Business and Administration, Information and Technology, etc.

Foundation Studies Certificates

This certificate is a 7-module program designed for those who have completed ten years of education in Singapore and are planning to continue their future education in the country. In this case, you can apply for a Foundation Studies Certificate to study in Singapore without IELTS.

6 Months Diploma Courses in Singapore

Preparatory Program for the English Language

A Preparatory Program is a six-month course, and through this course, they are eligible to study in Singapore without IELTS. The system helps students prepare an excellent base for the English Language that teaches the language basics.

However, it will also depend on the specific university you have selected. There are numerous universities in Singapore that conduct their English examinations for students who don’t have English as their first language.

Study in Singapore without IELTS: Documents Required

Suppose you are planning to study in Singapore without IELTS. There will be few documents required. If you want to know what all is needed to apply to your chosen university, our counsellors can guide you for it.

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The required documents are:

Two photocopies of each- V395, V36 along with Form 16

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Birth certificate

Scholarship in Singapore for Indian Students [2021 Update]

Important FAQs

Q1. How to study in Singapore?

Ans. If you want to pursue a degree from Singapore but then the general admission requirement, you have completed a minimum of 12 years of general education before applying to universities in Singapore. Some foreign applicants might need to submit additional IELTS test results. It’s

Q2. Can Indian students study in Singapore without IELTS?

Ans. Indian students can apply for study in Singapore without IELTS.

Q3. Is the IELTS exam necessary in Singapore?

Ans. IELTS will be needed in Singapore by registration agencies covering health care providers like medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.

Q4. Can I receive a study permit if I don’t have IELTS?

Those who enroll to institutions without IELTS results can acquire a student visa by submitting scores from other English Language Proficiency tests like CAEL or the TOEFL iBT, etc.

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