1-year or 2-years MIM in the UK?

1-year or 2-years MIM in the UK?

Any masters programme is usually of 1-2 years. Whether it’s an MBA, M.tech, MS, or MIM. In this article, we will be focussing more on the MIM program, 1-year or 2-years MIM in the UK.

Every country is run by a leader and every state of that country is again led by a different leader. But the ultimate goal is “Leading the citizens in a correct path”.

Likewise, many masters programs are there in the world, some of 1 year, some of 2 years. But all of them have the same goal, which is “ Providing quality education”. 

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Which one is better: 1-year or 2-years MIM in the UK? 

As we already know that MIM is a 1-2 year postgraduate programme especially made for students who want to pursue or grow their career in the management field.

Masters in Management(MIM) is actually a 1-year course but if you enrol in the programme as a “Part-time” then it becomes a 2-year programme for you. It also depends upon the university/college which plans they are offering to the students.  

21 top universities in the UK provide MIM courses. It really makes no difference in a 1-year and 2-year programme, because ultimately the curriculum is the same, just the duration is long in terms of part-time joiners.

So, both offer the same thing. It totally depends upon the candidate’s preference. They are free to opt for anyone among the two.

Note:- Check your desired college/university official page for detailed information.

Thoughts on MIM 1-year and 2-year plan

If you’re someone who wants to study and earn by working at the same time, then a 2-year plan would be feasible for you.

And if you’re someone who only wants to focus on studies and get your degree within a year or so then the 1-year plan would be feasible for you.

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Benefits of taking the 1-year programme

  • You can focus on one thing at a time.
  • You can plan your future.
  • You save 365 days.

Benefits of taking the 2-year programme

  •   You can study and work at the same time.
  •   You experience teamwork.
  •    You gain experience.

Choosing the right fit for you is something you should never compromise on.

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  1. How is the reputation of the LSE (2 years) MIM program? 

Ans. London School of Economics is one of the top universities in the world offering a MIM course. It is ranked under the top 5 in the world.

  1. Is MIM in IESE a good program?    

Ans. IESE is known for its great MBA program and also it is one of the top colleges for business studies. So, IESE might be a good option.     

3)MIM vs MBA for a career change?

Ans.    Career change is a huge flip, so researching well and understanding your interest and demands is a must.

4) Can I enrol in the MIM course in the UK part-time?

Ans. Yes, many universities offer part-time enrollment. Check the official page of the desired college/university.

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