Best universities for Supply chain Management in Canada

Best universities for Supply chain Management in Canada

Supply chain management (SCM) manages the flow of goods, data, and finances related to a product or service, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the by-product at its final terminus. Manufacturers and retailers depend on supply chain managers to design networks that satisfy customer service goals at the least total cost. Efficient supply chains allow a firm to be more competitive in the marketplace. In this blog, we have come up with a list of top universities which offer supply chain management in Canada:

Top Universities Which Offer Supply Chain Management in Canada

1. Lambton College

In Lambton college, emphasis is placed upon learning supply chain strategic planning, network design, and applications and operations. The program will facilitate students to examine end-to-end supply chain processes. Students will also understand the importance of technology and software applications in promoting and supporting supply chain execution. They will encounter a mix of classroom study, online research, hands-on computer applications, individual assignments, group projects, topical quizzes, projects, and field study. However, one can expect tuition fees for the supply management course to be $25,100.00 (approximately)

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2. Humber International Graduate School

During this program, you will learn to research and analyze the marketplace. One can also develop demand forecasts and evaluate suppliers’ capabilities to deliver and utilize technology such as Systems, Applications, and Products.

The course also includes industry-standard theories, methods, and techniques (Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Just-in-Time, Lean) and how they apply to supply chain management strategies and problem-solving.

Moreover, Employers of recent Supply Chain Management graduates include Canadian Tire Corporation, UPS, Xerox, Suncor, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Loblaw, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, Nestlé, SCI, TJX, Sleep Country Canada, and a multitude of other smaller organizations.

3. Seneca College

This eight-month graduate certificate program provides you with the foundational competencies crucial to becoming a supply chain professional. The course also teaches technical and analytical skills to participate in supply chain strategy and design decisions.  

When an aspirant graduates from this program, the types of employment options they can explore are: Analyst, Manager. They can also be a specialist in departments such as Transportation, Logistics, Purchasing/procurement, Warehousing, International trade.

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4. HEC Montreal

This program delivers a dual degree option with the University of Melbourne, Australia. French language lessons and the Experience Quebec course can help international students blend into the Quebec and Canadian job markets. Secondly, tuition fees for an international student are $30 500 (approximately). However, HEC Montréal awards close to $1.6 million in scholarships and other forms of recognition to M.Sc. students every year.

5. McGill University

The program will equip students with solid knowledge in manufacturing supply chain environments. It will lead them towards a Certified Production Inventory Management (CPIM) or Certified Supply Chain. It will also provide students with a strong background in companies’ supply chain, distribution, and logistics functions and lead them to a Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT). In conclusion, the course is majorly curated to enable you to bring goods to market globally, deal with risk and uncertainty in supply chains and apply real-life planning and control techniques.

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Lastly, one of the most compelling advantages of studying supply chain management is it doesn’t bind you to a specific industry. Moreover, you’ll be able to experiment and experience different options and move in various sub-sectors within the field of logistics and supply chain management. According to the Careers in Supply Chain website, more than 27,000 supply chain positions in Canada sit unfilled, and another 66,000 openings are anticipated each year for the next five years.

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