Study Abroad with CAT

Study Abroad with CAT

Scored low in CAT? Worried about what to do next? Don’t worry we have some of the best options for MBA and MIM that would not require any work experience or any entrance examination. Here is a complete guide on how to study abroad with CAT.

MBA in India is MIM (Master in Management) Abroad. As we all know that the prerequisite for MIM is GMAT or GRE. But it might come as a shock to you if I say that countries like the USA, France, UAE, Singapore, Norway, and Germany accept CAT scores. Yet, there are many top institutes and business schools that do not ask for any entrance exam scores like GMAT, GRE, or CAT. Yes, it is true and to prove that we have listed the top business schools from these countries below. We have also given an insight into the admission process and requirements of these business schools. If you wish to take admission abroad then contact the best consultant at ForeignAdmits.

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Study Abroad with CAT at Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University (SMU) began in the year 1997 with the idea of incorporating diversity and providing a broad spectrum of programs. It works on the American modal in contrast to Singapore’s tradition of British modal universities. Also, it ranks first in Singapore and third in Asia in the top 100 worldwide business school ranking. It provides more than 1000 programs of bachelors and masters. Additionally, it comprises 6 schools, various research institutes, and labs. 

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SMU MIM program is 18 months long. Admissions for this program open twice a year, once in October for the January session and another in April for the July session. The test scores accepted by SMU are CAT, GRE, GMAT, SMU AT, and TOEFL, and IELTS. The program fee is S$44940 for full-time and S$29960 for part-time or blended. Further, the tuition fee can be paid over 4 installments. Also, they provide career counselling and placements for post-graduate students along with the internship.  

Study Abroad with CAT at Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

The Illinois Institute of technology is a private institute in Chicago that started in the 1890s. It has more than 650 members in the academic staff and about 8000 students. It provides 4000 plus courses of under-graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate programmes. Its campus is spread on 120 acres of land and is considered an architectural masterpiece. It was featured in Forbes as the top 25 STEM colleges of 2018. Additionally, the US news and world report ranked it 39 for best value university.

Stuart School of Business provides a dual degree that consists of both MBA and MD (Master of Design). It is targeted for specific candidates who want to pursue a career in the design such as product designer, interaction designer, service designer, UI/UX designer, etc. Requirements for this course are a bachelor’s degree and a TOEFL or IELTS score. Though there is no entrance exam required, they may consider your CAT scores if you wish to include it. They provide full-time internships and excellent placements. 

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Study Abroad with CAT at SKEMA Business School, France

School of Knowledge, Economy, and Management (SKEMA) is a leading private school in France for its management courses. It was established in 2009 and is located in Paris. It provides various education programs in China, the US, France, and Brazil. It has 170 academic staff, 9000 students, and nearly 50,000 alumni. It was ranked 12th globally by Financial Times in Master in Management in 2019. Additionally, Forbes ranked SKEMA 12th in the best executive MBA program. 

SKEMA provided a MIM course which is a 3-year multi-campus program. Also, it has 19 specialisations for MIM. Students can choose to study MIM in France as well as the US, Brazil, and China. It also provides a 1-2 year experience in a company. The eligibility requirements for MIM in SKEMA are a bachelor’s degree and an English language test that is taken online as an EASY SPEAKING test. If the candidate fails in this test then TOEFL or IELTS score is mandatory. However, there is no need for Entrance exams like GMAT. Also, they conduct an interview and score the candidates on academic performance and interview.  

Study Abroad with CAT at HEC Paris

HEC Paris is another private institute in France that is well-known for courses like MIM, MBA, EMBA, Ph.D., and specialised masters programs. It was established in 1881 and is located in Jouy-en-Josas, France. It has an academic staff of 139 and has 4200 plus students. HEC alumni have profited more from the institute than Harvard or Stanford University combined. Its notable alumni are the CEO of various Fortune companies. Further, it was ranked 3rd globally by the Economist for its MBA program. 

HEC provides both MIM and MBA, in fact, it is well-known for these programs. The MIM program’s eligibility does not require an entrance exam TAGE MAGE. Additionally, they also ask for a TOEFL or IELTS score, degree certificate, and resume. After shortlisting candidates have to appear for an interview to discuss background, motivation, goals, etc. as far as the placement and salary are concerned HEC Paris ranks 2nd globally for high salary post studies. 

Study Abroad with CAT at ESCP Business school, Germany

ESCP Business school is a European School of Management with campuses located globally in countries like Berlin Germany, London UK, Madrid Spain, Paris France, Turin Italy, and Warsaw Poland. It is a private business school established in 1819. Hence, it is considered as the oldest business school. Also, it currently holds more than 7000 students. It was ranked 5th by Financial Times for MIM in 2020 and 7th for MBA. Its notable alumni are CEOs of various successful organisations like SEB, Hermes, Christie’s, Pernod Ricard, etc. 

The MIM program provided by ESCP is a 2-year course. It’s admission requirements are only two. The first one is a bachelor’s degree in any field and the second one is English fluency. They do not ask for GMAT or GRE or any other entrance exams though they may consider other factors like previous and international work experience. Its fee is €21,850 per year. As per the alumni, finding a high-paid job after ESCP is easy hence, ensuring a high ROI. 

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MBA/MIM Abroad vs. MBA in India

India provides more than 562000 seats for MBA. But, the fact that an MBA in India from just any college holds no importance at all is well-known. Apart from that, there is no value in such a degree. Also, the placements and jobs offered to such pass-outs are extremely low. The starting salary can even be Rs.10000 per month. So if you want to study in India then you have to aim for the best colleges with good placement opportunities and better chances. Surviving in mainstream jobs like MBA with heavy competitions is not easy. You have to prove yourself to be the best in order to go up. Hence, you can consider re-take of CAT or any other five national entrance exams approved by the AICTE. 

On the other hand, a foreign degree holds immense value both outside and in India. The foreign MBA or MIM degree can land you jobs in Amazon, facebook, Google, etc, with a starting salary of $40000. For those of you who wish to settle abroad can get a head start with MIM and internship then placements.

The Entrance Exams for MBA/MIM Abroad

The only problem with MIM or MBA abroad is the entrance exams like GMAT and GRE. Luckily, we have researched the top universities and mentioned the ones that accept CAT scores or have a separate entrance in the section above. Securing admission in top institutes in India and Abroad has the same level of difficulty and complexity in its procedure. Firstly, you need to attempt the entrance exam, which in India is CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, ATMA, etc while abroad it is GMAT or the university’s own entrance test. While in India it is difficult to obtain a good percentile in CAT due to huge competition and few seats, it is far easier in the institutes abroad due to less competition. 

Similarly, the process after the entrance is even more complex in both cases, but foreign colleges give preference to the candidate’s overall performance in academics, work experience, extra-curricular activities, and interviews. Meanwhile, the IIM’s in India reject the candidate on the basis of CAT score. This difference has a huge impact on the selection process. In short, even a qualifying score in the foreign university entrance may get you in but the same cannot happen in India.

Admission Process in India vs Abroad 

The main reason why MIM abroad is so popular and widely chosen is because of the easy admission. It doesn’t require work experience at all. While in India, the calculation of the CAT composite score includes your work experience too. The main requirement for MIM is a bachelor’s degree. A good aggregate in your bachelor’s degree has a good impact and adds value to your resume. Some of the colleges may ask for a GMAT or GRE score. 

When compared to admission requirements in India students are shortlisted based on their CAT scores. Due to less percentage of top colleges, they follow strict guidelines. Hence, the majority of candidates even after scoring the best in CAT fail to secure a seat in India. 

Study Abroad with CAT – Personal Growth

For many individuals, the process of learning and development stops within a couple of years. They feel more comfortable in repeating the same job/routine. This sets stagnation in their career and takes away the opportunity to expand it. MIM abroad gives you a chance to expand your horizon. The course is designed in such a way that it allows you to shift your focus from one aspect to another. It also gives you the chance to try out the other fields such as consulting, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, business development, etc. In fact, some of the programs are designed for unique sectors such as MIM in the film industry, MIM in arts, healthcare, luxury and retail management, chain supply, operations, IT, aviation, transportation, marketing, etc. 

In contrast, the specialisations in MBA in India are limited to a few like finance, HR, IT, event management, and marketing. These are sought after by most of the people pursuing an MBA in India, hence, the scope of it is further narrowed due to heavy competition. While the other industries are inviting, there are not many few people who study in their specialisations. Hence, MBA in India is creating a batch of people who are consistent in their career and do not want any advancements. 

Study Abroad with CAT – Fee and Cost of Living

The fee of an MBA course in India in a top institute can go up to Rs.20 lakh. However, various scholarships are available in India for financially weak candidates and for OBC, SC, and STs. It is easy to avail of these scholarships and grants in India when compared to abroad. The cost of living in India is quite low and affordable for all. 

The deciding or rather the restricting factor for MIM abroad is the fee and the high cost of living. Along with travel expenses, transportation, medical, etc, the amount can go as high as $100,000. It may seem crazily expensive for most middle-class Indians, hence there are scholarships and grants that you can apply for with ForeignAdmits. To assure 100% approval for any international scholarship, contact us. We provide successful admission and scholarship to Indian candidates abroad. 

Study Abroad with CAT – ROI and Salary 

No doubt Indian IIM’s, IIT’s and top business schools provide good placement opportunities with a high salary. But this is possible only if you are able to secure admission in such institutes. On the other hand, the B-grade MBA institute does not have good placement opportunities or salary. As a fresher from such institutes, you cannot expect a starting salary of more than Rs.10k to Rs.15K. 

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Meanwhile, most of the foreign universities and business schools have a high ROI. The name of the school and its brand doesn’t matter much in terms of job opportunities. For example, MIM from the University of Florida has a higher ROI than Harvard University. Hence, if you can secure admission to good enough Universities abroad then all your hard work will be paid-off in a large number of dollars. The only drawback is the fee and cost of living, which is a one-time investment in your career. 

In the end, the decision is all yours. But before investing a huge amount of money in a foreign University or in India you need to have proper guidance and assurance. Therefore, we provide you with the best panel of mentors and counsellors to help resolve your conflicts. Feel free to contact us at ForeignAdmits or give us a call at +91 8080679810.  

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