Breaking Down the Glorious 100 Percentile in CAT

Breaking Down the Glorious 100 Percentile in CAT

All CAT applicants begin their training with the goal of joining the Indian Institute of Management. Although reaching a scorecard with a perfect 100 percentile in CAT is hard, it is not a burdensome task, particularly when the aspirant knows where to look for it. Moreover, if the aspirant is a fresher/first time CAT 2021 or a professional ready to attend the IIM entrance test, read this blog on “How to score 100 percentiles?” CAT, a popular admission examination is considered to be one of India’s toughest entry-level management tests. In addition, more than 2 lakes of candidates register for CAT each year with the goal of joining IIMs or other top Indian B-Schools that accept CAT score.

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Major Preparation Tips to Get 100 Percentile in CAT

It is imperative that candidates ready to apply CAT 2021 should have full awareness and accurate information on no questions answered, categories, time allocated, marking system, etc. All such specifics to be recognised by the CAT 2021 exam pattern. Here are the key training tips for achieving 100 percentile in CAT 2021 that can be pursued by both professional and younger applicants:

  • Firstly, understand the basics first
  • Secondly, never miss out mocks
  • Thirdly, keep an Eye on net correct attempt
  • Next, know the CAT normalization process and answer respectively
  • Lastly, understand the denotation of time management

Understand the Basics First

Initially, during the early months of the CAT 2021 preparation, the emphasis of all candidates should be on expanding their base on different CAT topics.

  • Firstly, concept consistency is a crucial necessity. When training candidates, they must have some hard copies of the CAT 2020 syllabus and travel on that basis only.
  • Secondly, questions cannot be answered until their subject-related basis is apparent.
  • In addition, candidates should concentrate and strive to strengthen areas that they believe are not good and can take the opportunity to focus and improve their training for the poorer areas.

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Never Miss Out Mocks

Every year IIMs also issue Mock Assessments for both successful and poor vision candidates to include a gist of the real virtual ambiance exam.

By attempting CAT 2021 mock-tests, candidates can grasp and have access to the level of complexity of CAT 2021.

One of the big planning tips for having 100 Percentile topper CAT 2019 Lakshya Kumar is that candidates can take daily mock tests (once a week) from April onwards.

Post some ridicule, give some time to study the test and find out what went wrong, and then work on enhancing it with your CAT planning technique. Nothing will beat CAT’s mock tests if candidates choose to know the latest standard of readiness and learn how to score a 100 percentile in CAT 2021

Keep an Eye on Net Correct Attempt

As per the CAT marking system, each correct answer is to take 3 points, zero for each unattempted question and deduction of one point for each incorrect answer. Moreover, there is no derogatory labelling for TITA problems at all.

In addition, candidates are encouraged to review the previous year’s CAT question papers. If the syllabus has been finished, candidates can take time out to try at least one paper a day, keeping the pace and consistency in mind at the same time.

Let us now take an example to understand the term ‘net correct attempt’ for

Let us assume that a candidate named XYZ has sought a total of 76 questions out of which 41 are right and 35 are incorrect. Following the scoring system, the ranking would be 41×3, i.e. 123 for correct responses. In comparison, 35 points (-1 for each of the 35 incorrect answers) will be removed from its cumulative score of 123. As there is no derogatory label on a variety of unintended problems, they would have no impact on the CAT performance and the percentile. The candidate’s net score will be 123-35=88. Applicants should then answer the questions carefully. It is advisable to try for certain questions that can be answered with a 100% guarantee. Don’t care about tricky or difficult problems, as they can result in losing everything has been acquired from other aspects.

Know the CAT Normalization Process and Answer Respectively to get 100 percentile in CAT

The outcome of the CAT is announced every year only after the same has been stabilized. As mentioned above, the CAT is the most anticipated test to be carried out by lakes of candidates, so it is carried out in two slots. Thus, in order to ensure correctness and impartiality in the success of candidates taking part in the test, the IIMs have a CAT standardization process. As one of the big training tips to get 100 Percentile, candidates taking the exam must be aware of the standardization process and be confident that their scorecard is impartial and checked by the Indian Institute of Management without any discrepancies.

Toppers Advice on Getting 100 Percentile in CAT

CAT 2019 toppers message for next year’s CAT takers is also given in this article on how to score 100 percentile in CAT 2020. Rahul Gupta, who scored a 100 percentile in CAT, says, “My advice to potential aspirants is to launch your training early and not wait for the last stage. Most notably, what is going to help you get an advantage on everyone is continuity. You must take your training seriously, recognise your faults easily, and even take the mock tests on a regular basis.”

Another CAT 2019 leader who scored 100 percentile in CAT, Rishi Mittal said, “I think the right set of advisors, seniors to direct and friends to help you academically and not academically is really necessary. Remain all things like persistence, perseverance, integrity, and consistency are a must.”

In conclusion, we hope that the above blog helped you to understand the process of getting a 100 percentile in CAT examination, for more queries about colleges, scholarships get connected to our expert counsellors who will not only help you to get into your dream college but to also get great scholarships.

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