Best Countries to study MBA abroad [Top 8]

Best Countries to study MBA abroad [Top 8]

Masters in Business Administration, abbreviated as MBA, is a top-rated post-graduation course that welcomes candidates from all stream of commerce, science and even humanities. An MBA degree from a recognised university holds great importance in the professional life of any students. Here, we further discuss Best countries to study an MBA abroad.

Most students decide to pursue an MBA degree from abroad from foreign universities after their graduation. Students often do not have a clear-cut idea of which university to choose or which country.

Choosing the right country is essential, and factors like finances, living costs, and suitability are considered before you make a decision.

In this blog, we have the top eight countries you might want to consider to pursue your MBA degree.

United States of America

This is where it all started for the MBA. It is not a surprise that all these years later, an MBA from the USA tops the charts for international students, not just Indians. If you consider the infrastructure, resources and opportunities, America is the perfect choice for a vast majority.

There are a few reasons why the USA is the best country for students from India for studying an MBA. A large NRI population has been living in American for a long time (several generations in some cases). That means you have easy access to Indian stores, culture and people. Homesickness is easier to deal with.

American B-Schools have deeper pockets. Many of the MBA abroad scholarship stories (ranging from partial to full 100% tuition fee waivers) have been successful. You should consider the USA for your masters.

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United Kingdom

Though it has been on the receiving end in recent times due to its new visa regime and the growing uncertainty about getting MBA jobs in the UK, England is still the right choice for folks looking for shorter duration (one-year MBA) programs. Many good MBA programs are in or around London, the big hub of global business activity. Almost all the top international companies have a presence here.

The biggest MBA brand in the UK comes from the London Business School. Then if you would like to get the university brand to work for you as well, the ‘Oxbridge’ brands – Cambridge (Judge Business School) and Oxford (Said Business School) are strong contenders to consider. Other good MBA colleges in the UK are Manchester Business School, Cranfield, Cass Business School.


For management education, Australia is in a strange spot. Australia offers an excellent standard of living regarding the second question (about living and working abroad after graduating). Just like Canada, it has got an immigration process that is friendlier than in other countries.

There is no shortage of universities down under, offering all degrees (including MBA courses), and they are all spending a lot of money trying to woo Indian students. And that is where the challenge lies as well.

Despite the vast number of universities and private institutions, the best MBA programs in Australia that have cracked into the international MBA rankings are very few. Apart from Melbourne Business School and AGSM, you are unlikely to see too many other Australian MBA colleges on the list.


Being close to India and still offering an international experience in the class make it a popular choice for cost-conscious MBA students from India. In contrast to western countries, the time taken to fly down from Singapore to India and the airline ticket costs are manageable.

The top MBA programs in Singapore are the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang (NTU). Plus, there is a significant new draw in recent years – the INSEAD Singapore campus. That is a great way to get a top-notch global MBA from Asia and reduce the overall costs. The cost of living in Singapore is lesser than staying in Europe.

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Compared to the U.S., though there aren’t as many top MBA schools in Canada to choose from, for many Indians, the post-graduation prospects look much better than in most other countries.

The big carrot that Canada offers MBA students is work permits, ranging from 1-3 years. Of course, that does not guarantee a job. But it provides the immense psychological comfort of not getting kicked out of the country after spending a lot of time, effort, and money associated with studying abroad for an MBA or MS or PhD. The immigration process in Canada is also relatively simple.

The best MBA colleges in Canada would include names like Rotman School of Management, Richard Ivey, Schulich, Sauder.


Germany is often described as the land of ideas and opportunities. It is one of the most sought-after countries for international students looking to pursue their MBA, a central hub for technology, research, and innovation.

All students looking to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) are informed that most publicly funded universities in Germany levy no tuition fees. Students are, however, required to pay an Administration Fee at the beginning of every academic year.

The Netherlands

The Dutch are famed for their openness and hospitality. When coupled with their institutions’ prestige, it’s not difficult to understand why the nation is a top 10 destination for potential MBAs this year.

The country is a hub for business, being home to Unilever, Shell and KLM and the continents largest port, the Port of Rotterdam. Additionally, the Netherlands is a particularly entrepreneurial nation, with one of the highest percentages of start-ups in Europe.


France is eighth in this year’s top 8, with 19.4% of respondent suggesting they would be interested in France as a destination for their MBA. The country was the first in Europe to offer an MBA, and it still provides one of the most competitive business educations available. In fact, in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018, two of the top three programs are based in France.

Those studying in the country benefit from the financial and business hub of Paris, close links to many of Europe’s other prominent political and economic cities, and the ability to learn one of the world’s most influential languages.

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We have answered some questions for your ease.

Q1. Is it worth doing an MBA from abroad?

Ans. Studying abroad comes with its own set of advantages, such as enabling students to get exposure to a new culture and lifestyle, opening up a window of opportunities. This helps in looking at problems from different perspectives.

Q2. What is the fee for MBA abroad?

Ans. Tuition fees generally cost as low as €300 to €3000 per year [approximately ₹25,000 to ₹2,50,000] in public universities. Study Cost of MBA: Pursuing an MBA in Germany is also comparatively affordable than in other European countries.

Q3. What are the exams required for MBA from abroad?

Ans. GMAT being the most common and widely accepted exam for MBA course, GRE and CAT are standardised tests for MBA.

This was our complete guide on pursuing an MBA degree from abroad countries. We truly hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!