Getting an MIM degree – India or UK?

Getting an MIM degree – India or UK?

The India or UK debate for a MIM degree has been bothering Indian students for a long time now. After all, both countries offer stellar Management programs in their premier institutes. Both of them have a strong alumni base. However, certain things separate the two and that is exactly what is discussed in the post today.

The MBA/MIM course is offered as an intensive program within a short period of 2 years. The students spend their first year (foundation or core courses) at the university and then sharpen those skills in their second year (major/specialization courses). For many Indian students, studying outside India has always been a dream. Today, getting a management degree from UK is not only possible, but it’s also one of the best options you have.

  • Do your MIM from abroad

India or UK for MIM – Why the latter is a better choice?

The answer is quite apparent. When many good colleges offer quality education in India, why would you want to go outside India? The answer is – Quality of Education. In our personal experience, we have realized that UK recruiters prefer a person with international exposure over someone who doesn’t have it. 

For example, if a student from Singapore/US/Australia does an MBA in India, the recruiters in UK will prefer that student over a student who has done MBA from an Indian University.

What is the course structure of MIM offered in UK?

The entire program comprises of 2 years duration. The first-year forms the foundation courses, while some specialization courses are offered in the second year of the degree. The first year is devoted to course work, assignments, group projects and term papers. A significant part of the class time is devoted to lectures with some student presentations.

The second-year offers students more freedom to choose between various electives depending on their specialization areas. Students are free to select any combination for specializations i.e. finance, marketing, production, etc. The second-year comprises case studies and consulting projects that are very helpful in real-time job scenarios.

And wait, if you want everything to be done within a year itself, that is also possible considering the 11-12 month Management courses across several prestigious colleges in the UK.

India or UK for MIM – The advantages of choosing UK

The two years of MIM in the UK can be really fruitful for an Indian student. Right from project submission to the best case studies, the course has it all. 

Other advantages of getting a management degree from the UK are that – UK universities offer world-class education, while the tuition fees are much less than other international Universities like US, etc.

Also while studying in a UK university, you get to know about various other cultures, languages which help you to compete in today’s global scenario. The education system in UK is one of the best across the globe with a student-friendly approach. Thus, once you complete your MBA from the UK, it will always be an advantage for you compared to others.

What are the career opportunities after doing your MIM from the UK?

The career opportunities after doing MIM from the UK are immense and very rewarding. A management degree from the UK opens up many career opportunities for you with dream companies in critical sectors like retail, marketing, banking, consulting and many more. The industry exposure you get during your internship in the UK will help you bag many high-paying jobs across industries.

Even though India has many colleges offering an MBA, there are not enough job opportunities available to the graduates. Thus, one should understand that you get only limited options after doing MBA in India.

How can I get a chance to work in a foreign country?

For working in a foreign country you need to apply for the jobs that various recruitment agencies list. Once you have completed your MBA from the UK, there will be many recruiters who would contact you about jobs that might include jobs related to banking, telecom industry, and other positions.

What should I choose – 1 year course or 2 year course?

It’s always advisable to pursue a 2 years course that gives you the theoretical knowledge required and allows you to develop your practical skills in various domains. Even if you do not have much time and want to complete the course in a shorter period, you can also go for the 1-year course.

What is the total cost of getting an MBA from UK?

The total cost of getting the degree from UK comprises of the total expense on tuition fee, college application fees, visa processing fees and living expenses. Compared to other international universities like the US, the total fees are very less, which only need around 15-20 lacs for a two-year course, including your living expenses.

The Final Battle – How to find out the best universities in UK?

MIM in India or UK will forever remain a debate for an average Indian student. Just contact us at ForeignAdmits and we will do the need some for you. We have a team of the best career counselors who will help you out with the right universities which suit your profile and preferences. Right from guiding you through the entire admission process to helping you choose the right university, we are there to help you in every possible way. Connect with us today to build a dream career. 

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