Why you should do your BBA in Canada?

Why you should do your BBA in Canada?

Many international students are looking to come to Canada for their higher education. A large number of these students want to start their careers in management or business. This is what makes the BBA degree in Canada one of the most sought-after courses by international students. The BBA course is a three-year degree program that offers the student a solid grounding in all areas of business as well as job-related skills.

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Why choose BBA?

The BBA degree is gaining more and more popularity among international students. The knowledge that you imbibe here will help you a lot in your lifetime. The BBA degree is a comprehensive course where the student gets an all-around knowledge of business. Graduates of this programme can work in various businesses and activities related to the business sector.

Course description

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration requires three years of study. The first year is focused on the foundations of business and management, including courses such as Introduction to Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods for Business, Managerial Communication and Social Responsibility in Management.

In the second year, students get a thorough understanding of marketing and organizational behaviour. Some other courses you can take up in this year include: Organizational Theory and Design, Business Development and Strategic Management.

The third-year is devoted to increasing the knowledge of students in various areas such as Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis, Operations Management, Advanced Managerial Economics and Accounting Information Systems.

Admission requirements

Students wishing to take up this course should pass a few examinations like IELTS or TOEFL and must get a minimum score of 6.5 or more. Some have way less minimum scores than that. It totally depends upon the institute they choose to study in. The candidate should get at least an overall score of 70% marks to apply for direct entry to second year. For lateral entry, the candidate needs to have at least two years of work experience and an overall score of 70%.

Do note that all universities have different eligibility criteria from time to time. Thus, it is better to check the university websites to find out what exactly is required to get admissions.

Do note that it is necessary for students to meet all the admission requirements. Basic documents are also required. Like Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose and Personal Information Form.

Can you work while you during your BBA in Canada?

It totally depends upon the university that you are studying at. There are many universities that actually have an integrated work-study program. These have fixed hourly rates out there. Students can even utilize the vacation time by working during these periods. However, one cannot start working without permission or authorization from the institute.

Students may also apply for a part-time job in order to meet their educational costs and living expenses. But, if you are planning to work full-time, then it may affect your study schedule. If you want to work during the semester time, then you should talk about this with the university administration first.

Reasons why you should get a BBA degree in Canada

Great salaries

The bachelor degree course in business administration is a great way of getting a high paying job. This is why it is so popular among the students. Salaries vary in different parts of the world. However, most students get jobs with annual salaries in the range of $45000 to $75000 per year.

There are some great student jobs as well. Through this, students can work and fund their education. Some of these jobs include working as an assistant buyer or store clerk at a department store or even as a salesperson for a business.

Global experience

With Canada, you are going international. That is actually a great thing as you can get the international exposure that can totally change you as a person. The different courses and the diversity experienced here make students ready to work anywhere in the world.

Canada has a positive reputation in the business world and is ranked as one of the best places to do business. The boost in the Canadian economy clearly proves as to how great is the time now to get your degree here.

High quality education

Canada is known for its top quality institutions offering management degrees which offer great value for money. As a student, you get a great education that helps you in finding your feet in the professional world.

Canada is a country where opportunities are endless and it offers people from all walks of life an equal chance to prove themselves. There are some great companies to work for. MNC’s, financial institutions, hedge funds and what not. Just name it and you can get placed there itself.

Great network

Business education is all about networking. There are a lot of courses that can teach you that. But there is one thing that you need to know. Which is that business courses do have a specific subject (practical ofcourse) that teaches you the basics of networking.

Better placements

Most colleges and universities in Canada offers great career services to students. The institutions also provide information on courses like MBA which can help strengthen one’s profile. If you focus and work hard enough, you will get some amazing placement opportunities.

Worried about high fees? Don’t worry as there are many scholarships that you can apply for. In fact, there are some scholarships that actually cover the entire fees.

High standard of living

Canada is known for its high quality life and development index which makes it one of the best places to live in. The buildings, weather, class, elegance that you get to showcase are something that you should not miss at all.

The high standard of living here is living proof of this thing. It shows the kind of things that you can achieve in life. This is one of the top reasons why most students want to study BBA in Canada.

Great lifestyle and recreation

Canada is known for its friendly laws and policies which means you can lead a relatively carefree life here. There are amazing laws that protect the students out there.

Not only is it one of the best places to study but also, it offers great opportunities to enjoy different sports and activities in your free time.

International student satisfaction

The Canadian economy has grown at a fast pace since the last few years and this has led to many domestic students pursuing management courses. Therefore, most professional jobs are filled by international students who have studied in Canada. The high employment rate combined with a relaxed work culture makes it a great place to live in.

International students do have an edge over local candidates here. When it comes to local language and great communication skills, that is something that they have to master.

Top Ranked Universities

There are a number of reputed universities in Canada that rank among the best in the world. Many universities across Canada offer this BBA degree with amazing specifications. Some of them are finance, marketing, international business and supply chain management.

Some of the colleges are University of Toronto, University of Montreal, McGill University and much more. In addition, most Canadian universities have a great research environment as well. Thus, you can avail the benefits of studying BBA in Canada to become a professional with success written all over your career.

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