University of Massachusetts Boston: ForeignAdmits

University of Massachusetts Boston: ForeignAdmits

If you’re looking for a world-class university with an excellent international program, look no further than the University of Massachusetts Boston! UMass Boston has consistently been ranked among the best universities in the world, and its programs offer a unique blend of contemporary learning styles and world-class research facilities. In addition, the university offers highly competitive tuition rates and a wide range of courses and programs to choose from. And if you’re still not sure whether University of Massachusetts Boston is the right university for you, check out our comprehensive overview of the school and see for yourself how it ranks among the best in the world.

University of Massachusetts Boston: Overview

  • University of Massachusetts Boston is a world-class university with a rich history. It offers world-class academic programs, including the business school and law school.
  • UMass Boston welcomes students from around the globe – so whether you’re planning on studying in the United States or abroad, this university is a great option!
  • The campus has beautiful architecture and facilities, making it a perfect place to study abroad.
  • University of Massachusetts Boston is also a top international university with an impressive list of alumni, including business executives, lawmakers, and scientists.

So, if you’re looking for an academically challenging university with beautiful surroundings, UMass Boston is definitely worth consideration.

Rankings of University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Massachusetts Boston is known for its excellent education and top-notch student services. The US News & World Report of 2020 claimed this university as Tier 1 National university. Moreover, it is the 9th most diverse college in America according to the Niche, 2020. They offer a variety of degree programs and certificate options, as well as campus safety and health care facilities. What’s more, the university is one of the most affordable in the country. If you’re looking for a university that offers a high-quality education and top-notch student services, look no further than University of Massachusetts Boston.

Courses at University of Massachusetts Boston

At University of Massachusetts Boston, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to study abroad. Not only that, but you can find a variety of courses that suit your needs. The UMass offers 65+ courses along with a prestigious Honors College. Plus, the school offers a variety of programs and opportunities for international students, so you can be sure to find the right fit for you.

  • College of Education and Human Development
  • College of Science and Mathematics
  • McCormack School of Policy and Global Studies
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Management
  • School for the Environment

If you’re looking for information on the school’s foreign admits program, which allows international students to come to UMass Boston for tuition and expenses, be sure to check out the website. You can also find other important information on the school’s website like the school calendar and student directory. So, start your college search at University of Massachusetts Boston today!

How to apply to UMass Boston?

Do you have interest in attending University of Massachusetts Boston? Then be sure to check out our blog for the latest info on how to apply!

  • First and foremost, submit required transcripts and SAT or ACT scores.
  • Next, visit the admissions website and fill out an application. If you live in Massachusetts, you will also need to provide letters of recommendation (LORs).
  • Finally, pay the non-refundable application fee by either cash or check made payable to “University of Massachusetts Boston.”

Top-Ranked Programs Offered at University of Massachusetts Boston

Looking to study abroad or take specialized classes at a top university? The University of Massachusetts Boston has you covered. With more than 20 years of experience in international education, the UMB admissions office can help you choose the right program for your needs and interests. Apply today and start your journey to success! From business and engineering programs to programs in the arts and sciences, the University of Massachusetts Boston list of programs is extensive and tailored to your individual interests and needs. So why wait? Start your journey to success today by applying to UMB!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my grades and test scores are good enough for UMass Boston?

To be considered for admission to UMass Boston, you will need to submit your scores from the SAT or ACT, and transcripts for evaluation. In addition, UMass Boston evaluates candidates based on their curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation. Your GPA is also a factor in admission decisions but it’s not the only one.

2. When is the best time to apply to UMass Boston?

The best time to apply to UMass Boston is during their open period, which is typically from January through March. You can also apply anytime during the year via their website or app. However, make sure to have all of your application materials ready and submit them in a timely manner as UMass Boston does not accept late applications.

3. What are some common reasons why students are rejected from UMSB?

There are many reasons why students may be rejected from UMSB, but some of the most common reasons include: low grades, lack of leadership experience, and failing to adhere to various campus policies. When it comes to international students specifically, it is important that they have strong English skills and a valid visa for attending UMSB.

4. Is UMass Boston hard to get into?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to getting into UMass Boston, as the school has seen a recent rise in applications and may have trouble meeting all of the needs of its students. However, keep in mind that the admissions process can be difficult – so be prepared to research the school thoroughly before applying. Additionally, although UMass Boston is an excellent university, it may not be right for everyone. If you are not sure if UMass Boston is the right fit for you, please research the school further first. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

5. Is UMass Boston prestigious?

Yes, UMass Boston is a prestigious university and it offers many programs that are nationally and internationally recognised. In addition, students who enroll in the UMass Boston School of Law usually receive very high marks from law school admissions committees.


Looking for an internationally recognized university with high-quality programs? You must check out University of Massachusetts Boston! Not only do they offer world-class courses, but they are also affordable and offer a great international experience. In addition to their programs, UMass Boston also offers many opportunities for students, such as study abroad and internships. So, if you want an amazing university that will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed, then UMass Boston is the perfect choice for you!