Best undergraduate business School: 2021

Best undergraduate business School: 2021

Earning a business degree from a reputed undergraduate business school holds prime importance in the professional career of a student. Choosing the right course, then the correct specifications, right university or college can be very overwhelming. Rather than being a jack of all trades, becoming a master in one area is very crucial.

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Having a professional business degree proves to the corporate world that you can perform well in the respective field. Students around the globe travel abroad to pursue professional business programs.

In this blog, we have some top universities with details that you could consider for pursuing an undergraduate degree in business.

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Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The world’s premier business school, Wharton, offers students the knowledge and experience they need to become a business leader. The school allows students to customise their curriculum. Students can choose from 4,200 different electives, from classes at Penn’s other schools, and the MBA-level courses at Wharton.

Taught by 225+ faculty members, the undergraduate course at the University of Pennsylvania allows students to engage in interdisciplinary studies, get involved in research, and gain a cross-cultural perspective. The University of Pennsylvania undergrad fee for business is $47,416 per year.

MIT Sloan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The undergraduate program at MIT Sloan gives its students a deep understanding of management education grounded in the scientific method. Students can choose from 15 different majors and minors in Management, Business Analytics, and Finance.

 A hub of analytics, management, entrepreneurship, and technology, MIT has a vast pool of career opportunities students can choose from. These include research opportunities, internships and externships, and the MIT Innovation Diplomats program. No wonder the MIT business school graduates end up at companies like Staples, Facebook, Google, JPMC, Merrill Lynch, and other giants in the business market. The MIT Sloan undergrad fee for business is $82,386 per year.

Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

The undergraduate program at Haas School of Business empowers students throughout their careers, preparing them for what’s ahead. Here, you can choose from programs in Business Administration, Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology, Global Management, and a joint-degree program in Biology and Business.

At UC Berkeley, students learn about accounting, finance, business communication, organisational behaviour, and other vital subjects. The curriculum of Haas ensures that around 86% of graduate students get a job at a globally acclaimed company within three months after completing their degree. Their average salaries amount to about $77,028 per annum. The University of California, Berkeley undergrad fee for business is $43,980 per annum.

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NYU Stern School of Business, New York University

The NYU Stern School of Business offers five major bachelor’s programs. These include a BS in Business, a BS in Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and a BS in Business and Political Economy. The university’s flagship undergrad BS in the Business program allows students to choose from 13 different concentrations, like Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Digital Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and more.

Students at NYU Stern also have to go through an International Studies Program and the Social Impact core. This would help them get hands-on experience and allow them to explore different careers, prepare for recruitment, and connect with employers. The NYU Stern undergrad fee for business is $54,880 per year.

McCombs School of Business, University of Texas, Austin

The BBA program at Texas provides undergraduates with the opportunity to tailor their undergrad education to best suit their career goals. Students can choose from various majors, including Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and more.

The course also requires students to go through a summer internship. This helps them gain work experience and enables them to meet new people and expand their network. Plus, the kinds of jobs students can land vary from Staff Auditor and Tax Consultant to Accountant and Banking Analyst. The McCombs School of Business undergrad fees is $22,688 per annum.

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

At Tepper, students gain proficiency in the technology and tools reshaping the way business is done. You can choose from 11 different concentrations that will allow you to excel in any business area you prefer, like Global Economics and Business, Operations Management, Finance Strategic Management, and more.

The school offers its students abundant opportunities to travel abroad and experience how business is done across various economies and cultures. Students pick up essential business skills through this program, such as leadership, team building, negotiation, and cross-cultural project management. This is why they go on to earn an average of $77,481 per annum right after graduating. The CMU undergrad fees are $58,924 per year.

SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

The university offers two undergraduate business programs, each at a top-ranked school. You can choose to do a BS in Applied Economics and Management or a BS in Hotel Administration at Cornell. The BS in Applied Economics and Management allows you to choose from 11 concentration options. Like Accounting, Food Industry Management, Environmental Energy and Resource Economics, and more.

With 1,500 undergraduate students enrolled, the school offers 95% of them an internship opportunity. Moreover, 36% of students travel internationally to study abroad or for service-learning. Boasting a 96% placement rate, the university ranks 7th in the US’s best undergraduate business schools. The SC Johnson College of Business undergrad fees is $59,316 per annum.

Salford Business School

This was our complete guide on the best undergraduate business school for 2021.


We have answered some questions for your ease.

Q1. Which university is the best for me?

Ans. To find out, first decide which course type you’re interested in. Do you want to study business research, or would you prefer to get an internship instead? Once you know that, you can pick a program of your choice.

Q2. How much does it cost to study BBA in the USA?

Ans. An average cost to study BBA in the USA, including basic expenses like tuition and living costs, usually ranges from 15,000 to 55,000 USD per year.

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Q3. What are the specialisations in BBA?

Ans. These are some of the specialisations in BBA:

BBA in

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Management
  • Hospital & Healthcare
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail

We truly hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!