Cost Of Living In New Zealand For Indian Students

Cost Of Living In New Zealand For Indian Students

When it comes to studying abroad, it can turn out to be a bit expensive subject. However, if you have adequate budget planning, you can easily manage your budget when living overseas. Remember, before you migrate from India, make sure you plan out the budget to keep in mind the expenses like accommodation, food, medical and travel, and your tuition fee when calculating the estimated cost of studying in New Zealand. New Zealand is becoming a hub for international students because of its low tuition fees and employment terms development. Here, we shall discuss the cost of living in New Zealand for Indian students.

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Universities in New Zealand for Masters

Tuition fee

The expenditure on your tuition fee will depend on the type of degree you pursue, and the university or school you opt for. An approximate budget of your tuition fees will be between NZ$ 22,000 (INR 1,147,683) and NZ$35,000 (INR 1,825,860) a year. Qualification of arts, humanities and education courses are cheaper than medicine and engineering, which are likely to be more expensive. While if you aspire to study at a postgraduate level, your tuition fee’s cost may be slightly higher than the approximate. The average cost for MBA programs ranges between NZ$31,000-50,000 (INR 1,617,190- 2,608,371), as the cost of an MBA in other countries is expensive.

Accommodation Cost

Most universities have a Hall of residence and on-campus accommodation for international students. Living as a resident, on-campus is a very affordable option. However, you need to apply separately to get yourself accommodated and to secure a slot for yourself. These accommodations usually cost around NZD 215 (INR 11,215)-NZD 555 (INR 28,952) per week (this could vary).

The other option you may have is opting for off-campus accommodation. Here, you can share apartments with other students from India or go for a homestay where you may be residing with a local family (in India, this is also known as paying guest). In such cases, you should be open to adjusting to a different lifestyle than India. Living in shared apartments or flatting can cost you around NZ$120 (INR 6,260); the rentals vary from city to city.

If you haven’t found a homestay and want temporary accommodation, you could stay awhile at youth hostels such as the YMCA. These are reasonable value-for-money accommodations and a great avenue to meet new people.

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One-year Courses in New Zealand for International Students

Student visa expenditure

To study in New Zealand, you must have a valid student visa which may cost you around. NZ$ 270 (INR 14,085). Feel free to consult (our Foreign admits counsellor for the latest updates and information on the visa application process and related costs).

If you want to study in New Zealand for more than a year, then you‘ll need to show that you have at least $15,000(INR 782,511) to cover your living expenses for the first year. But, if you’re studying for less than one year, you must have at least $1250(INR 65,209) for each month of your study program to contribute to your living expenses.

Living expenses

While you stay abroad, it is essential to make sure that you don’t overspend, so it is necessary to check your expenses besides tuition fees, accommodation and visa. You need to keep some money aside for your grocery shopping, social activities and emergencies. Considering all costs, a student budget in New Zealand comes between NZ$ 13,000 and NZ$ 16,000 per academic year.

Health is Wealth

For Indian students travelling to New Zealand, it is mandatory to get medical insurance before their program’s commencement. Several universities provide health insurance, starting as soon as your classes over there commences and ends as soon as your period ends.

Specific colleges may not offer any insurance, and hence you will have to arrange for private medical insurance. But health insurance is quite affordable for international students. The average cost for medical insurance ranges between NZ$ 200 – NZ$ 700 a year. For Indian students, extensive health and support services are available in New Zealand.


While few institutions provide their shuttle service to-and-fro from your accommodation, but if they don’t, then you’ll have to rely on the available public transport.

Taxes are a must

Indian students in New Zealand won’t work without acquiring their Inland Revenue Department number or simply called the IRD number. With this, you can work 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during vacations. If you choose to work along with your studies, your earned income will be taxable.

If you plan to move to New Zealand for studies, we would suggest finding a part-time job while studying in New Zealand or seeking a scholarship where you apply. This can help lower your cost of studying abroad to a great extent. You can contact our counsellors for further queries. We hope this article gave you an insight into the cost of living in New Zealand for Indian students.

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Important FAQs

Is New Zealand expensive?

The cost of living in New Zealand is a bit expensive in comparison to India.

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How do I apply for a New Zealand visa?

Use the New Zealand immigration website to find the correct visa for you, and then gather proof of your identity, health, and finances. You can apply online or submit a paper application through a Visa Application Center.

How many universities are there in New Zealand?

There are eight central universities in New Zealand, and they all set their tuition fees, which will vary depending on the subject and level of study.

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