Best Countries for MBA Aspirants in Post-COVID World

Best Countries for MBA Aspirants in Post-COVID World

Being an MBA aspirant and applying for colleges during normal days was hectic enough but now with the pandemic, it’s even harder because things have changed. What are the upcoming best countries for MBA post COVID? How are they different? What’s the scope and validity of even earning an MBA from said countries? In this article, we’re going to give you all the details of why and how these countries are overtaking the mainstream choices for students to pursue an MBA.

List of Best Countries for MBA

The general perception everyone has is that the US leads when it comes to education and other facilities, indeed it does but since the pandemic here’s the list of upcoming countries that are not only rising high for education but are also giving high opportunities to students for a better career after MBA:


First on the list of ‘Best Countries for MBA’ is Canada. Pandemic is just an excuse but Canada has been a favourite for Indian student for years. Why you ask? It has top class Universities and world-wide accepted degrees. In addition to that, the career openings and options to apply for citizenships attract more and more international students. Sounds like a dreamland? It’s a reality. Canadian universities are tied up with universities worldwide making it easier for your MBA to be recognisable.

New Zealand

One of the first countries to become virus-free and having leaders like no other. This country has not only been topping the charts in the education sector but has also been doing well being Australia’s neighbour giving huge career opportunities to students. New Zealand is known for its cutting edge state of the art education system that makes students’ hunger to be there.


One must’ve never heard Denmark even coming up as a top option for Universities providing an MBA course. But with the progress of the Nordic countries in their education system, a lot of career opportunities have opened up for students. It is also considered to be one of the countries with the highest happiness index. So guess what? A job after MBA in a stress-free environment brings more smiles? Who wouldn’t want that?


Next amongst the best countries for MBA is Poland. No, it’s not the same from back in WW2, Poland has not only progressed economically and education-wise but it’s one of the least affected countries by COVID. With a progressive education system focusing on how things should be taught rather than how they are taught, it has caught the eye of many students.


What’s better than getting your MBA from a country with gold cars and vending machines for gold? It’s not just about the money there. The opportunities after pursuing an MBA and the scholarships provided for the kind of education available are mind-boggling for any student to dream about pursuing their MBA in the country with the tallest building on earth.

List of Colleges in Best Countries for MBA

Now, after seeing the best countries for MBA, we should move forward to the best colleges in those countries that you should apply for. So, here’s a country-wise list of top colleges to pursue MBA:

CountryName of university/college
New ZealandAuckland University of Technology (AUT)
University of Otago Business School
Victoria University of Wellington
University of Canterbury
CanadaRotman School of Management
Ivey School of Business
Queen’s University
McGill University
DenmarkAVT Business School
IT University of Copenhagen
Roskilde University
VIA University College
PolandWarsaw School of Economics
Cracow University
Kozminski University
SWPS University of Social Sciences
UAEUniversity of Dubai
University of Wollongong, Dubai
Abu Dhabi University- College of Business
Cass Business School

The “New Normal” Due to COVID-19

Online Classes

COVID-19 has restricted the conventional way of teaching and made us resort to online classes. So, even if you take admission in one of the best countries for an MBA, you’re going to study at least a semester through online classes. Most of us want to study abroad to get an international experience of different cultures.

But since the classes are going to be online, the question is:

  • Is it worth so much money to study abroad through online classes?
  • Does studying from a foreign university make sense when it’s going to be online?

Weigh your pros and cons and come to a decision that is the best for you and your future.

Is it safe to travel abroad?

No, it is not even safe to go out of your house as of now. But, once the situation gets better (it will!), universities are going to switch back to on-campus studies soon. Till then, we stay at home, study online and follow preventive measures to keep ourselves safe.

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Study in India- an option to consider

A lot of students got selected in a good MBA college somewhere in abroad but the dilemma is whether to go or not. If you think that it is not worth risking your health and investing a lot of money, then don’t worry. Studying in India is a very good option to consider since we have some really good institutions like IIMs and NMIMS that have a great brand value.

Even though the classes are going to be online, the cost of everything is going to be way lesser than studying the same online course from a Canadian or American university. Here are some benefits to studying in India:

  • You do not need to apply for Visa
  • Tuition and accommodation cost is very less
  • It will be easier to get a good placement in India
  • You cut down travel expenses


COVID-19 might have slowed things down and put you in a lot of dilemmas, but the thing is- whether you choose to study abroad to stay back in India, an MBA is always going to help you. With an exponential rise in commerce these days, Business Administration is the need of the hour. A global experience in the field of MBA is going to be beneficial to your future prospect, but make sure you consider all options before coming to a decision.

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