5 Reasons why one should get the Niyo Global Card while Studying Abroad?

5 Reasons why one should get the Niyo Global Card while Studying Abroad?

When you get accepted to study at an international university, you’ve crossed the first major hurdle to following your dreams of global education. You’ve taken the first step toward becoming a global citizen.

What’s the next major decision you need to make? Of course, managing your finances while overseas! Spending in foreign currency with the global card, while your funds are in Indian Rupees (INR), comes with its own set of challenges—currency conversions, which currency to carry and how–cash/ student forex card, how much to carry, how much effort/cost does it take to transfer money to your account, whether your bank account will work abroad, what will be the charges for the convenience, and so on and so forth.

Niyo Global makes international payments easy.

Niyo Global makes your banking needs for travel, study, and beyond a seamless experience. It is the best student travel card or forex card for student. It also comes with an INR-based interest-earning savings account. It’s not only an international debit card that works worldwide, but your money also earns an interest of up to 5% p.a., And the interest amount is credited to your account on a monthly basis. Not just that, but since the account opening process is 100% digital, it can be done right on your phone via the Niyo Global app without having to visit the bank.

Get the Niyo Global card now!

Why choose the Niyo Global card?

A few of the most compelling features of the Niyo Global international travel card, the best forex card as recommended by 1000s of students, include the following:

1.   Zero Forex Markup Card to use in 150+ countries

The Niyo Global card comes with zero forex markup, meaning you don’t have to pay a markup/commission each time you use your card to make a purchase. Only the VISA exchange rate applies to your transaction. While most leading banks charge forex markup fees of up to 3-5% of the transaction value. The forex card charges are Zero in this card. As it comes for FREE and have Zero Forex Markup. Thus, it is a preferred forex card for students.

That’s not all; you can add money to your account in INR and use it worldwide. The Niyo Global card works at all VISA-accepting merchants in 150+ countries, including India. It’s a popular student travel card with the best acceptance rate for 100+ currencies. So no matter which country you choose to study in, the Niyo Global card will come in handy for all your expenses like tuition fees, meal plans, accommodation costs, etc.

Unlike many other options available, like forex card hdfc, forex card sbi and more, this forex card of Niyo is really helping students to stay 100% digital and provide a hassle free experience.

2.   5% Interest P.A.* on savings account with monthly interest payout

The Niyo Global savings account comes with a high-interest rate of up to 5% p.a. So, while you work hard on your assignments and tests, your money will continue to earn interest. More importantly, you don’t have to wait till the end of the quarter to enjoy these perks. The interest amount is credited to your account each month.

Niyo Global Interest Rates

Savings Account BalanceInterest Rate Per Annum
Up to ₹2 lakhs3.5%
₹2 – ₹5 lakhs4%
Above ₹5 lakhs5%

What’s more? It’s a zero-balance digital savings account with a unique account number and IFSC code, and there are NO charges to load your account at any time via NEFT/IMPS/RTGS. You/your folks back home can instantly transfer money to your account at any time from anywhere.

3.   Complimentary airport lounge access (domestic & international)

Got a long stopover before you catch your international flight, or it’s at the oddest of hours? With the complimentary domestic/international airport lounges across India, you can begin your journey comfortably using your Niyo Global card. Check out more details about the VISA Airport Lounge Access Program.  While travelling inside India also and even abroad, the students can enjoy the lounge access, offered for FREE by NIYO Global Forex Card.

4.   Integrated Niyo Global app to manage card and account

The Niyo Global app is integrated with your international debit card and savings account and lets you manage them effortlessly. The app has enhanced security through the Lock/Unlock/Block Card features. To add to the safety and security of your chip and PIN card, the app lets you temporarily lock your entire card or just some channels to control your transactions. You can even block your card permanently in case it gets stolen or you accidentally lose it.

  • FOREX Card

    Niyo Global Forex Card
    Get the ZERO forex markup Visa Card. Free domestic & international airport lounge access* in India Earn upto 6.5% interest* p.a. with monthly payout

You can keep track of your funds through the app. All your transactions are always listed in the local currency and updated in the app each time you spend somewhere.

5.   Real-time in-app currency converter and ATM locator

The in-app currency converter gives you real-time currency rates, so there are no surprises later. Note: VISA Exchange Rates apply to all transactions.

If you need cash in the desired local currency during travel, this handy in-app ATM Locator tool can help you find the nearest ATM wherever you might be.

The Niyo Global international student travel card is the best option for handling all your banking needs on the go. Its 100% digital onboarding process is quick and intuitive via simple steps on the Niyo Global app. Look no more for a student forex card; get yourself the Niyo Global card!

Should you need any help with your account, the Niyo Global in-app chat support is available 24×7, so no worries about which time zone you are in.

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