Finding Accommodation in the US, UK, and Canada for Foreign Students

Finding Accommodation in the US, UK, and Canada for Foreign Students

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Studying abroad is a big thing, a life-changing event which means it takes a lot of effort and research. Finding accommodation in the US, UK and Canada is one of the most stressful parts of studying abroad for International Students. Some students prefer to stay on-campus near their classes and libraries, while others prefer to live off-campus and go to Universities via Public transport or Driving. So, take some time to research and explore before making your decision.

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Accommodation is said to be one of the first things that come to mind when you consider studying abroad, and your final decision will be based on a number of factors.

There are many options when it comes to international student accommodation, and also a number of considerations and checkpoints you should go through before making your choice which is also bound to be based on personal preference and choice.

According to your budget, whether university housing or the Private Sector, there will be an option for you.

As an International Student, this might be your first time living out on your own without your parents and perhaps the first time abroad. It might also be the first time for you to manage your own finances and deal with any aspect of international student accommodation. So, it is important for you to realize at the outset that it is going to be a major decision.

As a student, you might face a few challenges while searching for accommodation. Some of the primary factors are a lack of knowledge about the area, vulnerability to rental scams, and an unwelcome cultural environment.

Guide on finding accommodation in the US

Studying in the US has always been a dream for many international students. Furthermore, the cost of accommodation in the US varies a lot because of the country’s vast territory. In general, living in urban areas is more expensive than living in smaller towns or suburban areas.

Overall, student accommosidation in the US can cost anywhere from 9,800 USD to 14,400 USD per year, depending on the type of house and choice of location.

On-Campus Accommodation

On-Campus housing is the most affordable and cheaper option for international students. The rent is cheaper, and the meals are taken care of. Usually, students in the US live in Shared dormitories.

On-campus student accommodation in the USA comes along with a variety of facilities.

  • Electricity: 50 – 100 USD/month, depending on the size of your apartment, and if your heating is electric, the overall price may go up to 150 USD/month
  • Heating: 50 – 100 USD/month
  • Internet: 45 – 50 USD/month
  • Phone subscription: 50 USD/month
  • Water, sewer, and trash — the landlord usually covers them, but if you have to pay, those will cost 50 – 75 USD/per three months
  • Health insurance is important for the students staying on-campus
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Off-Campus Student Accommodation in the US

When it comes to finding accommodation in the US Off-campus international student accommodation is generally not available for first-year students. They are required to live on-campus with the university itself. However, continuing students can explore plenty of off-campus options for finding accommodation in the US.

Most universities have ‘partner websites’ for easier processing of finding accommodation off-campus. Options on these sites are verified and relatively safer from scams. Also, these places are listed, keeping in mind the accessibility of the market and other facilities.

Types of Off-Campus Homestays

  • Homestay in the US for International Students
  • Rental Apartments for International Students in the US
  • Student Hostels for International Students in the USA

Guide on finding accommodations in the UK

Finding accommodations in the UK is the first and the biggest challenge you’ll have to tackle as an international student. The cost of accommodations in the UK varies to a large degree. Even in the same city, the range of accommodating costs can be very large. Naturally, as an international student saving as much money as possible is a priority for you. And knowing that rent is the highest expenditure you’ll have when studying abroad, finding affordable accommodation will alleviate a great financial burden on you.

Common types of accommodations in the UK

  • University Dorms
  • Private Dorms
  • Apartment
  • Rooms in a private house

London is the biggest and most expensive city in the UK. Moreover, the cost of living is very high in the city center and is higher than in suburban neighborhoods, which is a common trait for big cities.

For instance, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you around £1646 on average. Bigger apartments cost way higher than this, so in those cases, you should find roommates with whom you’ll share the apartment and the renting cost.

Guide on finding accommodation in Canada

International students in Canada have plenty of options for accommodation. Whether you are staying on-campus or in a private place, you will be able to find the right house for you.

Your budget for accommodation in Canada depends on the type of stay you choose and how long you plan to study there.

When sorting out your accommodation in Canada, your first stop should be the international student’s office or the website of the school you will be attending. They will be able to help you in finding the house.

On-Campus Housing

Many schools in Canada offer accommodation located on or near campus in the form of dormitories/residence halls, townhouses, and apartments. Dormitories (dorms) are larger buildings housing many students, and townhouses are detached, housing usually three to six students.

The majority of Canadian students in their first and second years of study do prefer to stay on campus. As an international student, you might find that living in the dorms makes it easier to make friends and to save on transportation costs. The average cost for on-campus housing is about $3,000 – $7,500 CDN per school year.

Off-Campus Housing

When looking for private, off-campus housing, try checking with your school’s housing office or student union office on campus for a list of nearby rental units. Remember that your school does not inspect these accommodations, so it will be your responsibility to contact the landlord and examine the premises.

Price, quality, and availability of off-campus accommodations will differ. You should expect to pay from C$400-to C$1,500 per month, depending on the city and neighborhood you choose and whether you have any co-tenants. Landlords typically collect one month’s rent up-front as a security deposit. This will be returned to you when you move out, provided there are no damages made to the property.

You’ll figure out which living accommodations are best for you as you do your research. Don’t be shy about asking for help from your fellow Canadian students, and know that you aren’t bound to your first choice. You can always try dorms your first year and off-campus housing the next. It’s all a learning process, just like most experiences studying as an international student!

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