Top Paramedical Courses

Top Paramedical Courses

The health sector industry is one of the most critical sectors that play a crucial role in shaping a country’s economy. Not only the profession of doctors, the demand for paramedics, who operate as the backbone of any medical industry, is also high.

A Paramedic’s Role

Also known as the  “allied health forces”, the paramedics’ role is to assist doctors, deal with emergencies, and perform other technical functions. The profession’s expansion has been a progressive move from simply transporting patients to the hospital to more advanced treatments in the field. In some countries, the paramedic may take on a system to prevent hospitalisation entirely and, through practitioners, can prescribe certain medications or undertake ‘see and refer’ visits. The paramedic directly refers to a patient to specialist services without taking them to the hospital.

Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

A paramedic role is closely related to other healthcare positions, especially when it comes to the emergency medical technician, with paramedics often being at a higher grade with more responsibility and autonomy following considerably greater education and training. The primary role is to sustain people with life-threatening injuries and transport these patients to a higher level of care (typically an emergency department).as. The demand for their job, paramedics work in many environments, including roadways, people’s homes, hospitals, aircraft, and SWAT teams during police operations. They also work in non-emergency situations, such as transporting chronically ill patients to and from treatment centres and, in some areas, address social determinants of health and provide in-home care to sick patients at risk of hospitalisation.

So if you have the earnestness to join the paramedics, this article on the paramedical courses list can be beneficial for you!

Everything You Need to Know about BNYS Course

What does the course entail?

Paramedics’ job is to assist a doctor from taking blood samples to sew the wounds post-surgery, including professionals like nurses. Pharmacologists, therapists, and physicians all fall under the title of paramedics or the allied health forces. With an ample no. of curriculum and job opportunities, you can choose to specialise in any of the offered fields. After Paramedical courses in India, the average salary is 18,000 INR per month for an entry-level technician profile and go further up to 50,000 INR per month. The paramedical courses list, divided into diploma, bachelor’s, and masters level programs, has been given a briefing in the consecutive sections! 

The major areas in paramedical sciences are spinal injury management, obstetrics, management of burns, and general accident evaluation. Some of the popular paramedical courses are listed, along with the details of each.

  • The period of degree paramedical courses varies between 1.5 years to 4 years.
  • The duration of diploma paramedical courses varies between 1 year to 2 years.
  • The duration of paramedical certificate courses varies between 1 year to 2 years.

Paramedical Courses after 12th

There is a wide range of paramedical courses after 12th Medical and Non-medical which students can choose from. Here are the top Paramedical Courses after the 12th:

Paramedical CoursesDurationFees
BSc RadiologyThree yearsINR 2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs
BSc in Audiology and Speech TherapyThree yearsINR 4-5 Lakhs
Bachelor of Physiotherapy3-5 yearsINR 4 Lakhs
BSc Ophthalmic TechnologyThree yearsINR 2 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs
Bachelor/BSc in OTT(Operation Theater Technology)3-5 yearsINR 4 Lakhs
B.Sc (Respiratory Therapy Technology)Three yearsINR 2 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs
B.Sc in Dialysis TherapyThree yearsINR 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs
BSc NursingFour yearsINR 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs
BNYS Course (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences)Five yearsINR 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs
Diploma in PhysiotherapyTwo yearsINR 1 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs

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Paramedical Courses after MBBS, BSc, BDS, BHMS, BPT

After completing a bachelor’s course in Medical Science or its related specialisations such as Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Nursing, etc., you can further pursue a master’s level paramedical course to achieve expertise in any specific discipline. Here are the best paramedical courses after MBBS, BSc, BDS, BHMS, BPT, etc.:

Paramedical CoursesDurationFees
Master in Physiotherapy (MPT)Two yearsINR 2 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs
MD in AnaesthesiaThree yearsINR 5 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs
Master in Physiotherapy – Sports PhysiotherapyTwo yearsINR 2 Lakhs
M.Sc. in Community Health NursingThree yearsINR 4.3 Lakhs
MD in PathologyThreeTwo yearsINR 5 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs
Post Graduate Diploma in Child HealthTwo yearsINR 2 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs

To pursue a paramedical course at the PG level, the eligibility criteria would require a candidate to have a valid Bachelor’s degree in the stream of Science. Some colleges also consider entrance exams as a criterion and offer admission as per the marks scored in them. Many states and institutes also conduct their entrance exam for access to Paramedical Courses After Graduation.