Courses in Travel and Tourism after 12th

Courses in Travel and Tourism after 12th

Who doesn’t like to travel, but do you know it has an academic approach too? Studying travel and tourism is dream for a few, but unknown to many. Are there any courses in travel and tourism after 12th? Is it worth it? Does it even have any scope? Are there any colleges in India that even provide such a course? Buckle up because this article is going to make you rethink about career prospects in today’s world and how the tourism and travel industry is going to shape into something new after this pandemic.

  • Do your bachelors from abroad

Yes there’s a lot of scope in the travel and tourism industry and it is worth it. Is it something you should do? That’s for your passion to decide. There are a lot of colleges that offer travel and tourism courses after 12thand there are more than just one course that can help you set out on this journey.

Available courses in travel and tourism after 12th

Should you be in a certain stream of subjects to be able to pursue a course in travel and tourism? No, here we are going to show you the entire how’s and where’s and what’s. You might’ve come across advertisements stating that Chandigarh University is providing a course in travel and tourism but no that’s not the only college providing these courses. Before we dive into the colleges here are the courses one can pursue for travel and tourism after 12th:

  • B.A. – Travel & Tourism Management
  • BBA in Tourism Management
  • Bachelors Of Tourism Studies (BTS)
  • B.Com – Tourism and Travel Management
  • BBA Travel and Tourism
  • B.A. – Tourism Administration
  • BTM – Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • B.Sc. – Airlines, Tourism, and Management
  • B.A. – Tourism Studies
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)

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B.Sc. courses in Travel and Tourism after 12th

The B.Sc. course is a three year course that focuses on teaching you hospitality, travel and aviation ethics with hands on practical experience. It would allow you to join any airline companies or airports giving your career a significant boost.

B.A courses in Travel and Tourism after 12th

The B.A course in travel and tourism course is also a three year course; this is a course that is the most popular in getting chosen as it widens your reach into the travel and tourism industry by Indulging into not only ethics and management but the history and culture.

Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)  

The BTM course is solely focused on bachelor’s in Tourism management giving you a wider career prospective in management of tourism industry as per selective area and teaching you about the in and outs and how to make tourism profitable and enjoyable.

Courses in Travel and Tourism after 12th for Science Students

So for the science students who feel that they cannot get out of the stream they have chosen, don’t lose hope, you can still pursue your dreams with a minimum legibility criteria of 50% from any reputed and recognised schools / colleges. (B.Sc. courses)

Rest of the courses ranging from BA, B.Com, BBA etc. can be joined by scoring the required aggregate marks in 12th in any stream (depending upon college cut offs). All these courses are 3 years long and BTM being the major focus but not the only way of starting a career in Travel and Tourism.

Top Travel and Tourism Colleges in India

Here are a few colleges that provide courses in Travel and tourism after 12th across India:

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Other ways to pursue courses in travel and tourism after 12th

Like we mentioned earlier, there are other ways to pursue a career in the travel and tourism industry. The other course that is a valid course in travel and tourism after 12th is Hotel Management from any of the reputed universities.

Another such option is Aviation. If you have a love for flying, skies and aircrafts, look into it!

Aviation also brings attention to other related departments that are close to travel and tourism. Like, Cabin Crew, providing service to passengers while travelling from places to places.

The entry inside the industry is not limited by just a few courses. You can land a job in the industry by doing any of the above mentioned courses and still reach where you dream to be.

Job Opportunities in Travel and Tourism

Travel industry is considered to be one of the most resilient industries. It cannot get overpowered or replaced with technology. Hence, that gives rise to ample amount of job opportunities to those who are passionate about it.

Some career options one can opt after completing one of the courses in travel and tourism after 12th are:

  • Tourism officer
  • Tour manager
  • Travel host/guide
  • Travel agent
  • Cabin crew
  • Travel consultant
  • Cruise ship worker
  • Travel agency manager etc.


In today’s world where a lot of opportunities have opened up and travel becoming a huge part of our everyone’s lives, knowing the best way to tend to those needs and still be able to make a handsome amount of money and grow in a career you’re best fit for you can pick any of those above courses and start your journey now.

After the pandemic the industry is going to bring in changes we have never known before, so ride the wave, be the change and bring the change. Someday, who knows how much one will grow. All the best for pursuing travel and tourism as a career!

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is there any degree for travel and tourism?

Ans. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies, Cruise Line Operations, Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism, Certificate programmes in Travel & Tourism, and Airfares and Ticketing Management course are some important courses in this field.

Q2. What do you know about a travel and tourism course?

Ans. Obtaining the information and abilities required to work in the business of travel and tourism helps you to become a successful travel professional. Give guidance on flight, lodging, and tour items, as well as how to guarantee clients meet all applicable travel criteria.

Q3. How long does a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management take?

Ans. The Bachelor of Science in Tourist Management is a four-year college course in tourism and hospitality education. It allows candidates to be actively engaged in the management and development of the world’s largest human industry – tourism.

Q4. What do you know about a BTS course?

Ans. The BTS course is a three-year degree program. This Program is developed for individuals who want to work in the travel and tourist industry at various levels.

Q5. Is tourism and travel a viable professional path?

Ans. Yes, a job in travel and tourism is both exciting and rewarding. It is among the world’s fastest-growing industries, with rising turnover and job prospects as the globe gets more linked.