6-Month Courses in Canada for International Students

6-Month Courses in Canada for International Students

Find out the 6-month courses in Canada for international students with this blog post. Here we will provide you the names of courses and the universities in Canada that offer them.

Courses in Canada for international students

International students, especially Indians prefer to study in Canada because of high quality education and affordable tuition fees. Moreover, Canada offers many different kinds of scholarships to international students. Therefore, if you want to have an amazing education experience, then consider Canada.

As the universities in Canada strongly believes in good education, so they offer many kinds of courses. They have Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs along with some specialized programs such as MiM. All these programs can be of different duration ranging from 6 months to 4/5 years.

6-month courses in Canada for international students

In this blog, we will exclusively discuss about the 6 months program that universities in Canada offer to international students.

Short duration courses are as educational as long-term ones. However, the courses are not available in every stream. There are special certificate programs that have duration of about 5 months to 1 year.

Reasons to study Short Courses in Canada

For those who are passionate to learn

Students who are in Canada for a short span of time can avail short courses to make use of their time. Students with learning attitude find it interesting to invest their time on valuable courses.

  • For extra edge performance

Students who want to upskill themselves or enhance their resume can also go for these courses. It takes a little time and students can build their profile. Competition is increasing at a faster rate, students are required to put forth their best foot first for reaping the benefits and making their dreams come true.

  • To be the perfect fit for any job

Gone are those days when theory knowledge was enough to get selected. Today’s pace has elevated further and requires practical and application-based knowledge. The courses can help students know the labour market more clearly.

  • Cheaper and Effective

The courses don’t cost a lot compared to the money we pay for getting enrolled in a college. It is of short time and students find it more accountable. Cost don’t matter, what matters is the knowledge students get out of it.

  • Value for money

It provides a certain value as it has a worldwide recognition. Students with exemplary skills are given more preference.  

Universities that offer 6-month courses

  1. Vancouver island university – There are 2 programs available for international students for a duration of about 6 months – These are Community mental health worker program of 6 months (Full time certificate) and Medical device Reprocessing Technician program of 5.5 months (Full time certificate).
  2. Kaplan international school – This school offers a 6-month program in Intensive English Academic Semester and the price starts from $15,065 CAD.
  3. St. Giles International – This institute offers a short term program of either a 6 month duration or a 9 month duration in International semester courses.
  4. Trebas Institute – This institute offers a 6-7 months program that focuses on specialization in digital marketing and social media field. It’s an on-campus program and students can avail it after completing 12th grade.
  5. The University of British Columbia – Tech enthusiasts can go for Software Engineering program that can range from 42-50 days. Students are required to have basic language about the working of a computer.

Field Specializations in Canada for International students

  1. Management Courses
  2. Field Analysis
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Language Courses
  5. Marketing Courses
  6. Economics
  7. Architecture
  8. Political science
  9. Computer Networking
  10.  Growing Business
  11. Real estate
  12. Accounting
  13. Graphic Design
  14. Civil Engineering
  15. Mechanical Engineering

Requirements to avail Short Courses in Canada

  • Certified aptitude for the chosen language of the course
  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents of Permission to study and Immigration
  • Temporary Visa
  • Updated Passport

Job roles after Completion of courses in Canada

  1. Accountant
  2. Technical writer
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Data engineer
  5. Architect
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Auditor
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. Economist
  10.  Data analyst

Canada has a very strong economy and a great environment, the reason why students choose to go to Canada for pursuing courses. Canada provides excellent opportunities, an environment to work in, and several other benefits. It is believed that they provide great attention to every student and no one remains unenlightened. Practical and application-based knowledge is so important to gear up for today’s world.
The government of Canada provides equal support to the students who come to pursue their field of choice. Students get certificates from different institutes that add up to their profile and value. Some courses are even free of cost. However, students like to go for on-campus courses to enhance their social skills and network with highly competitive students.

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