15 Most Asked Question about Studying in Germany.

15 Most Asked Question about Studying in Germany.

Why study in Germany and not in any other country?

While the answer may differ from person to person, the prime reason for studying in Germany for many is the world-class facilities provided by the top universities. Along with that, Germany has a tough competition with the Ivy League and other reputed British institutions which makes it at-par from the rest for higher education. 

What is Studienkolleg?

The “Studienkolleg” is a one-year course that acts as a connecting link between the degree you earn in your native country and the degree offered by a German institution.

This is a full-time course that combines German language study with subjects from a degree programme. The entire programme is intended for students whose secondary school diplomas are not accepted by German educational institutions, offering them the chance to earn a degree that is equivalent to the Abitur.

Do I have to know the German language to study in Germany?

No, many of the higher education courses are taught in English language for students whose german is weak. Make sure to select the correct “course language” you need while enrolling. 

What are International Degree Programmes?

German higher education institutions provide worldwide diverse degree programmes with English as the primary course language of instruction before switching to German over time.

These programmes’ courses, which involve both undergraduate and graduate degrees, have been created for both domestic and international students. 

Do I need to pass the IELTS/TOEFL to enroll into a programme that is taught in English to study in Germany?

In general, you need to have strong IELTS/TOEFL results if you are applying to a course that is taught in English at a German university. If you are a nativel English speaker, you do not need to take the IELTS/TOEFL.

It depends on the university you apply to, so we advise you to speak with one of your consultants to learn specifically about the prerequisites for admission to different German universities and also check the official website of the university to have a full-fledged knowledge before studying in germany.

Can I work part-time while studying in Germany?

During the course of a year, a foreign student enrolled full-time at a German university may work up to a period of 120 days without seeking prior approval from the labour authorities.

Note that foreign students who work 120 days are not permitted to be independent contractors or employees.

What documents do I require to apply for a student visa?

  1. Proof of your prior educational background
  2. Acceptance letter of the university where you applied
  3. Proof that you have health insurance
  4. Evidence that you have got enough money to pay for your study abroad
  5. Evidence that you are fluent in German
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Do we have free access to libraries and computer facilities at any German university?

It is a rule for the universities to provide computer and library facilities to students. They will be given a unique email address and code to operate the computer. Along with that, libraries are always well stocked and updated. Students can borrow or read any book without purchasing it. 

What are the tuition fees to study in Germany?

Due to the absurdly cheap tuition costs in Germany compared to other developed nations, they were essentially unimportant even in recent years. Additionally, only two of the 16 federal states (Bavaria and Lower Saxony) formerly permitted tuition fees to be levied by their universities and colleges, and when they did, they did so at a rate of up to €500 per semester. Germany agreed to abolish tuition fees as of October 2014, effectively making higher education free in every province.

What is the purpose of DAAD?

DAAD stands for German Academic Exchange Service founded in the field of academic co-operation. 

The purpose of DAAD are :-

  1. Granting scholarships, supporting German universities’ and research organisations.
  2. Accepting Internationalisation efforts, fostering German cultural and language studies abroad.
  3. Assisting developing nations in the establishment of successful higher education institutions. 

What exactly is Fachhochschulen?

A University of Applied Sciences (UAS) that awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fields including engineering, technology, and business is referred to as a “Fachhochschulen.”

‘Fachhochschulen’ does not provide doctoral degrees. It is considered to maximise the application of theoretical knowledge. 

Do I need to have a German bank account?

It would be advisable to open a German bank account since you must supply the bank information in order for them to debit your account because it is not possible to pay for things in cash when renting a place or applying for insurance. You may use your credit card as well, but cash cards are much more common.

How can I get permission to reside in Germany?

  1. A residence permit is required for visitors visiting Germany on a visa who plan to stay for an extended period of time. 
  2. The foreign office is the accountable authority. 
  3. You require a university enrollment certificate, government registration, financial documentation, and a current health insurance policy in order to obtain a residence permit. 
  4. A residency permit for academic purposes is granted for a two-year period 
  5. It must be renewed before the two years are over.
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What documents do I need to get enrollment in German Universities?

  1. You must present them with proof of current insurance in Germany.
  2. A receipt for the payment made to the student organisation is required.
  3. You must present them with a passport photo
  4. Passport with a current visa.

What is exactly the term Studentenwerk?

An organisation called Studentenwerk works to represent the needs of the students in each individual German region. Although each German region has its own studentenwerk, they work closely together on a national scale.

The Studentenwerk is a semi-independent organisation that works closely with local governments since some regions and universities require students to pay a set fee annually.

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