Tips for booking cheap flight tickets for students

Tips for booking cheap flight tickets for students

Booking flight tickets as an international student can be an overwhelming task. Right from the soaring prices, to the long hours of journey, to getting the right flight on the date you need, there are several variables that you need to keep in mind while finally booking your tickets !

To make this task easy for you, we have compiled some tips and suggestions you can apply while booking your flight as an international student.

Flight Booking Tip 1: Use platforms that help find you the best deals

Several websites help find cheap flight tickets. You can look at the list of different flight prices and compare them to get the best one. In addition, these platforms provide additional filters to condense your search according to your needs and requirements. These filters include price, duration, time of departure and arrival and many more.

These platforms also give deals, offers, and coupons while booking flights with them. So check the coupons sections to see which is the most beneficial to you, and don’t forget to use it at checkout.

Some of these platforms are- StudentUniverse, Skyscanner, Expedia, etc.

Flight Booking Tip 2: Know the day and time when tickets are the cheapest

Flight ticket prices are often different due to the day of departure. For example, weekday flights can be cheaper as compared to weekend flights. This usually happens when airlines want to sell tickets on off-peak days, which results in more affordable rates.

However, even time plays a crucial role in determining the flight price: early, and late-night flights tend to be cheaper. So choosing the right time and day can help you crack a reasonable ticket price.

It would help if you also communicated your flight timings with your student housing in Austin or London coordinator to let them know when you will arrive.

Flight Booking Tip 3: Book in Advance

Book your flights as early as possible. Even 2-3 months in advance is an excellent time to book. The earlier you book the flight, the cheaper rates you will get. So booking well in advance can help you save a lot of money, significantly since international flights can cost a considerable amount.

Always remember flight ticket prices skyrocket the closer you get to the departure date. They also fluctuate and may increase during the holiday or certain seasons of the year, so keep that in mind the country you travel to.

Flight Booking Tip 4: Check the duration of the flight

When we book international flights, it’s a given that the duration of the journey will be extended. In this case, it is essential to check the flight time and whether it is direct or connecting. Connecting flights will take longer since you will wait at the respective stops and even change plans.

So your effort should be concentrated on looking for flights with the least duration as you don’t want to reach your student accommodations in London or New York tired and frustrated.

Flight Booking Tip 5: Check baggage allowance

When travelling internationally as a student, you will most likely have a good amount of luggage. So your aim should be to look for flights that offer you a reasonable luggage weight limit.

Try to pack as smartly as possible so that you don’t exceed the baggage allowance because the extra charges that planes charge for being overweight can sometimes be very high. So being a student, pack smart and save wherever possible.

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Flight Booking Tip 6: Check hidden costs and add on

There are often hidden costs like taxes, convenience, and booking charges that websites charge. So the price you may see at first may not be the final price and will most likely increase at the time of final payment. So make sure to check what is added so that you are not paying for anything unnecessary.

You should also check for add-ons in booking your flight. Add-ons include- seat cost and any food you want to pre-book for your flight. There are ticket options where you can get food and a seat of your choice at only a small additional cost. So you should look out for those flights too!

Flight Booking Tip 7: Check all your flight details not once, not twice, but thrice!

Last but not least, check your booking details, right from the name, flight time, flight number, airline, day, baggage allowance, seat number and food you have pre-booked. Check your payment method and the total amount you are paying! Check your phone number, email id and even the covid protocols if there are any you need to follow for the country you are flying to.


With that, we come to the end of the suggestions you should remember while booking a flight ticket as a student flying internationally for the first time! Studying abroad is a challenging journey, but smart planning can help you make it feel like a breeze.

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