Top Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

Top Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

Are you looking for some information related to some top universities in Canada to do MS in computer science? Also, are you confused as to why you should do an MS in Computer Science? Or do you want to know about the types of jobs that a Computer Science degree can provide you with. If so, then this article is perfect for you. We have compiled a list of Canada’s top universities that offer an MS degree in computer science. But, before you do, you should know a few more things about why Computer Science should be your major instead of any other degree.

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Why an MS in Computer science is ideal for you?

An MS in Computer Science will allow you to gain an understanding about the latest concept and technologies related to computers. This Masters degree is a good option for those who want to learn more or upgrade their existing knowledge. You can either go for full-time learning or opt for online courses, but an offline course suits you better.
From applying theory to understanding practical knowledge, this course has it all. Data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, design patterns, artificial intelligence, Robotics. You name it and this course will teach you everything at the blink of an eye.

Types of jobs that you can do after completing your MS in Computer Science

Data Scientist

Data science is a booming field with a wide range of employment opportunities. If you want to be a data scientist, you need to use data and information to solve problems and make decisions. The MS degree in computer science will be an ideal qualification for you if you want to choose this path.

Application Developer

Application development is another popular career option with lucrative salary packages. The goal of an application developer varies from time to time. Making an application that is easy to deal with and doesn’t have any cumbersome code is what he aims for. You can create mobile apps, games whatever you name it and you will have it.

Security Analyst

Security analysts help businesses to make their infrastructure secure and protected from cyber-attacks. This career option is ideal for those with cyber security knowledge or those who wish to gain some thorough knowledge in this field.

Network Administrator

Network administration is one of the most sought-after career options available out there. Mainly because of the increase in demand for information technology professionals. If you take active interest in working as a network administrator, then you definitely need to give a shot at this job.

Web Developer

Web developers design and create websites. Sometimes, they do much more than that. If you have graduated in computer science with focus on website development, then this career option is for you. Almost all types of businesses require a website these days. This makes web development one of the topmost professions to consider nowadays. You can either choose to work as a freelancer or join big companies like IBM, Microsoft.

Software Engineer

The be-all and end-all of a computer science degree, this job is the most varied degree when it comes to computer science. This role of software engineers is to develop new ideas and create solutions for real-life problems. The concepts that you will apply will require expertise. And that expertise, only you can muster by doing an MS in computer science from a top institute.

System Analyst

If you are passionate about working with big data, then this is the right career path for you. The role of a system analyst is to design and develop computer models that can help organization function efficiently. You can get employed as a software system analyst or database administrator, or go for freelancing.

System Administrator        

As a system administrator, your job is to keep the technical side of an organization up and running. You will be responsible for maintaining servers, networks etc.
An MS degree in computer science can certainly open up numerous opportunities for you as a system administrator. In fact, the demand for system administrators with knowledge about Linux or Windows is increasing at a rapid pace.

Database Administrator

Database administration is another hot profession that needs computing knowledge and expertise. The main role of a database administrator is to design, analyze, create and maintain databases for organizations. Every organization has their own set of complex problems relying on big data. This makes this career path ideal for those who are graduated in computer science.

Top Universities in Canada for MS Computer Science

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia has a very high employment rate for its graduates. Majority of them are employed within six months after graduation. Moreover, the average salary offered is extremely impressive. Also this doesn’t really come as a surprise. It is now on the verge of becoming one of Canada’s top research universities out there.

University of Alberta

It is one of the best research-based universities in Canada. In order to achieve this goal, it has been investing a lot in research and infrastructure, as well as talent acquisition. International students are attracted by affordable tuition fee structure and the amazing faculty. You can even upgrade your MS program to a PhD program if you have performed exceptionally well.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto constantly tops the list top universities for MS in Computer Science. It has got an applied research program that allows professors to work closely with the students out there. It starts with eight months of advanced graduate research, followed by an 8-month internship.

University of Ontario

The University of Ontario is a well-recognized research institution. It offers an affordable and flexible online MS degree in computer science. The international alumni network here is definitely top-notch. If you are looking for a research-based program, then this university is your best bet. It takes around 24 months to complete the program based on full-time status; students normally start in September.

McGill University

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec. The school offers an excellent MSc. program for computer science that allows students to acquire knowledge of both theory and application. Students can also either choose a thesis option or a non-thesis one. The funding of students in this program mostly depends on research grants from the professor overseeing the project.

Simon Fraser University

The institution’s main focus is on acquiring practical knowledge. This is why each graduate gets the opportunity to work on multiple research projects. The program gives students hands-on experience across all major sectors of computer science education. It has over 100+ years of academic excellence and has been consistently ranked in the top universities in Canada.

Concordia University

This university has over 500+ programs under its belt. The university is known for its top research, state-of-the-art facilities and world class faculty. Concordia University has excellent programs for MS in computer science. All thanks to the amazing faculty there who designed it to perfection. It also provides accommodation to all students on campus, so you don’t need to worry about accommodation if you get admitted there.

McMaster University

McMaster University has a very high quality of education. It also provides students with an excellent research environment. It also offers some of the best graduate programs in computer science, and is ranked among the top 200 universities across the globe. The program at this university is very well-organized and structured and has a long history of excellence. You can either earn the degree via a thesis option or a coursework or project option.

Queen’s University

This university is among the oldest academic institutions in Canada. It has world-class computer science research facilities. This makes it an ideal place for students who wish to pursue a high level of knowledge on this subject. The flexible structure of the MS program here allows students to work on their projects in collaboration with professors. Best research areas here include artificial intelligence, analytics, and bioinformatics.

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