Top UK Universities Accepting 15 years of Qualification

Top UK Universities Accepting 15 years of Qualification

Are you curious about knowing the Top UK universities accepting 15 years of Qualification? Then this post is right for you. Keep reading to learn more!

When studying for higher education abroad, students prefer the UK as their destination. It is the most desirable education country for International students as it offers many perks such as quality education, good facilities, and unique scholarships. Along with post-graduation courses, it provides different kinds of Bachelor’s courses.

Why UK ?

The UK offers a great learning experience, many scholarships, and multiple courses. The infrastructure and many things to explore have become the most desirable country for higher education. Some of the reasons why a student chose the UK for studies are –

Top Universities– The UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, rank among the top universities in the whole world. The degrees are internationally recognized.

Quality education – They aim to provide good education with practical knowledge. They are research-oriented and also provide placements with some master courses.

Scholarships – the UK offers amazing scholarships to cover the study expense of International students.

Duration of course – Mostly, the master courses get completed in 1 year, and also the time for Ph.D. is also less as compared to India with high stipend.

Job – Many global companies and pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters abroad which gives a high package to graduate students.

Types of Courses offered in UK-

The UK is known for its education policy as it focuses on multi-disciplinary courses. The degrees that we earn in the UK are also recognized worldwide which is the reason why many students opt the UK for studies. Let’s look at the outline of degrees offered in the UK-

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Doctorate degree:

A person can go for a doctorate degree after getting a Master’s degree. For this, a student has to conduct original experiments and in the end, they have to submit a detailed project report on the same. A doctorate duration is 3-4 years.

Master’s degree types:

  1. Taught Master’s – The program is available in 4 categories, viz, M.Sc., MA, MBA and MEng. The duration of courses is 1-2 years.
  2. Research Master’s – For students who are undertaking this program, need to submit a thesis at the end of research work. Also, they do their work under a supervisor. Some of the research degrees available for this program are PhD, MPhil, MRes and M.Sc.

Bachelor’s degree types:

  1. Joint/Dual Hons – Students study two courses at the same time.
  2. Sandwich courses – The total time to complete this course is 4 years, out of which 1 year is of study related experience.
  3. Short-undergraduate courses- Certificate of Higher Education: 1 year full time or 2 years part time and Diploma of Higher Education: 2 years full time.

Foundation Courses:

The courses are designed to know about the UK’s education system. To get familiar with the basics of subjects and to upgrade their English language. They are of 1-year duration.

What do we understand by 15 years of Qualification?

For many students who aspire to study abroad, they need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Now, the Bachelor’s degree can be of 3 years or 4 years. If a student has done a 3 years course in its undergraduate level after 12th, then he possesses 15 years of qualification. Or else, if the duration is of 4 years, then he has 16 years of qualification.

In simple words, 12+3 = 15 (12 years of school+3 years of Bachelors)
12+4 = 16 (12 years of school+4 years of Bachelors).

Most universities abroad ask for 16 years of qualification/education like in USA and Canada but countries like Australia, the UK, etc admit students on the basis of 15 years of qualification. In India, most common Bachelor courses end in 3 years which makes it difficult for a student to get admission to top universities. But the UK is a country that admits international students to their master courses like MBA, M.Sc. by keeping in mind their 15 years qualification.

So, if you are having 12+3 years of education and you are not sure if you are eligible for admission, then you need not worry. Almost every university in the UK from public to private accepts 15 years of qualification as eligibility for admission. But if you are considering getting into a US college, then you first need to check with universities. USA and Canada do not usually allow students with 15 years of qualification to get admission to their universities. However, there must be some of them which give flexibility with the conditions.

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Top UK Universities accepting 15 years of Qualification:

Here is the list of some leading universities which belives in admitting students on the basis of 15 years of qualification-

  1. University of Oxford – To get admission, you either need to have professional 4 year course degree. Or else, you are required to have a standard bachelor’s degree of 3 years. The percentage of the marks depend according to UK system.
  2. University of Cambridge – Either a 4 years degree in Bachelor’s in professional subjects. Or a 3 year degree in subjects like Arts, Commerce, Science with CGPA = 7.3+
  3. Imperial college, London – A 3 or 4 year degree from state/federal or ‘deemed’ institution with minimum 60%. And if going in research, then, Master’s degree is a must.
  4. University college London – To get into courses like MBA, M.Sc., a student is required to complete a 3 or 5 yeras of first class Bachelor’s degree.
  5. University of Manchester – For PG Taught master courses like M.Sc, MA, a student must poses 3 years of Bachelor degree. And for MBA, 3 years of eork experience.
  6. King’s college London – Admit students who have got 3 years Bachelor (Honors) or Bachelor (special) degrees from respected institutions along with other criteria like min. percentage.
  7. University of Edinburgh – Here, the minimum requirement for Master program is Bachelor’s degree with at-least 60% marks.
  8. London school of Economics and Political science – For master’s program, they require minimum 3 years Bachelor degree with grades ~60%.
  9. University of Bristol – The minimum requirment is a Bachelor’s degree which is equivalent to UK upper second class degree.
  10. University of Warwick – Minimum requirement is Bachelors degree with 60-80% or according to their system.

Requirements for admission –

All foreign universities have laid down some necessary conditions, in order to get into any university. These include-

  • All transcripts – From 10th, 12th to Bachelor’s (for Masters).
  • CV – Containing all your qualifications and achievements.
  • SOP – Your letter of motivation (why you want to pursue this).
  • LOR – Recommendation of atleast 2 refrees.
  • English proficiency skills – A proof of English language (TOEFL, IELTS) to test your English language skills.
  • GRE/GMAT – Some universities require these scores.

FAQs Regarding UK admissions

QuesAre Universities in the UK good?

Ans – Both Public and Private UK Universities are among the top universities in the world.

Ques – Do Universities provide scholarships to international students?

Ans – Yes, they provide great scholarships to students who wish to continue their higher studies.

Ques – What is the tuition cost in the UK?

Ans – The undergraduate course ranges from 8L-14L and that of Master’s is from 9L-24L per year.

Ques – Are top UK Universities accepting 15 years of Qualification?

Ans – Almost all UK universities accept this study system for their admission in Masters.

QuesAre the degrees recognized worldwide?

Ans – The degrees which we earn in the UK are accepted in the whole world.

Ques – What kind of Master courses are available in the UK?

Ans – UK Universities offer 2 kinds of courses- Taught Masters and Research Masters.

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Ques – Do they allow work while doing your course?

Ans – Yes, in UK universities, they allow you to work for around 20 hrs a week during the course duration so you get work experience.

Ques – Are placements offered in the UK?

Ans – There are some master courses that provide placements in their final year of study.

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