OBC Prematric Scholarship

OBC Prematric Scholarship

The OBC Prematric Scholarship scheme is the latest scheme by the Union and State Government for the benefit of the weaker and underprivileged children of the society. This scholarship has the objective to spread education especially among the girls of these weaker sections. OBC Prematric Scholarship is a program that has been initiated by the Kerala Government. This initiative has been started for the benefit of the students of classes 1-10. Also, going to school is a necessity and all the children should have the basic privilege to get educated. To help these children from poor households, the Kerala government has taken up this project.

Only qualified applicants can apply for an OBC prematric scholarship. Moreover, the fundings will be given to the kids of helpless families by giving a fixed amount. It is essential to check the eligibility criteria for this scholarship before filling the application form. The scholarship value is Rs 1500 and the Adhoc grant is Rs 500/- along with the stipend ( Rs 100 x 10 months) will be granted to all the applicants.


The eligibility requirements for this OBC Prematric scholarship are mentioned below:

Firstly, the yearly pay of the family should be inside Rs 2.5 Lakh.

Secondly, award will be allowed to the students who have scored about 50% marks in the past examination and yearly income of their guardian should not exceed Rs. 1 lakh.

Thirdly, the children studying in class 1 to 10 government schools can apply for the OBC prematric scholarship.

Fourthly, the applicant selection depends on the academic records and yearly family income as it depends on the accessibility of funds. 80% above marks should be scored in the previous year’s examination.

Lastly, the OBC Prematric Scholarship will be applicable only in selected institutions and for some particular courses, which have been duly recognized by the concerned State Government and Union Territory Administrations.

The candidate must go to the official site to apply for the OBC prematric scholarship

As and when the office gives the notice, the student has to present the properly filled application form to the top schools.

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I. Hostellers:
The student hosteller facility will be involved in class 3 to 10. The value of OBC Prematric Scholarship will be as under:-
Class 3 to 10: Rs.500 per month for 10 months

II. Day Scholar children:
The students who are day scholars will be from Class 1 to 10. The value of OBC Prematric Scholarship would be under :
Class 1 to 10: Rs.100 per month for 10 months

III. Ad-Hoc Scheme
The ad-hoc scheme of Rs.500/- per child per annum to all students like hostellers as well as day scholars will also be provided.
The academic sum will be payable from the joining date to the date of leaving the institution, apart from the vacation period, which will be around 10 months in one academic year except for in the situations where the student comes late or leaves early amidst the scholarly year.

The plan will be executed and regulated as per the methodology set by the State Government or the Union Territory Administration in such a manner.

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The particular State Governments and Union Territory Administrations will put down the proper procedure for student selection for OBC Prematric Scholarship. The eligibility required for the candidates is mentioned above.


i. Firstly, the students wouldn’t be permitted to take the benefit of any employment opportunity or render help to guardians in their work throughout studies.

ii. Secondly, the scholarship award will be dropped if a student is unable to secure yearly promotion only with the exception if there should be an occurrence of unavoidable circumstances to be guaranteed by the skillful authority of the scheme.

iii. Thirdly, if any student disrespects school regulations or any other rule and conditions of the grant of the award, the scholarship may be barred or even get permanently canceled, subject to the agreement of the proficient school authority. The State Government or Union Territory Administrations have the authority and power to cancel the scholarship if duly agreed on the conditions of disruption of these regulations.

iv. Fourthly, students migrating from one school to another would not usually be allowed during the academic year except under exceptional situations and in the best interest of the student’s future academic career.

v. Next, the scholar who will obtain benefits under this grant will not be permitted to take benefits of any other pre-matric scholarship scheme.

vi. Next, regular attendance not below 60% in the past year should be necessary for continuing the scholarship.

vii. Next, there should be a minimum of 5% of students with disabilities for the award of the OBC Prematric scholarship scheme.

viii. Next, for avoiding any duplication, the bank accounts of the scholarship holders should be linked to their Aadhar card.

ix. Lastly, 30% of the scholarship seats are reserved for female students.


The grant, once awarded, can be renewed in the next academic session and also by the particular State Government or Union Territory Administration unless the skillful authority of the institution asks the State Government or Union Territory Administration, to terminate the award with relevant reasons and conditions of the rules of the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What exactly is an OBC pre-matric scholarship?

Ans. The plan of Pre-matric Scholarship for the advantage of children from the Weaker Section among the OBCs has been developed, and this Scholarship will aid in the distribution of education among such students, particularly among the female child from the weaker sections.

Q2. Can OBC students receive NSP scholarships?

Ans. Candidates must be from the SC/ST/OBC/PH and minority groups. The university principal must certify to the application form.

Q3. What exactly is a postgraduate scholarship?

Ans. The scheme’s aim is to give scholarships to worthy candidates from financially disadvantaged sections of the minority population in order to provide them with better prospects for higher education, boost their rate of achievement in higher education, and improve their employability.

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