Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore

Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination to land upon for studying animation, design, game development, music, and other courses. Many universities attract students with their scholarships and work in Singapore. Thus, this article will give you information on the Application Process for Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore.

Moreover, in comparison to other countries, Singapore is cost-effective. Singapore ranks 15th in the QS Best Student’s Cities 2018. Without further ado, let’s dive into the application procedures in the universities of Singapore.

Application Process for Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore

  • Choose the course and the university of your liking.
  • Go through the admission criteria from the University website or reach out to the Admissions Office for International Students.
  • You can apply directly to the university without the help of any agencies.
  • Fill up the application form, submit your essays and LOR. The requirement of essays and LOR is based on the choice of the program you want to enroll.
  • Providing proof of funds.
  • Apply for a scholarship with your scholarship essays as Singapore offers a scholarship for every eligible International student.
  • Study in Singapore

Asian Students can get NUS Science and Technology Undergraduate scholarship (Except Singaporean students) who applied for a full-time bachelor’s degree in NUS. They must have an excellent academic background, leadership potential, and participation in co-curricular activities.

Test Requirements For Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore

Candidates must take the language proficiency test and aptitude test for their bachelor’s program. But the requirements of the test varies for different universities.

Language Proficiency Test

English is the official language of instruction in Singaporean Universities. The test scores proving your language proficiency is not required by many universities but it is necessary to get you a student visa. Either IELTS or TOEFL or PTE scores can be submitted.

An average IELTS score of 6.5 is widely accepted. You can submit either one of the test scores but some university accepts specific test scores and you can check with the university website for the requirement.

Aptitude test

Candidates must take the SAT for undergraduate program.

SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test is to evaluate the written, verbal and quantitative skills of the students. The SAT requirements vary with the university. SAT subject tests are required for Literature, History, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign languages. Some universities require SAT test scores while others not.

If the Indian students are from CBSE or ICSE board, SAT scores are not required by some university. It is always good to check with the university for test score requirements before applying.

Student Visa

A crucial step for Application Process for Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore is the visa process.

The institution issues your student visa along with the letter of approval.

Students must apply at the ICA – Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for a Student pass within two weeks of University acceptance. They can apply online through SOLAR- Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System with the registration details provided by your University. You have to fill in the details and submit the e-Form 16 with a valid passport, university address, your email address, and a recent passport size photograph.

Next, you can complete the process after your arrival in Singapore. You have to make an appointment with ICA and bring your disembarkation/embarkation card granted during entry, a passport-size photograph, a printout of a signed and completed eForm 16, a copy of your in-principle approval, and a recent medical report on the correct form. While collecting the Student pass, you have to submit a signed copy of the Terms and conditions. You must pay SGD 30 during the application and SGD 60 during the issuance of the Student Pass. The student pass will allow you to work full-time on holidays and 16hours per week part-time.

  • Study in Singapore

Cost of Living and Funding

The average cost ranges between SGD 17,000 to SGD 50,000 per year and it is based on the course of study and the university you prefer. Other than tuition costs the living expenses excluding housing and other bills cost you around SGD 10,000. But in comparison to other countries, the cost of living is minimal. Students can work part-time and make money on approval from their respective universities.

The universities and also the Singapore Ministry of Education offers scholarships to the students. Moreover, this grant from the Ministry of Education covers most of the tuition fees with a bond of working for a Singapore registered company after the course of study. Additionally, the bond duration is usually 3 years and for medicine and dentistry, it may be extended up to 6years.

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