Elite Polytechnic Institute – Top Courses, Fees, & More

Elite Polytechnic Institute – Top Courses, Fees, & More

The Elite Polytechnic Institute (EPI) is a diploma engineering college located in Hoogly, West Bengal, India. It was established in 2009 and it is run by Bandel Elite Academy (BEA). It is affiliated with West Bengal State Council for Technical Education (WBSCTE). Further, the institute is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Though it is a private institute it is spread across 8 acres of land. Also, its admissions are done offline and through entrance exams like JEXPO and VOCLET.

Elite Polytechnic Institute at a Glance

Elite Polytechnic Institute is located close to three railway stations. The closest one is Mogra that is 1km away, then comes the Bandel Jn at 6 km distance and the farthest one is Kanchrapara Bridge. In addition to that, the institute has well-equipped laboratories with modern instruments to carry out all sorts of experiments. Hence, some of its labs mentioned in the list are programming lab, analog electronics lab, computer networking and database lab, microprocessor lab, civil engineering lab, automobile engineering lab, etc. Thus, it provides good exposure to the industrial environment and prepares the students for the job.

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Furthermore, the institute’s library holds 38000 books and 20 GB of technical resources. Additionally, it has multiple journals from each discipline. As a result, each student can borrow 6 textbooks per semester along with 2 reference books as per the norms of the library.

Top courses offered by the Elite Polytechnic Institute

The institute provides 6 engineering courses and thus, has an intake of approximately 700 students each year. In total, the current number of students is nearly 1747.

Civil engineering (CE)120 + 603
Mechanical engineering (ME)120 + 603
Electrical engineering (EE)1203
Electronics & telecommunication engineering (ETCE)603
Computer science and technology (CST)603
Automobile engineering (AE)603
Courses offered by Elite Polytechnic Institute

120 students are accepted in the first shift and an additional 60 students are admitted in the second shift for both CE and ME courses. Though this institute is a diploma institute, it has elaborate labs and an eminent and noteworthy staff that gives students the finest engineering experience. Their faculty consists of both young and experienced lecturers in all departments maintaining high teaching standards.

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Job and Placement in Elite Polytechnic institute

Elite Polytechnic Institute also provide placements, recruitments, and job training to ensure all their students get a fair chance at everything. Some of the top recruiters at Elite Polytechnic institute are Airtel, Anand group, WIPRO, BOSCH, Brembo, IBM, HCL, Tech Mahindra, TATA Motors, Birla, and KND Engineering Technologies Limited.  


The Institute provides excellent student services like free buses from railways stations and hostels, hostel accommodations separate for both boys and girls, canteen, sports and games, labs, etc. Additionally, clean and well-lit hostel rooms are provided for both girls and boys with strict security and cameras. Further, every student is encouraged to participate in sports and competitions vary from inter-college level, inter-polytechnic level to inter-state level.

Also Elite Polytechnic Institute provides special educational assistance to students with late admission to help them cope up. In addition to that, various workshops are arranged to impart practical knowledge. In fact, some of the prominent ones are a machine shop, fitting, carpentry, sheet metal welding, and Tin-Smithy shop. As a result, these along with recruiters help bridge the gap between institution and industry.

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In order to get admission in Elite Polytechnic Institute, students have to pass the JEXPO exam and secure admission through its counseling. The age limit for admissions is a minimum of 16 years. There is no upper age limit specified.

Admission requirement for Elite Polytechnic Institute:

  • Birth certificate
  • Mark sheet of Madhyamik or equivalent exam
  • Rank card of JEXPO
  • Passport size photographs (6)
  • Migration certificate for candidates outside West Bengal

For admission query and counseling contact us at ForeignAdmits or give a call at +918080679810.

Fee structure

An excellent feature of Elite Polytechnic Institute is that it does not take any donations or capitations. Thus, the fee structure for all the courses for six semesters is given below:

SemesterTotal Amount
IRs. 35000
IIRs. 16000
IIIRs. 16000
IVRs. 16000
VRs. 16000
VIRs. 16000
Fee structure of Elite Polytechnic Institute
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The total fee per semester includes tuition fees, library fees, and development fees. Apart from that, the first semester that has the above mentioned fee along with the admission fee, caution deposit, welcome kit, cultural program fee, soft skills training, and industry interface.

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In conclusion, Elite Polytechnic Institute is one of the best private institutions in West Bengal. It provides all sorts of facilities and prepares the students for their careers in the industry ahead. Additionally, it has sports, a top-notch cafeteria, hostel rooms, and transport along with campus placements and training. Furthermore, its popularity among industries and students is increasing by the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is polytechnic a worthwhile investment for the future?

Ans. A Polytechnic Diploma is a professional degree that may get you a solid career. To be considered for more diversified employment prospects and high-level positions, graduation or further education are required.

Q2. Is polytechnic superior to university?

Ans. The fact is that universities are more concerned with academic courses and themes, whereas polytechnics are more concerned with technical, technological, and vocational training, as well as practical applications. Meanwhile, when it comes to job applications and hiring, college degrees are more useful and preferred than polytechnic diplomas.

Q3. What is the goal of the Polytechnic Institute?

Ans. Polytechnics are designed to give skills beyond class X, and diploma programmes last three years, implying that the learner is employable at 19 years of age. It also provides advanced diploma and post-diploma programs in a variety of specialities that last one to two years.

Q4. Which Polycet branch is the best?

Ans. Mechanical Engineering is the greatest diploma branch since students who understand machines and their structure are constantly in high demand. Mechanical machinery, machine design, machine automation, machine fittings, and other sorts of manufacturing are all covered in this section.

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