Best courses to do in Canada

Best courses to do in Canada

Canada can be a great place to study. After all, the country has got everything. Right from the top-notch educational facilities to the scenic locations, Canada has got it all. Also, the tuition fees in universities are much below that of other European and American countries.

There has been a huge influx of Indian students in Canada over the last few years. Over 67,000 Indian students went to Canada in the first four months of 2021. This was over 80% more compared to the previous year. This shows how enthusiastic the students are about the idea of studying in Canada. The top cities preferred by Indian students include Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

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There is no doubt that Canada offers some of the best educational courses in various streams such as Engineering, Management, Health Sciences and so on. Here we look at some popular courses which you can choose for your higher education.

Best courses to do in Canada


If you think that you have that business acumen within you, then MBA can be a great course for you. But for this, you need to do it at the right university. If you ask us, we will suggest that you go for MBA in Canada. Why? Because the MBA courses are not only affordable but also offer great job opportunities after completion of the course.

There are ample amount of internship opportunities waiting for you after the course. Also, you will get to know about some amazing companies that are currently running in Canada. Finally, if you want an MBA degree after two years; there is no better place than Canada.

Health Sciences

Having a major in health sciences can be very lucrative career option. Many students prefer Health Sciences after their 12th. After all, there is a huge demand in the market for nurses and other trained professionals working in different medical centers.

And when it comes to doing courses related to health sciences; there is no better place than Canada. One of the reasons is that such courses are inexpensive compared to other European and American countries.


Engineering has become stagnant in a lot of countries. But not in Canada. Because the universities here offer theoretical and practical knowledge as well . After all, Canada is home to some of the best universities in Engineering such as University of Waterloo and many others.

Not only that; if we talk about job opportunities after completion of course; people will not have to look beyond Canada. The country is famous for offering lucrative job offers after graduation.
The engineering branches are also many. Right from software engineers to chemical engineers; you name it and Canada has it. Not only that, the tuition fees in these courses are relatively low compared to institutions located in other countries.

Bio Sciences

Biosciences is basically a field where you study life sciences. The course focuses on the various branches of biology which are important in living systems.

Courses such as microbiology and biochemistry are included in the study of biosciences. There is no wonder why many Indian students want to pursue such courses from Canada.

And if you do it from Canada, you can get into the field of research as well. Many universities in Canada have advanced centers for research where you can work with highly experienced scientists. Guess what, some of them might just be Nobel laurates.


If you want to be a doctor, why not give a shot at medical courses available in Canada. The medical universities here offer a lot of great opportunities out here.

Well, the medical degrees are not only well recognized but also offer lucrative job opportunities after completion of course work. And, you can pursue post-graduation as well once you complete your medical degree.  

If you really want to be a doctor; there is no better place than Canada.

Business Administration

Canada is not just known for its MBA courses but the BBA courses as well. A BBA degree might not be a great idea if you want a high-paying job but that’s not the case here. Well, that might not be a bad idea after all. You just need to start small and if it does well; you can go big in no time.

No, we are not talking about the MBA degree but the BBA one in general. Because unlike BBA in our country where you don’t get a lot of bucks in the bank after you complete the course; BBA in Canada can earn you a lot of money.

And guess what, it is not at all expensive to pursue such courses from Canada. So if you think starting your own business is a great idea; do consider this option before taking the final decision.

Media and Journalism

Not all of us are great writers or have a flair for writing. But if you do, then let’s pursue it after completing your 12th. After all, the media industry is flourishing at its best in Canada. Not only that, after obtaining such degrees; one can also start their own business as well.

Initially, you can work at a PR firm or some company that builds marketing campaigns. This might not pay you well at first but once you get into it; you can earn a lot of bucks in no time. Otherwise, you can work as a membership manager or event manager.

The return on investment for such courses in Canada is really high. This is the reason why many students from India and other countries too want to pursue such degrees in Canada.


Studying Economics is one of the most beneficial professional degrees anyone can pursue at any point of time. After all, this is the branch of study where you will learn about money; one of the most important things in life.

The best thing that you can learn from Economics would be how to manage money and how to grow your investments. By obtaining such degrees, you can work as an economist at private companies as well as government sectors as well.

It is just not about working in banks but also starting your own business or venture. You can even work for consulting firms where you will get a lot of exposure and learn how the business of trading works.

Computer Science

Now, we all know how computer science has become a booming industry in the present day. What is more interesting is that such courses are available from Canada as well and people can pursue such degrees as well.

The best part about studying computer science from Canada is that; the universities allow you to work with some of the top notch scientists and researchers. You will not only be able to know the ins and outs of computer science but also get an opportunity to work on some of the best projects as well.

Apart from that, such degrees would give you a variety of career options as well which includes working as a software developer or working in big companies like Google or Apple.

And if you want to pursue such courses from Canada; there is no better place than it. Why? Because like we said before, the quality of education and returns on investment for any course in Canada are really high. So it goes without saying that if you study such courses in Canada; the returns will be much higher than what you would get in our country.

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