Cost Of Living In Australia vs India

Cost Of Living In Australia vs India

The lifestyle Australia provides is worth every penny, and that’s the reason you should consider moving to the “Land of kangaroos”. However, everyday utilities and food prices may have risen dramatically over the past few years and have not been steeping down since.  But at the same time, planning to settle in Australia means you may come upon many opportunities; it is a young, multicultural and open country with an ever-growing economy. Have you dreamt of settling in Australia but find yourself juggling the decision to move because of its expenses? Here is a comparison of the cost of living in Australia vs India, but at first, you will need to figure out the pros and cons of living in Australia.

Firstly let’s discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of living in Australia and then move to the comparison chart.

Australia’s exceptional natural beauty and high quality of life make it the go-to destination for those who want a promising future and high-quality lifestyle. Australia provides you with and living that is efficient, and it also is a cutting-edge country.

The big cities offer leisure activities, work opportunities and all kinds of activities .and that’s not just it. There’s more to this beautiful country. Towns and cities are surrounded by the exceptional beauty of Australia’s nature. The soothing breeze of beaches, an ocean within reach and tremendous spaces and landscapes are just breathtaking. It is a country which has a diverse population as people from different country immigrants to this beautiful country.

According to the United Nations, Australia is the second-best country to live in due to its excellent quality of life index.

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High-quality Healthcare

Australia exhibits one of the world’s best countries for its quality and quantity of care. It holds private and public healthcare facilities, with hospitals equipped with modern technologies. The average cost of public health insurance per person is 2% of their income, taken through a tax withholding from their paycheck. Private health insurance is about $2,000 (INR 1,12,722) per year. There are about 1,300 hospitals and 5,000 pharmacies that are part of the system.

Education System

Living in Australia means that the expense of education won’t be much high. The public schools are free up to grade 12. Educational institutions usually provide textbooks. The system ranks fourth in the world today for its effectiveness in education both for primary and higher, which places it above France, Switzerland, and the United States. However, opting for private schools can be a bit expensive, as much as $40,000 (INR 22, 59,107) per year, but one assurance is that the quality of education will always be high in Australia.

Easy citizenship

One of the benefits of living in this country is that it provides immigrants citizenship after they live there for over five years. The process to follow to get citizenship is hassle-free compared to other countries with a similar living standard. You will need to give an exam to prove that you are fluent in English, then you will need to pay the fees under $500 and then pass the citizenship test.


Immigration process

You can’t get a work visa for Australia if you suffer from tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, or AIDS. You must fulfil the age criteria. One must also be under the age of 45 when you submit your paperwork for the immigration opportunity. Children under the age of 11 are not required to take. Women who are pregnant cannot finalise their visa application until after giving birth because of these requirements. And if you have a child, you should submit his/her proper medical checkup and certificates.

Long visa procedure

If you plan to get a temporary migrant visa, then there are a few points you will need to pose to obtain the permit.

  • You must declare your criminal record as part of the application.
  • You cannot have an association with others who have been or are involved in criminal conduct.
  • An unwillingness to change from criminal ways, mannerisms, or decisions
  • Your general conduct must be reflective of excellent character decisions.

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Bit expensive

Few factors contribute to Australia’s overall cost, but one thing is for sure that your expense for living in Australia will be more than in other countries. Suppose you decide to settle in one of the main cities. Melbourne or Sydney than the expense may be higher than the average. Someone immigrating from India would see their costs rise by more than 500. So before moving, one should keep in mind his/her budgetary needs.

Cost of living in Australia vs India

Australia will indeed prove a better living standard for you as it is a developed country. However, this also means a higher cost of living. In India, the quality of life may not be up to the mark, but you can still live a comfortable life given you are earning adequately. Australia is a country that thrives on its multicultural strengths and makes it easier for people worldwide to settle and grow.


Education in Australia is primarily the responsibility of the states and territories. Each state or territory government provides funding and regulates the public, and private schools education is generally compulsory in Australia up to the age of 16. The average tuition fees for institutions ranges between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000 a year. In India, public education is free and compulsory for all children aged 6 to 14.

Work culture

People in Australia typically have eight –hours of work per day, whereas people in India work for ten to twelve hours a day. The big difference in work culture is that Australia promotes a fair work and family balance, whereas this concept is still far-fetched in India. Salaries in Australia range from 23,000 AUD per year to 405,000 AUD per year.

Thus, we hope this article gave an idea of the cost of living in Australia vs India.

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Important FAQs

1. Is it advisable to immigrate to Australia?

It may seem that Australia is a bit expensive. But if you want a quality lifestyle and are getting a well-paid job offer or education scholarship, there is no way to turn down the offer.

2. What are the living expenses in Australia?

Living cost in Australia for one person: $2,835 per month Average living expenses for a couple: $4,118 per month Average monthly living expenses for a family of 4: $5,378

3. Is the crime rate in Australia high?

Australia has a very low crime rate and ranks second in the world’s safest country.