Cost Of Living In Singapore For Indians

Cost Of Living In Singapore For Indians

There is no doubt that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities, from rising rent prices to costly private schools and universities. Still, on the other hand, the city offers an incredible lifestyle for people who can afford it. Migrants who are on employment visa need to earn around 6,000 SGD per month for having a basic lifestyle. Here, we shall see the cost of living in Singapore for Indians.

However, living expenses like eating out at restaurant costs can be reasonable if you eat dishes from local restaurants. Transportation fares are a bit high if you prefer to take a taxi or air-conditioned carriage in the metro, so instead go for local trains to save money.

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Let’s discuss the cost of living in Singapore for Indians from different aspects like utility costs, grocery prices, education costs, and healthcare costs.

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Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems globally, which is always a plus point to settle in this country; however, healthcare is not free of cost in Singapore. Only those who contribute to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) pay for government health insurance and receive subsidised healthcare.  Usually, migrants who do not pay into this fund get private health insurance.


 The prices for accommodation in Singapore can be divided according to cities or regions. The Central part has the most expensive rent. The area contains the financial and shopping hub of the city. The North and East regions have affordable rent. These areas are generally close to international schools. One way to make rent more affordable for single people is to live with roommates or live in shared apartments.

There isn’t much change on any other daily basis when it comes to accommodation, although the rental prices vary across different neighbourhoods; for example, the rent will be affordable if you live in the city’s outskirts.


Another expensive thing is Singapore is Education, as the city has one of the world’s most expensive education systems. The tuition fee will cost about 30,000 SGD per year. On the other hand, Singapore public schools are subsidised by the state.

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Utility Costs

Another high-end expense is utility bills in Singapore. The average monthly utility bill for a single-occupancy apartment is around 200 SGD per month. Having a property with a gas supply should make this bill slightly cheaper: about 160 SGD per month.


If you want to save some money, try to buy from local supermarkets and avoid eating out weekly. However, eating at food courts which are small local businesses, is a great way to experience local cuisine on a budget. Buying fresh food item from the grocery stores is affordable in Singapore compared to imported Western food will always cost more than buying local goods.

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Travel and Transportation Cost

Public transport across the city of Singapore is very affordable. Public buses, in particular, cost around 1 SGD (0.72 USD) per trip. Taking a local taxi or renting a car is much affordable in comparison to private means of transportation. If you think of buying a car, it may cost you a lot expensive, including the taxes and the price value the price can go sky-high. This includes obtaining the certificate of entitlement, registration fees, and excise duty, among a whole range of other charges.

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Important FAQs

Is Singapore a good place to live?

Singapore is an exciting place where you can live as cheaply or expensively as you desire. It provides you with not only a high living but also a beautiful environment around.

How much does it cost to move to Singapore?

The only genuinely unavoidable high expense is accommodation, so go for sharing an apartment if you are single to save some money.

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