Top Engineering Colleges in Canada

Top Engineering Colleges in Canada

Engineering as a degree is a tad bit monotonous. But not when you do it from a top college. Probably that is the reason why we want you to do your engineering from one of the top colleges in Canada.
And why you should do it?

The reasons are many. One is that it will save you from a boring curriculum. Another reason is that you can get recruiters knocking at your door with job offers. And yet another reason would be the brand value you would add to yourself by doing your engineering at top institutions in Canada. Additionally, the most important reason is the quality of education and the learning experience that you will get. With some colleges ranking very high in the QS World University rankings, Canada should always be a choice for you for your engineering.

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This blog post is going to refer to the top engineering colleges in Canada along with many reasons of why you should do your engineering in Canada

Reasons for doing engineering in Canada

Amazing campus

Most colleges in Canada have some classy campuses. When you join the campus all you should do is sit for a few hours and enjoy the gentle breeze out there. The classy greenary amongst a flood of students will seem to be perfect all the time. The colleges provide a very conducive environment to learning and extra-curricular activities. Swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball court and more. You won’t regret studying in such a campus.

Additionally, a lot of colleges have their own student association that helps in multiple activities.

An eye catcher for recruiters

When you get your engineering degree, one this we can bet is that there would never be a dearth of good job opportunities. This is a common feature in Canada because top colleges come up with the best engineers, and hence they are in huge demand.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a job from the many companies that will offer you one after you graduate.

Good salaries

The companies that recruit these professionals offer handsome salaries. International students who study here get way better packages than from their home country.

If your aim is to get a six figure salary early on in your career, then you should consider doing an engineering course from Canada. The companies you work for will be so impressed by your skills and knowledge that they will be more than willing to pay you a hefty sum.

A large number of career options

In Canada, if you are an engineer by qualification, then there is nothing to worry about. The job prospects are immense. In fact, choosing from a wide array of career paths and branches of engineering is not difficult in Canada.

When you join a professional institution, the teachers will teach you the ins and outs of each subject in a thorough manner. You will learn that you can have multiple career options out there for you. You will gain sufficient knowledge when it comes for both theory and practical areas of your course.

While at your job and in your career, with multiple skillsets you will grow as a person and have a much better opportunities later on.

Top Engineering Colleges in Canada

So, without much ado, let us do a list of top colleges in Canada where you can do your engineering after 12th.

University of Toronto

A public research university in Toronto, Canada, the University of Toronto is one of the foremost public institutions for higher learning in Canada. The university started operations in 1827. Since then, it has evolved into a modern university that offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The university offers some of the best engineering courses out there, like Computer Science, Civil etc. It also has a very diverse student population out there.

University of Waterloo

Started in 1957 with just 74 students, the University of Waterloo has grown to be a premier research university in Canada. It is also one of the leading universities in Canada. Also, everyone knows the university worldwide for its excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. The university has a 1000+ acre campus and offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students.

The University of British Columbia

The university is the home of 8 Nobel laurates and 63 Olympic medallists . It is also one of the largest universities in Canada. The University of British Columbia started in 1908 and since then has become a leading institution for higher learning. Additionally, with one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada.

University of Alberta

With five campuses and 75 Rhodes scholars, this university is one of the top 5 research universities in Canada. It has a great track record for offering wonderful undergraduate and post-graduate programs. There are multiple disciplines of study here. Most of the students in this university belong to undergraduate programs with 80% of the students being undergraduate students.

McGill University

Found over 200 years ago in 1821, this university has the largest endowment per student in Canada. It is home to 12 Nobel laurates and 147 Rhodes scholars. It offers degrees and diplomas in over 300+ fields of study and is also known as one of the best research universities in Canada.

University of Victoria

It is a public research university that started in 1963. This university is widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement. Along with the best faculty out there, the university has a diverse student body from multiple countries.

Queen’s University

The university started in 1841, and since then has come a long way to become a leading research university in Canada. The engineering courses here are some of the best in the world. The university also offers a range of undergraduate and post-graduate programs in diverse areas of study. The university provides students with a transformative learning experience. This helps them become well-rounded professionals out there.

University of Calgary

Since starting in 1966, this institute now has over 85 research centers. It contributes to stellar research and development. It is a public research university and has a large campus with a variety of facilities present there. James Gosling, the founder of Java studied in this university.

McMaster University

The university was build for the purpose of discovery, communication and preservation of knowledge. It started in 1887 and many know it as a research-intensive university. It is home to more than 70 research centres and has over 70 international exchange agreements. With over 300 acres of scenic properties, the university is one of Canada’s top universities.

McMaster University is a major research center for engineering in the country. It offers some of the best programs in engineering available today. There is often news out there where you find out there are many discoveries made out here.

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